Terms of Service

By accessing Succubuns.com, you hereby agree that you have read and understood the following terms and conditions, and will be bound by them when accessing the Succubuns website, obtaining Succubuns characters or goods, or engaging with officially-run Succubuns community spaces. Succubuns reserves the right to update these terms of service at any time.



  • "The user", "users", and "you" refer to each individual who accesses Succubuns.com.
  • "Succubuns", "staff", and "we" refer to the individuals who maintain and operate Succubuns.com.
  • "The website" refers to Succubuns.com, and "adjacent web spaces" refers to all social media or community hubs run in an official capacity by staff in association with Succubuns.
  • "Services" refer to all services, features, and functions provided by the website and adjacent web spaces.
  • "Content" refers to any images, videos, files, artwork, writing, animations, or other types of media present on this website.
  • "Terms" and "ToS" refer to this document, the Terms of Service.


Site Content

This service is offered and made available only to those who are at least 21 years of age.  By creating an account, using this service, or attempting to use this service, you verify that you are 21 years or older.

Succubuns.com and its adjacent spaces may contain the following:

  • Strong or vulgar language
  • Sexually suggestive or explicit content
  • References to alcohol and drug use
  • Simulated gambling with virtual currency
  • Mild blood and violence

Succubuns strives to provide a space safe from real world issues, hate, and traumatic content, and is not the place for serious exploration of dark or heavy themes.  However, the world of Succubuns is heavily themed around adult humor, and is not recommended for those who are sensitive to any of the above listed content.

Succubuns does not permit content with non-human genitalia, including animal genitalia, tentacle/alien/fantasy genitalia, or unrealistic depictions of human genitalia (such as extremely long penises or multiple sets of fully formed genitalia.) Intersex genitalia is allowed, but it must be treated with additional care for respect to the real humans who have these genitals!

Staff does not monitor content displayed on individual user pages, and is not liable for user-submitted content that is unlawful or breaks our ToS.  Any user-submitted content that is found to be unlawful or in conflict with our ToS must be reported to the staff, and may be modified or result in disciplinary action towards the user responsible.

Staff has not reviewed all links present on site and is not liable for the content of third party websites linked on Succubuns.com.

Content displayed on Succubuns.com may be modified or deleted at any time without notice.



Users must be at least 21 years of age in order to access Succubuns and its services.  Any users who are found to be under 21 at the time of their account creation will have their accounts terminated.

Accounts with usernames judged to be obscene, hateful, or unlawful may be modified or terminated.  Accounts attempting to impersonate a staff member or other person will be terminated.

It is the user's responsibility to use a secure email and password.

Accounts are limited to use by one user, and users are limited to one account.  Users who have had their accounts terminated may not make new accounts.  Accounts may not be transferred between users.

Recieveing all the advantages from another account in regards to limited or time-gated rewards is considered multi-accounting, even if the account is technically owned by another human. If you direct other people to make accounts that exist solely to transfer items or currency to you, you will be punished for multi-accounting.

The user is solely liable for all activity conducted on their account. If you suspect your account has been compromised, please contact staff immediately.

Succubuns reserves the right to terminate or take other disciplinary action against any user for any reason without notice.

All virtual items and currency housed on Succubuns.com are liscensed for use by the user while their account is open. If a user is terminated or banned, the contents of their account, save for characters (see Ownership), will be forfeited with no compensation.


User Conduct

Succubuns.com and its services may not be used for any unlawful purposes.  Users found submitting, distributing, or promoting illegal content may be terminated.

Succubuns is not liable for any user voluntarily providing personal, private, or sensitive information to others.

Users may not harass, abuse, or otherwise threaten staff or other members of the community.

Users are not permitted to submit, distribute, or promote any content that may be disruptive or cause harm to Succubuns or its community. 

Users are not permitted to create a hostile environment for staff or other members of the community by submitting negative content about Succubuns or its users to be posted by anonymous third parties, creating secondary communities with the purpose of spreading negativity about other Succubuns users, or otherwise bringing their personal problems into the public where they may hurt others.  Succubuns provides official avenues for feedback about the site and for reporting problematic users.

Users are prohibited from slurs, hate speech, or espousing political views that are harmful to oppressed groups.  We reserve the right to ban users who express beliefs that may be hurtful to others in the community.


User Content

By submitting content to Succubuns.com or adjacent web spaces, users give Succubuns the right to host, modify, and digitally redistribute their work.  Succubuns will never profit off of any user-submitted content, unless otherwise stated in special terms for specific content.  Users retain ownership over any content they submit.

If a user closes their account or is banned from Succubuns.com, we maintain the rights to display or use any content submitted during their use of our service.

