Design Guide

Are you preparing to design or redesign a succubun?
Here are the guidelines you need to follow to get it approved for the masterlist.


Please make sure to read the section on Submitting Your Design at the end of this page.

Note: Succubuns on the Official Masterlist can only be redesigned by their original artist. If you would like to add traits, change colors, or otherwise redesign an official succubun, please contact the original artist. As not all artists will be willing to make edits, you may also exchange an official succubun for an MYO item at the Succubuns Trade-In.


If you wish to add traits to your design, please review the Traits Encyclopedia to see what traits you can add, and what items grant the desired traits. These items must be attached to your MYO or redesign submission in order for the design to approved. Succubuns are limited to a maximum of 10 traits.

If you're redesigning an existing succubun, please keep in mind that changes to their colors, markings, or traits require the appropriate items attached. Horn type cannot be changed.

If your succubun has been altered and you want to revert it back to a previous design, you may do so with the use of a Drabsinthe item. This does not require any new artwork to be submitted. Drabsinthe can also be used to remove traits, but you must supply art of the design without the traits.
If the design has had traits removed in the past and you want to revert to an older design that has those traits, you will need to re-apply them with new drinks.


Your succubun may possess markings that aren't visible in its official art, such as ones that are on its back or covered by clothing. You may submit additional references showing these markings through Update Design after your succubun has been approved—please read the Submitting Your Design section for more info.


Bun Design

A succubun's bun design is required for masterlist approval. You can submit a bun design without a doll form, but you cannot submit a doll design without a bun form.

Please carefully review the Succubun Anatomy section of the Succubuns Info Page. The highlighted features, including horns, hooves on both the hands and feet, long lop ears, and heart-shaped spaded tail must all be present in order to be accepted.



There are many ways to stylize succubun anatomy, but the base shapes should always be recognizeable.

Succubuns are meant to resemble simple, cute mascot creatures such as Pokemon, Hamtaro, or Sanrio characters, rather than more realistic animals or furries. If you're looking for a more animalistic or anthropomorphic species to draw, try asking around in our Discord for recommendations!

Succubuns should not have a defined neck and shoulders, destinct haunches, or long humanoid limbs. They have flat faces without muzzles or defined noses. Like with chubby holland lop rabbits, or similar round mammals like hamsters, the upper part of their arms and legs are usually hidden within the layer of fat and fur that makes them so round.

Here are a few examples of popular ways to depict succubun body shapes and faces:

 Here are some examples of anatomy that would not be approved on

Please keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with these styles, and they can all look great—they're simply too different from the official Succubuns style to be recognized as succubuns. You're welcome to draw your own succubuns in styles like these in private; they just won't be accepted to the site.



HAIR:  Succubuns can have a tuft of long fur or bangs on their forehead, but cannot have a full head of human hair. Keep in mind that doll form succubuns' hair color must be the same as the fur on their bun form's head.

EARS: In bun form, a succubun's ears should be no shorter than their waist, and should not be long enough to touch the floor. You're allowed to style your succubun's ears, but the accessories holding the styles in place must be clearly visible. The edge of a succubun's ears cannot be shaped (i.e. given a scalloped edge, etc)—if they have the Angora Fur trait affecting their ears, the fur should be stylized in a way that cannot be mistaken for a shaped edge.

>> Visual Guide to Succubun Ears <<


EYES: Succubun eyes can be drawn in many different ways that the following rules may not apply to. If they are drawn with a distinct pupil, iris, and sclera, the pupil can be any shape, the iris must be round, and the sclera must be white.

HORNS: At least one horn must be fully visible and unbroken so that your succubun's type can be easily identified. Succubun horns must be small and smooth, unless they possess the Grand Horns trait, which allows for larger sizes and textures.

