Newbie Guide

Welcome to the Succubuns adoptable community and ARPG.

Are you new and unsure of how to begin your journey in Burrowgatory? This guide will help you get started.

If you're already familiar with adoptables and ARPGs, you can skip the red text.

What's an adoptable, and what can I do with them?

Adoptables are character designs that artists create and sell to others to use as their own characters. It's similar to the idea of someone commissioning an artist to design their existing character, but in reverse—the design is created before the character, so that the artist has more creative freedom and the buyer can see exactly what they're getting before they "adopt." Adoptable sales generally do not include commercial rights to the design, as the price of commercial character design work is far above what the average hobbyist is able to pay. People who buy adoptables often use them in roleplay, draw or commission art of them, create private stories involving them, or even just collect them to enjoy having ownership over artwork created by artists they want to support.

Adoptable species take the concept one step further by tying a group of adoptables into a shared universe. These adoptables have design elements that make them a cohesive group, and often have lore or even a whole world built around them. People who buy an adoptable from an adoptable species the gain access to this lore and world as a potential backdrop for their creative works, making it easy to create connections with others who have characters in the same world.

What's an ARPG, and how do I play?

ARPG, in this context, stands for Art Role Playing Game. Similar to other RPGs, these games issue challenges or quests to complete while creatively immersing yourself in the persona of a character. These challenges are completed by creating artworks or pieces of literature that feature your character and follow the specific criteria of the challenge. They generally reward currency or items that can be used to improve or alter your character to your liking, or to get new characters.

The name of the game in ARPGs is creativity. ARPGs rarely have a progressing plot outside of smaller event stories, nor a single path of character progression that all players should follow. An ARPG is a sandbox designed to inspire players to create their own stories, and then reward them for sharing those stories through art and writing.

Succubuns are an adoptable species with an ARPG built around them and their world. When you obtain a succubun, in addition to gaining personal use of the character, you're able to participate in the entirety of the Succubuns ARPG, and can draw or write about them for on-site rewards.


Exploring Burrowgatory

The world of Succubuns is small, but always growing. If you haven't already, please take the time to read through the Succubuns Info Page to better understand the cute creatures this game is about.

If you're curious about Succubuns lore and want to learn more, you can read through the pages on Demons and the world of Burrowgatory to understand how their species came about and what their society is like.

Once you're familiar with the lore of Burrowgatory and ready to learn more about  the site and ARPG, please go ahead and explore the links in the top bar of the website.

News will take you to the latest info on what's happening in Succubuns, while Sales will have currently available official designs for purchase.

Account has all the links you need to manage your items, currency, and characters.

Info contains both the lore of Succubuns, and all of the informative guides for different parts of the game and website.

Browse gives you the option to look through the Succubuns masterlists, users, and user made content like the user marketplace,trading post, and art gallery

Play contains links related to the ARPG gameplay for earning and spending site currency, and any active event(s)!

Community will link you to our official Discord Server, Merch shop, Twitter, and Feedback Form. It also contains the very important Site Rules. Please make sure you are familiar with the rules before continuing further into the website.

Obtaining your first Succubun

In order to participate in many of the prompts and activities available on Succubuns, you'll need to have a succubun adoptable of your very own. There are a variety of ways available for you to obtain new buns, as paid purchases or for free.

  • Official Design Sales by species creator Luca or specially chosen Guest Artists will be hosted on our Sales page, for purchase with USD over PayPal. These sales will be announced in the News, in our Discord, and on our Twitter.
  • Raffles and Contests will be hosted semi-regularly on site, for an opportunity to win an official Succubun design without paying. All raffles and contests will be announced in the News, in our Discord, and on our Twitter.
  • MYO ("Make Your Own") Items, which allow you to design your own succubun, are available for purchase with site currency at the Bunnery. You can earn the currency to buy these by completing Prompts, drawing other users' succubuns, or simply praying at the Church of Sulfur daily. Read about how to obtain and submit a succubun in our MYO submission guide!
  • Additionally, you can check out the Trading Post or the #succubun-trades channel in the Discord to see if there are any succubuns up for trade by other users. Succubuns can be resold or traded for USD, site currency, other adoptables, or tradeable goods from other games.

Currencies and their uses

Succubuns have their very own currencies, just like in real life. Different types have different uses!

  • Carats are the main currency of Succubuns. They can be earned by participating in prompts, submitting general art, gambling in the casino, limited time gifts and events, and more. They can be used to purchase the majority of items on site.
  • Favor is a secondary currency that can be accumulated through daily prayer at the Church of Sulfur, functioning as a login bonus. They can be used to purchase additional MYOs at the Bunnery.
  • Event currencies are limited time currencies used in different monthly events. These can be used to purchase limited time traits, items, and more.

What to do next

Now that you have your own succubun, or plans for how to obtain one, what should you do next?

  • Check the News to see if there are any interesting limited time events you can participate in. 
  • If you're interested in drawing or writing about Succubuns, check out the available Prompts to see if any of them sound fun to complete. You can also check out the masterlists and the Gallery for inspiration for promptless art.
    View our official Prompt Guide here!
  • If you want to trade succubuns, arrange roleplays and art collabs, or just chat with other Succubuns players, join our official Discord Server.
  • If you want to design or customize your perfect succubun, read our Design Guide, then check out the Traits Encyclopedia, the Rabbit Hole, and the Carat Guide to figure out what you'll need to do to earn the traits you want.

Here are some more Succubuns activities that you can incorporate into your routine.
  • Make a prayer at the Church of Sulfur to earn free favor.
  • Play a hand of blackjack at Wonderland Casino to try to win some carats.
  • Rummage for spare carats in the Pillow Pile, and see if generous users have left any items!
  • Earn daily currency in our current event shop (Linked in the play bar!)
  • Do your daily errands to earn items that can be sold for carats, or crafted into more valuable items.


Looking for more ways to engage with Succubuns? There's always something to do in Burrowgatory.



Welcome to Burrowgatory! We hope you enjoy your stay.