When submitting content, users agree that they have permission to use that content, and that use or display of said content will not infringe upon the rights of a third party.  Users found submitting stolen or plagerized content may face disciplinary action.

Succubuns is not liable for user-submitted content that is stolen or plagerized from a third party.  If a user has stolen or plagerized your content for use on Succubuns.com, please contact staff.

Artwork created using premade bases is only allowed to be submitted on site if the base was created for the Succubuns community, and on-base artwork may not be submitted for rewards.

AI generated artwork and writing are not allowed to be submitted on site.

User-created Succubun designs may not be derivative of characters from other IP.  No Succubuns character may appear to be a succubun version of an existing copyrighted character, and no copyrighted symbols may be used.


The following sensitive content is allowed on Succubuns, and does not require the user to apply a content warning:

  • Sexually suggestive content
  • Consumption of alcohol
  • Light blood and violence
  • Foul language

The following sensitive content is allowed on Succubuns, but requires a content warning to be applied upon submission:

  • Sexually explicit content
  • Drug use
  • Heavier blood and violence
  • Kink-related content such as BDSM

The following sensitive content is not allowed on Succubuns, and will result in disciplinary action if submitted:

  • Sexual content containing rape or sexual assault
  • Content referencing pedophilia (including "lolicon/shotacon", "ageplay", and "DDLG"), bestiality (including sexual depictions of bun-form succubuns), or incest
  • Content involving bodily waste
  • Fetish-related content
  • Gore and body horror
  • Self harm or suicide

Kink vs. Fetish: In the context of Succubuns.com rules,

  • "Kinks" are actions that can be performed between consenting adults (bondage, masochism, exhibitionism, etc.) and are allowed on Succubuns.com, so long as they are properly tagged and do not break other rules (such as our rules against ageplay or bodily waste).
  • "Fetishes" are paraphilias surrounding specific characteristics (fat fetishism, armpit fetishism, racial fetishism, etc.) or fantastical concepts (vore, inflation, "macro/micro", etc.) and are not allowed on Succubuns.com.

If you come across any user-submitted content that breaks these rules, please report them to staff immediately.

Content featuring official Succubuns characters that falls under these disallowed categories may not be posted publicly in any way that may be connected back to Succubuns.com.



Owning a Succubuns character means owning partial rights to that character design.  You do not hold ownership over the Succubuns species, and as such, you do not hold full rights to any Succubun design you own.

Succubuns will never revoke your ownership of a character, unless you are found to be under the age of 21 and in possession of a Succubun character, or if you chargeback an official artist who you purchased the design from.  In such a case, the character will be revoked, and Succubuns is not required to provide compensation.

If a user is banned from Succubuns while in possession of Succubuns characters, the designs will be voided, and will no longer be associated with Succubuns.  Voided designs can never be used on Succubuns.com again, but you will retain full personal use rights to the design.  Banned users may no longer obtain unvoided Succubuns, as they may only be purchased and transferred through Succubuns.com.

Users may request to void characters that they originally created (either designed yourself or commissioned and submitted as an myo ) and that they currently own.  You may not void a design you did not create or do not currently own.

Owning an official, unvoided Succubun character allows a user to:

  • Trade, sell, gift, or otherwise transfer the character to any other Succubuns user with an account on Succubuns.com.  If you wish to transfer a character to someone without an account, please ask them to make an account first.
  • Use or display the character artwork and any artwork depicting the character, with credit to the artist.
  • Use the character on Succubuns.com and its associated spaces.  This includes engaging in Succubuns gameplay with them, giving them a name and backstory, and creating or commissioning art and writing about them, so long as all such content follows the ToS and all parties involved are 21+.
  • Use the character for personal use outside the framework that Succubuns provides.  Succubuns cannot enforce adherence to the ToS in private use, but if you are seen breaking Succubuns ToS with a Succubun character publicly, you may face disciplinary action.
  • Edit the character's design using the official channels provided on Succubuns.com.  Please read our Design Guide for more information.
  • Create alternate unofficial designs based on the character design.  All derivative designs are considered a part of the original and may not be transferred separately.  This includes cases where the Succubun design was created as an alternate design of an existing character you own.

By owning a Succubun design, regardless of voided status, users agree to the following:

  • Users may not transfer Succubuns to users under the age of 21. 
  • Users may not create copies or derivatives of the design to transfer separately from the original.
  • Succubun designs may never be used for commercial purposes, including the production of merchandise depicting the design or derivatives of the design.
  • Succubuns designs may never be used in any way that could be harmful, offensive, or unlawful.


Purchases and Sales

All official sales of Succubuns characters will take place on Succubuns.com.  Users must possess a Succubuns account in order to receive Succubuns goods from a sale, trade, or other transfer.

