Once a simple network of rabbit warrens that ran too deep, Burrowgatory today is a sprawling underground metropolis and den of sin.

Thanks to the intervention of demons speeding succubun society along, the center of Burrowgatory resembles a modern human city, with skyscrapers rivaling the towering stalagmites. Newly dug burrows connect with large natural caverns, allowing for continuous growth as the succubun population expands.




Thanks to the light of luminous crystals, bioluminescent plants and fungi, and hellfire, Burrowgatory possesses enough ambient light for its inhabitants to see by. The strength of these light sources wax and wane every twelve hours, allowing for a natural day-night cycle.

The ceilings of the main city caverns are so high as to be obscured, allowing clouds and mist to form and precipitation to fall. The ambient light and rain allow for the growth of natural vegetation, though it is darker in color and does not thrive as easily as surface vegetation.

Due to its proximity to Hell, Burrowgatory is consistently warm year-round. However, it still has a cycle of seasons, growing hotter in the summer and cooler and rainier in the winter.




The caverns surrounding the main city of Burrowgatory contain a surprisingly diverse array of biomes. Slightly closer to the surface, one can find underground forests, farmlands, immense lakes, desert-like wastes, and even regions where it snows in the winter. Further down and closer to Hell exist more exotic locations, such as fields of ash, rivers of lava, and glowing crystalline caves.


Inner City


The city of Burrowgatory is ever-expanding alongside the succubun population, and its heart is always bustling no matter the time of day. Bars, restaurants, casinos, brothels, and other places of entertainment and indulgence can be found on every street corner, providing endless temptation. Many succubuns can make a good living by providing such indulgences for others.

Of course, a society built on sin is bound to be full of corruption. Wealthy oligarchs and crime lords pay off underhanded politicians to keep things running the way they like it, and the Church of Sulfur leverages its connection with the demons that raise their young to maintain their sway over society.

Though some succubuns live in the more suburban areas on the fringes of the city, or even build themselves lone little houses or found small villages in the outskirts, the majority of the population lives in the inner city.




Succubuns’ ability to magically alter their forms has greatly affected the growth of their society.

Most high-traffic buildings are designed to serve succubuns in both their bun form and their doll form, with accommodations such as smaller doors built into the bottom of large doors like cat flaps. However, many buildings are built with only one or the other in mind, depending on which form the owner, inhabitants, or clientele prefer.

Succubuns often choose one form or the other to spend most of their time in. It’s possible to see a mix of buns and dolls hanging out together, or a succubun shifting into their bun form to cuddle in the lap of a doll, but for the most part, succubuns prefer to be in the same form as the others around them. Conversation gets a little awkward otherwise.

Additionally, the ability to alter their sexual characteristics at will has left succubun culture without a solid concept of gender or sexuality. They have notions of femininity and masculinity through the influence of demons, who themselves picked up their understanding of gender from humans, but they do not view them as inherently tied to any physical anatomy or social roles.




All manner of debauchery and self-indulgence are celebrated in Burrowgatory, for better or for worse. The specific vices a succubun favors vary from bun to bun, but most succubuns have a love of pretty things, good food, physical pleasure, and other comforts.

Laws are still enforced against acts that harm others, such as thievery or assault, but sex, gambling, substance use, and similar vices are unregulated and hold no taboo. It’s very fortunate that succubuns’ demonic constitutions make them much hardier than humans, and less likely to seriously hurt themselves through overindulgence…

Succubuns are, in general, a very immature culture. Though they are physically and mentally the equals of adult humans, their society is less than a century old, and has been shaped by the hands of demons who want succubuns to remain a stunted and selfish people. Love, kindness, and other virtues exist, but they are not upheld as important values the way pleasure and indulgence are.