  • Sloth: Sloth horns need to be short and rounded, rather than pointy. The base of sloth horns needs to fade out in a gradient, rather than cut off abruptly, as they still have a partial velvet covering.
  • Greed: Greed horns need to come from the crown of the head or the forehead. They should be straight, thin, and longer than the other types.
  • Gluttony: Gluttony horns need to stick out from the sides of the head, and curve outwards more than they curve upwards.
  • Lust: Lust horns need to resemble a traditional heart shape.
  • Pride: Pride horns cannot curl upwards so far that their tip exceeds the top of the horn's curve. This applies even to Grand pride horns.
  • Envy: Envy horns cannot have more than one prong without the Grand Horns trait. The smaller prong should be towards the inside of the horns, and they cannot be thinner than greed horns or have pointy tips. Grand envy horns must still maintain the basic shape of envy horns, even with additional branches.

TAIL:  Succubun tails must be shorter than the length of the body when straight, and should be thin and agile. They can appear to have been broken in the past, giving them sharp bends or kinks, but cannot be tied in a knot or posed in an unatural shape (ex. rectangular).

FEET: Succubuns have cloven hooves on all four limbs, and do not have paw pads or dew claws.

TRAITS: Succubun traits must follow all the rules that are described in that trait's encyclopedia entry. Some traits can be combined, but others cannot be-- if you're unsure, feel free to browse the masterlist, or ask in our discord for help! Traits that replace the skin/body cannot take up more than around 1/3 of the succubun's body, and floating traits should not take up more than 1/3 of the frame. Traits cannot be applied to genitals.

ACCESSORIES: Many users want to depict their succubun wearing accessories or bun sized outfits! This is allowed, but please make sure the accessories do not mimic traits the bun does not have/disallowed things, and do not obscure the body shape/hide both horns. Accessories in the image must all be held by the bun/worn on them, and cannot take up more than 1/3 of the frame.

NONEXISTANT TRAITS: While succubuns can have any kind of markings and accessories, some things that are intented to be markings or accessories but appear to be traits that do not exist on site may be rejected. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Jelly, gooey, melty, or dripping parts
  • Markings that look too much like additional eyes or mouths
  • Markings that make it look like the bun has feathers
  • Markings or other traits styled to resemble animal features (such as animal ears, manes, antennae, and tails)
  • Shapes floating around the bun (except for with a "motes" style trait)
  • Actual food (not accessories) stuck to the body
  • Mechanical/robot parts


ANGELIC TRAITS: Succubuns cannot have any "angelic" features like halos or feathered wings, and cannot have traits or clothing that mimic these features.


Bun Design Tips

  Picking a vice that suits your intended theme or character is a good place to start, but don't feel like you have to be tied down by it. Many succubuns grow and change from the person they were when their horns grew in, and it's possible to have a succubun with lust horns who no longer has an interest in sex, or a humble succubun with pride horns.

♡  The cheek circles and different fluff textures for the different vices are only a stylistic touch, and aren't a required part of a design.

♡  Horns and hooves don't have to be the same color, nor do all the hooves have to be the same color as each other.

♡  Hamtaro and Pikachu are good body type references if you're having trouble figuring out anatomy or poses!



Doll Design

Succubuns don't have to have an official doll form to be registered to the masterlist, but you may choose to include one when you submit an MYO, or you may submit a doll form for a succubun you own that lacks an official doll form. Doll forms must be registered to the masterlist in order to earn carats with them.

The doll form in the primary masterlist image must be clothed, but you may include an additional nude reference as long as there are no bodily fluids or erect genitalia—please read the Submitting Your Design section for information on submitting additional references.

If your succubun possesses a doll form designed by someone other than the original designer of the succubun, you may send in a request to have the art set inactive

Please review the Doll Form section of the Succubuns Info Page. Doll forms appear mostly human, but retain a bun’s horns, lop ears, tail, and any traits a bun might have. Their skin must be a realistic human skin color, and their hair and eyes are the same colors as in their bun form.

Your doll form succubun can dress in any way you want them to, not limited to the outfit you draw them in for the masterlist. You may change their hairstyle and makeup freely, but any changes to coloration will require a Bourbun or Hopscotch (even if in-universe, your succubun is only dyeing their hair or getting a tattoo).



