Why is this site limited to ages 21 and up? Shouldn't 18+ be enough for the adult content?

Succubuns contains heavy themes of drinking and gambling.  In the United States, where Succubuns is based, the legal drinking age is 21, and various states have different legal ages for different types of gambling, which cap out at 21.  We don't want to promote potentially dangerous activities to users who aren't legally old enough to participate in them, so we've opted to set the minimum age requirement for the site to 21.

Our userbase also enjoys having a slightly more mature community, and many of users are old enough to be uncomfortable with or uninterested in regularly interacting with users under 21. If you're 18-20 and think you should be allowed to join, please be respectful of the fact that this community is not meant for you right now—we'll still be here when you're old enough to join us.


How do I get my own succubun?

There are five ways to obtain a Succubun character:

    • Purchase a succubun designed by the creator or a guest artist directly through the on-site sales page.
    • Buy or trade for a succubun owned by another player.
    • Submit art or writing of NPCs or other players' succubuns to earn carats, the in-game currency, which may be exchanged for an MYO item that will give you the ability to design your own succubun.
    • Purchase an MYO item from one of our seasonal USD sales.
    • Win a contest or raffle with a succubun or MYO item prize.

 Please note that you must have an account on this website in order to obtain a succubun.


Is Succubuns a closed species?

Though others may call us as a closed species based on the way we operate, we prefer to label ourselves as an "adoptable species" to avoid any discourse around closed species and the perceived ownership of traits.  Succubuns does not claim to own the concept of rabbits with devil horns and tails. People within or outside of the community are welcome to freely create their own characters that look like succubuns; they just won't be usable on this site or for official Succubuns content.

However, the name and lore of Succubuns, as well as the setting of Burrowgatory, are copyrighted IP of Succubuns.  It is not permitted to create an unofficial character using Succubuns IP in order to try to sell it or pass it off as an official character, or to otherwise profit off of the Succubuns brand.


Why can't I play any of the "games" in the casino?

Though we aim to one day be able to supply actual gambling minigames that can be played in the casino, for now, the current lootbox-style system is the best we were able to do within the prebuilt Lorekeeper code.  We know it's a bit underwhelming, but hopefully we will be able to overhaul it someday.


How do I set my featured character?

Lorekeeper, our codebase, generates two different URLs for most pages-- succubuns.com/characters (which shows the characters of the logged in user) and https://succubuns.com/USERNAME/characters, (which shows a specific users characters). The latter is the one linked from your user page and the one many users access more frequently. To select a featured character please access https://succubuns.com/characters, which can be found in the "account" tab of the top bar!


How do I change my username?

Users cannot change their usernames to prevent malicious activity. To change your username, please submit a claim with your desired new username, and a member of the team will alter it for you!


Help, the site colors hurt my eyes!

We know different users have different tolerances for the reds and pinks of succubuns. If you go to your settings page, you can access the opportunity to change your theme. Currently, we have 3 themes: The standard theme, a dark mode, and a legacy theme. Dark mode should help those who prefer dark backgrounds, and legacy mode has a less heavily saturated theme, and was used for the first year of succubun's life!


Some of the prompts aren't showing up when I click "Show details"!

This is an unfortunate glitch that we aren't able to fix t this time. However, it should only happen if you've tried to open more than 3 prompt details on the same page. If you refresh the page, you should be able to open the prompt you want to look at.


Do I need to own a Succubun to complete prompts?

Absolutely not! Nearly all Succubun prompts can be completed without an official succubun. You can tell if they do or not based on the text in the prompt. If it contains the line "For this prompt, depict your succubun, an NPC, or another bun (with the owner's permission)" then you're free to complete the prompt with an NPC or another user's succubun. A small amount of event prompts and the NPC prompts require you to use a bun you own though. Make sure you read all the text of a prompt to confirm!


How many times can I complete a prompt?

This varies from prompt to prompt.  All general prompts and general submissions are unlimited. You can submit as many as you want! However, prompts such as unlock prompts are limited to once per account, and NPC prompts are limited to once per succubun you own. Event prompts vary from prompt to prompt. If they have limited clears, it will be stated at the bottom of the prompt!


My prompt was rejected near the end of an event, and the submission period is now over. Can I still resubmit?

Sorry, but no, we cannot accept late submissions of any kind. We recommend submitting prompts a few days before the end of events to prevent this, though our team always tries to clear things right up until the end of the event preiod.
You can still submit these prompts to general art once any issues have been fixed to recieve full carat rewards for them!


What are "Favors"?

Favors are essentially Succubuns' "daily log-in bonus." You can collect Favors once a day through the Demonic Prayer at the Church of Sulfur, and if you save up enough of them, you can purchase a free MYO item at the Bunnery.
Favors were previously referred to as Blessings, but had their name changed with the introduction of Cherubuns to prevent confusion.


How do I know the rules for traits?

All traits have an entry in the encyclopedia that gives basic info about what is and is not allowed. You can also used advanced search on the masterlist to look for buns with specific trait combos. If you have further questions, or want to know if a specific sketch concept is allowed, I recommend joining our discord and utilizing our ticket system to ask for an admin check on a design!
We would love to be able to state exactly what we can and cannot accept, but players are infinietly creative, and always think of combinations we don't expect. Thanks for your understanding!


Do the Succubun bases get updated with new content?

We would like to add additional features/add ons to official bases in the future, but it's not a priority over new content.


Can I change my succubun's design?

It's possible to change everything but a succubun's horn type with the right items, and changing the gender/body type/skin tone of its doll form can be done with just a sin and tonic at any time. See the Design Guide for more info.


How much USD are carats/items/Myo slots worth?

Succubuns does not enforce any resale rules for items, slots, or premade succubuns at this time. Prices can vary between 3 carats/dollar to 10 carats/dollar on average. Users are allowed to sell items for any price they want.
Envious handbaskets were previously limited to a 40$ resale limit as they were released in limited quantities, but this restriction has been lifted and they can now be resold freely.
Cherubun MYOs are account bound and cannot be resold or traded. Please note that offering to let someone else design an myo, submitting it for them, and then transferring it is considered breaking this rule.


Can I buy an MYO slot from the site?

Myo slots are always available in the bunnery for 300 carats (150 carats for your first purchase!), and users can purchase one every other month. We sell MYO slots for 30 USD each once per season, so around every 3 months! If you're not sure when the most recent one was, it will be listed in the News and Sales backlogs.


How do "Pet Drops" work?

Some Succubun events feature pets who (for a limited time) drop specialized items daily. To access Pet Drops, please make sure you purchased the pet the day before. Pets do not generate items until the first rollover they have existed on site for! Then, go to your Pets page (accessed from the account tab) and click the "Drops" button beneath your pet! This will grant an item into your inventory, which you may need to open to recieve your drops. It will reset daily (or otherwise if noted in the pet's description!)
Pet drops sometimes have small errors when they are first generated, you can always send in a claim or open a ticket in our discord for assistance!


Will event imps ever recieve new colors?

We don't answer questions about future content! If we ever add new colors to limited time imps, those imps will be re-released in some form at that time or in the short future (one year or less from release!)


Will there ever be new bun horn types/sub types, new forms, ect?

All of our future content is in the works, but we don't answer any questions about it! Please wait and see what great stuff is coming~