Succubuns characters, items, and currency may not be transferred to users under 21.  Users who transfer Succubuns goods to recipients under 21 will face disciplinary action alongside the underage recipient.

Users may trade, sell, or gift their Succubuns characters, items, and currencies without limitations.  This includes the ability to sell Succubuns characters, items, and currencies for real world currency, or for goods from other games or websites.  Succubuns reserves the right to place restrictions on the sale or trade of Succubuns goods at any time if it is deemed necessary for the health of the game economy.

Succubuns is not liable  for transactions between users.  Succubuns staff may rule to take action in response to fraudulent transactions conducted on Succubuns.com, but the user is fully responsible for any fees, damages, or losses incurred by transactions with other users, and staff are not required to get involved in any disputes.

Placing a bid on an auction/a claim on a sale means you are confirming you can and will pay. Once a bid has been placed, it may not be deleted or edited to be lower. Backing out of a sale may result in discipline or a ban from Succubuns.com. We reserve the right to refuse a sale for any reason.

You have 24 hours to respond to any messages from the succubuns admin and GA team regarding a won sale. This includes a message informing you that you won a raffle/auction/flatsale, messages asking for your paypal, and invoices from the seller. Failure to respond to these in a timely manner will result in the design being sold to another user. This does not apply to time spent waiting for artist/admin response.

Only one person may attempt to 'claim' on behalf of a specific party during a sale. If you are unavailable, you may elect a single party to claim in your stead, but cannot both attempt to claim yourself and request another person to claim for you as this is unfair to other members. Do not edit your comment on claims posts, this will revoke your claim.

All transactions made with real or virtual currency on Succubuns.com are final and non refundable.


Use of Services

Users must report any loopholes, bugs, or exploits found on Succubuns.com, and are prohibited from abusing them or disclosing  them to other users. 

Users are prohibited from using scripts, bots, auto-refreshers, or other third party software that is designed to, or used with the intent to exploit or gain an advantage on Succubuns.com.

The use of any third party software or services that generate excessive amounts of connections or have the possibility of damaging the site or preventing the use, function, or access of services  is not permitted. 

Users may not provide Succubuns services to third parties.

Succubuns reserves the right to discontinue services or close Succubuns.com at any time without prior notice.  Succubuns is not liable for any losses incurred by the closure of services or the website.



All content displayed on Succubuns.com or adjacent web spaces belongs to Succubuns, including images, text, logos, and names, unless stated otherwise.  Succubuns holds the copyright to all content on Succubuns.com unless stated otherwise.

Users are not permitted to distribute, modify, copy, exploit, use, or make derivative works from any content displayed on or created for Succubuns.com, except as explicitly permitted by Succubuns.

AI image generators and image scrapers may not use any content hosted on Succubuns.com.

Succubuns holds copyright over the species Succubuns and the world of Burrowgatory, and users creating content involving our IPs are bound by our ToS.

Succubuns are not required to remove content created by staff, former staff, or users that was submitted with the intent of being used on Succubuns.com or associated services.

Succubuns does not claim copyright over user-submitted content.

Succubuns does not claim ownership over the framework used for the website, Lorekeeper, which is free and open-source.



You agree to indemnify, save, and hold harmless Succubuns and its staff from any claims, losses, damages, liabilities, attorneys' fees and legal expenses, arising out of your use or misuse of Succubuns, any content you post or submit, violation of these Terms, violation of the rights of another third party or entity, or any breach of the representations, warranties, and covenants made by you herein. Succubuns reserves the right, at your expense, to assume the exclusive defense and control of any matter for which you are required to indemnifySuccubuns and you agree to cooperate with Succubuns' defense of these claims.

You acknowledge that Succubuns has no control over, does not endorse, and has no duty to take any action regarding: which users gain access to Succubuns or its services, what materials you access via Succubuns, what effects such materials may have on you, how you interpret or use such materials, or what actions you take as a result of having been exposed to such materials. Succubuns may contain links to websites containing content that some people may find inappropriate, harmful, or offensive. You release Succubuns from all liability for you having acquired or accessed such materials through this website.

TO THE FULLEST EXTENT BY APPLICABLE LAW: Succubuns and services provided through Succubuns are provided “as-is” and “as available” without warranties of any kind either implied or expressed. Succubuns does not represent or warrent that all content or material on Succubuns are complete, error-free, reliable, accurate, or current . You understand and agree that you obtain, view, access, or download any material or data through the use of Succubuns at your own risk and that you will be solely responsible for any loss or damages that results from the download of such material or data. You assume the entire cost of any necessary servicing, repair, or correction.