HAIR: A doll's hair must be the same color as the bun form's fur on the head. To have hair and ears that are different colors, the bun form must have differently colored fur on its head. Please note that succubuns do not have any fur anywhere on their body in doll form except for their ears, tails, and hooved legs.

EARS: Ears on doll forms must fall between the shoulders and elbows. The same styling restrictions apply as for bun form ears.

>> Visual Guide to Succubun Ears <<


EYES: The pupil can be any shape and color, while the iris can be any color, but must be round. The sclera must be white.

HORNS: Dolls' horns should look the same as they do in bun form, so they follow the same restrictions. All horns should come from the top of the head (behind the hairline); the only exception to this is greed horns, which may optionally come from either the forehead or the top of the head.

TAIL: A doll's tail must be long enough to fall near the ankle, but cannot be long enough to drag on the ground. The heart-shaped spaded tip should be smaller than their hand.

GENITALS: Succubuns are limited to 100% humanoid genitals. These do not need to be depicted the same between images-- your succubun can be depicted with a penis or a vagina without the need to submit an additional image. Genitals cannot be affected by traits, be animalistic, or be fantasy genitals. Realistic intersex genitals are allowed, but this does not including having a fully formed penis and vagina, which is not possible.

SKIN TONE: Succubuns can have any humanoid skin tone, from extremely pale creams to extremely dark browns. They cannot have inhuman skin tones, including paper-white, cartoonishly yellow, or jet black. They may have realistic freckles (that are darker than their skin tone) or realistic skin conditions like scars, acne, stretch marks, or vitilligo that are not present on the bun form. Any of these skin conditions must be portrayed realistically and respectfully, and cannot be used to make "half and half" skin tones or mimic the bun form's coat on the doll form's skin.

MARKINGS: Any small markings on the bun form may optionally be present on the doll form as well. Markings on dolls are limited to small areas that do not cover entire body parts. Any markings present on the doll form must also be present on the bun form, even if they're tattoos.
Tattoos obtained in doll form will translate not only to the skin of the bun form, but to the fur growing from that skin as well, creating new markings.

HOOVES: Most succubuns have human feet in doll form for better balance and mobility, but some choose to retain their hooves in doll form. Dolls with hooves have human leg anatomy down to the ankle. They must have fur the same color as their bun form's legs going up at least past the ankle, and no higher than mid-thigh. This fur should transition to skin in a gradient, and cannot cut off abruptly in a way that makes it resemble stockings.
Doll forms that wear accessories like stockings or tights with hooved legs must have the hoof completely visible on the ML.

Due to the large volume of free myos given out and the amount of time needed to review them all, the team sometimes makes mistakes when approving, letting things through that are not allowed per this page. Due to it being unfair to ask users to redraw approved art, we allow them to stay (though any future edits need to follow all site rules.) The rules on the design guide are the official guidelines for the species, and designs that stray from them will need changes.

Anything not specifically allowed on this page or in the description of a trait is most likely not allowed. Final judgement is always made on the clarity of a specific design, which can vary a lot between different art styles and designs.

When reviewing the masterlist for examples, you can always reach out with questions via a ticket, and a member of the team will be happy to help you. We highly recommend not looking at succubuns from #200 or earlier on either masterlist, as these are from very early in the site's lifetime, before rules were finalized and enforced as they are today.

Myo rejections are not a failure on your part, or the part of any artist who submits one. They are a very natural part of the submission process and will sometimes be necessary in every species. Thank you for being understanding of the team's limitations and the fact that we've learned a lot in the time succubuns has been active. We can't wait to see and approve your designs!

Submitting Your Design


Consider reviewing our MYO submission guide for a detailed walkthrough on all parts of the submission process!

The following image requirements apply to all images submitted to the masterlist, including additional reference images:

  • Must be at least 500px on the shortest side, and no more than 1500px on the longest side.
  •  Must be a .PNG file.
  • Must be transparent and backgroundless.
  • The succubun must be facing forwards and fully visible, with no parts cut off. (Additional images may be back shots.)
  • The succubun must be the only thing in the image—no additional detail shots or turnarounds.

