Carat Guide

You can use this guide to figure out how many carats you'll earn from submitting art and writing to Succubuns.

You can use the carat caluculator built into prompts to automatically determine how much you've earned.
Prompts roll over on Sunday night (site time 11:59:59pm) for weekly submissions!

When submitting art for carats, it must be at minimum a fullbody bun or halfbody doll with flat colors. Art submitted to Succubuns may only depict characters officially registered to, unless an exception is made, such as for unofficial demon characters that are able to canonically interact with Burrowgatory.
We do not accept uncolored or monochrome art, art with extreme color bleed, art with significant visisble construction lines, or art that does not follow succubun anatomy.

All art must be your own, and must be made specifically for each individual submission! This means no heavy use of asset brushes, bases, tracing, photos, or 3d models. These things may be used as references and accents, but no background should be just an ulaltered 3d model or asset brush. We do not allow things like reusing tweaked backgrounds or making a complex background out of simple tiled elements.

On-base artwork cannot earn carats, and may not be submitted to contests, unless you created the base yourself. If you created the base, you may claim carats for the first piece you make with it, but not for any others.

All art submitted for carats needs to follow basic succubun lore and rules, and needs to take place in Burrowgatory. This means no artwork of child/baby buns, no sexualized bun forms, no magic, and nothing banned by our terms/rules.
Please make sure you go over all the lore pages to learn things about succubun families, burrowgatory, and relationships, and the terms of service!


If you are interested in submitting something not currently covered by this guide, please ask in the questions channel of our discord, or submit a ticket on site.

View detailed guides with images for Art, Writing and 3D Art at these links!


Visual Art:
5C per bun
10C per half-body (to hips) doll or chibi doll
15C for full-body doll
10C for simple background
15C for complex background

+2C bonus for each NPC or succubun you don't own
+2C bonus for each pictured imp registered to your succubun
+5C bonus for including an NPC whose trinket your succubun owns
+2C bonus if shaded

If you comissioned an artist, divide the carats by 3 when submitting. If you were commissioned and paid in any ways to draw a succubun (USD, carats, characters), you may not claim carats for the art.

Backgrounds are considered simple if they have a few elements but no real sense of depth, scenery, or complex details. (examples: 123,)
Any image with a full-bleed background that contains depth and has the bun integrated into the space is considered complex. Please use your best judgement! (examples: 123,)

If writing a comic, each panel that has a unique background is counted separately.  If the same background is used repeatedly, each unique character drawn still earns carats, but the background only earns it once.

We reserve the right to reject any art that seems to have been made with as little effort as possible for the purpose of grinding carats.

Please submit all art pieces to our Gallery.

(If you wish to keep your private, you may link them from other image hosting sites like for your claims. We do not accept Discord links.)


Written Pieces:

+8C for the first 300 words
+2C for each 100 words after (This caps at 2500 words)

+2C bonus for every NPC/gift art integrated into the piece
+2C bonus for every registered imp integrated into the piece
+5C bonus for including an NPC into the piece whose trinket is owned by your featured succubun

All writing must be done in a prose style, without anything extraneous to the piece (such as authors notes, name tags on dialogue, etc.)
Please make sure your piece has been spell checked and has correct grammer and capitalization so that the approval mod can easily read and understand it.

When submitting art collaborations or roleplay, contributors will evenly split the carat reward.


3D Art:
20C base for fullbody bun
30C base for halfbody/chibi doll
40C base for fullbody doll
+5 carats for every color added that takes up about 1/4 or more of the surface area
+5 carats for each hand sculpted detail, such as a tie, ropework, ect (this does not count base scultural bits like hair, ears, horns, ect)
+5 carats for each hand sculpted prop/ background piece
+5c for every sculpted gift art.

Please note that all sculpted work needs to be made by you and completely unique. You cannot recolor the same 3d model and submit multiple times. Using a pattern for crochete, plush, ect is fine so long as it is done by hand each time!