All succubun art on the masterlist must be made for the masterlist. We do not allow edited adoptables or premade art with succubun traits to be submitted as MYOs or redesigns.

Submitting a new MYO

Please note-- users are limited to submitting 2 new designs per month. You can update designs an unlimited number of times, but you may only submit 2 completely new MYOS per calendar month.

Go to your MYO slot's masterlist entry and click Submit MYO Design in the sidebar, then click Create Request.

In the Masterlist Image section, please submit an image (following the requirements outlined above) containing only the bun form in the section labeled Bun Only Image. If you're only submitting the bun form, you may leave the other two file upload sections blank.

If your bun also has a doll form, please also submit an image of only the doll form in the section labeled Doll Only Image. Then submit an image with both the bun art and the doll art positioned next to each other under Bun & Doll Image—this will be the main image displayed on the masterlist entry. You can view individual NPC masterlist entries for an example of what this should look like. If you have the doll form finished, please submit it alongside the bun, rather than waiting for the bun to get approved and then submitting the doll separately.

If you would like to add any traits to your design, please attach the corresponding items in the Add-Ons section, and then list the traits in the Traits section. Please also make sure to select your succubun's vice type in the Traits section.

If your design uses an official Succubuns base, please do not submit your license under Add-Ons, as approving your submission would remove the license from your inventory.


Submitting a Doll Design

If you own a succubun that does not yet have a doll design, you can add one for free. On your succubun's masterlist entry, click Update Design in the sidebar, and then click Create Request.

Leave the Bun Only Image section blank. Submit an image (following the image specifications above) containing only the doll form under Doll Only Image. Then submit an image with both the existing bun art and the doll art positioned next to each other under Bun & Doll Image—this will be the main image displayed on the masterlist entry. You can view individual NPC masterlist entries for an example of what this should look like.

If your design uses an official Succubuns base, please do not submit your license under Add-Ons, as approving your submission would remove the license from your inventory.


Editing/Updating a Design

If you would like to update your succubun's design in any way, you can do so by clicking Update Design in the sidebar of their masterlist entry, and then clicking Create Request.

If you're updating only the bun form, please submit new images to the Bun Only Image and Bun & Doll Image sections, and leave the Doll Only Image blank. If you're updating only the doll form, please submit new images to the Doll Only Image and Bun & Doll Image sections, and leave the Bun Only Image blank.

If you're updating both the bun and doll forms, please fill out all three sections with the new images. Please keep in mind that all trait, color, and marking changes must be reflected on both designs.


If you would like to add new traits, please attach the corresponding items in Add-Ons, and then list the traits in the Traits section. All traits must be visible on both forms. Exception: Fangs and Devil's Tongue may be hidden by a closed mouth on one form, as long as they're visible on the other.

If you would like to remove traits, please attach a Drabsinthe in Add-Ons.

If you would like to change your succubun's colors, patterns, or the presentation of their existing traits, please attach either a Bourbun (for small changes, such as removing a marking or changing the hue of a color) or a Hopscotch (for large changes such as adding new colors or revamping all markings or complete redesigns) in Add-Ons.

If you would like to update the art without making any official design changes (such as changing the outfit/hairstyle, the pose, or the body type/skin tone/etc. of the doll design), please attach a Sin and Tonic.


Submitting Additional Reference Images

To submit additional reference images (such as a nude reference, alternate outfits, or back shots) to be hosted in the official Images tab of your character's masterlist entry, please wait until your MYO has been approved to the masterlist, and then go to Update Design.

Please submit your additional image under the appropriate section of the Masterlist Image tab and attach a Sin and Tonic under Add-Ons. These images must still follow the image requirements above.

Additional references, including ones that don't follow our masterlist image requirements, may be submitted to the General Gallery. These will show up under the Gallery tab on your character's masterlist entry.