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Special Delivery! (Part 1)

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Hello, Burrowgatory!

Our GA team has already been hard at work in the Bunnery, and we're excited to bring you the first set of Special Deliveries.



Congratulations to ornamental, Oteibilitz, zachberrie, flayn, glizzrybear, articution, Frenkle, and gummygabbo on your new buns!

We've also started uploading offspring from Official Breeding Requests, so keep an eye on the masterlist if you want to check them out.

More Special Deliveries will be on their way throughout the month!

Breeding Season

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Content Warning: March's event contains themes of pregnancy and infant care.

As Matentines season ends, the Church of Sulfur is left to handle the aftermath...

Breeding Season

It's the busiest time of year for the Bunnery—baby buns are being born all throughout Burrowgatory, and it's the church's job to gather them all and care for them until it's time to turn them over to Murmur at the end of the month.

Breeding Season will end at 11pm EST on March 31st, when the site will go down for maintenance.

Check out the Breeding Season page for more information, and to collect your daily milk bottle.

Offspring MYOs

This month only, players can turn in a Positive Test to breed two of their succubuns and receive an offspring MYO!

If you're interested in breeding your succubun this Breeding Season, please thoroughly read through the Breeding info page below to find out how to earn a Positive Test and submit an Offspring MYO Claim.

♡ Breeding Info Page ♡

Offspring MYO claims will close at the end of March 31st


New Baby Imps

Several new imps are now available in the baby color!

Milk Mochi are back in stock at Dan's Dango, only for the month of March. They can also be purchased with milk bottles in the Breeding Season event shop.


Egghel Hunt

Egghel is back in the Breeding Season event shop, and it's available in 6 new springtime pastel colors!

Open an Unhatched Egghel from your inventory to recieve an egghel of a random color. These new egghel colors can also be obtained through feeding a dango to any color egghel, but egghel's original four unique colors can only be obtained through hatching!


Monthly Supporter Boxes

The Supporter Shop has been refreshed for the month! Show Succubuns your support and take home some extra goodies, such as items from the Breeding Season shop and Wagashi to spend at Pedigree Pets.


New Pedigree Imp

After our final patron vote, floracoon can now be purchased at Pedigree Pets! Aureluna has been cycled out—so long, aureluna.

While we work on getting our new subscription service set up, pedigree imp voting is available to all players! Click the link below to vote for April's pedigree imp.

April Pedigree Imp Poll


Milk Maid Raffle

Congratulations to @Jacyfox on winning February's Rose Bouquet Raffle!

This month's raffle bun has been busy harvesting milk from milkweed!


Tickets can be purchased with milk bottles in the Breeding Season event shop. Make sure to open the tickets in your inventory after purchasing, or you won't actually be entered in the raffle!



Seasonal Drinks

The Rabbit Hole is now serving spring seasonal drinks once more!

Additionally, the Heavenly Embassy has Floral Ambrosia in stock for the season.



Monthly Prompt

The March Monthly Prompt is now available.

Show us your succubun's lucky charm for 30 bonus carats!


MYO submission update

We've made some updates to the design submission process in an effort to further streamline it!

Trait items will now automatically add their associated trait when submitted in the "Add-Ons" section of an MYO submission or design update. To remove traits, you can attach a Drabsinthe, and then manually delete the trait(s) you wish to remove from the Traits page.

You can find details about this feature in our new and improved MYO Submission Guide! This is aimed at players submitting an MYO at the first time, but also contains information about the new trait item features.



We hope you all enjoyed the sexy fun in the Matentines event!

The Matentines event shop will remain open until March 7th, at which point all remaining love letters will disappear.

Supporter Shop

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Hello, Burrowgatory! We have some good and bad news for you today regarding the issue with the Succubuns Patreon.

We have decided that it's not the right choice for Succubuns to continue to use Patreon's services, and we will not be re-launching the Succubuns Patreon. We're so grateful for everyone who subscribed to our Patreon and joined in on the fun there, and while we wish we could have given it a better send off, we hope you all enjoyed your time as a patron!


We've instead decided to make the most of this ordeal by creating a proprietary subscription service, hosted directly on This will allow us to offer all of the monthly polls and goodies you've grown to love in a much more direct way, without another website taking a cut!

It will take us at least a couple months to get this service up and running, but we're very excited about the possibilities it brings to the table. In the meanwhile, rather than asking everyone to go make an account on a different subscription website, we're opening a temporary Supporter Shop for you to get your monthly goodies.

The Supporter Shop offers boxes corresponding to the item-rewarding tiers of the old Succubuns Patreon, which will be available for purchase monthly. These boxes expire at the end of the month, so please make sure to open them right away!

For those who backed the Succubuns Patreon in February and were refunded, you're welcome to either re-purchase your previous tier and get double the rewards, or keep your money and enjoy the freebies for the month. Consider it a thank-you for your support.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to host polls, share previews, or offer a special Discord role and channel for supporters until our subscription service is ready. At the end of the month, we'll be retiring the Patron role and channel from our Discord server, to be replaced with a Supporter role and channel in the future. In place of our Patron pedigree imp suggestion posts and polls, we'll be sourcing ideas for our monthly pedigree imps from within our team, and then opening up voting to the entire playerbase!


From the bottom of our heart, thank you to everyone who's supported us in these trying times. You're the reason we have the motivation to keep going and build back up higher after being knocked down.


Merch Shop Vacation

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Hello, Burrowgatory!

We wanted to let you know that we'll be closing the Merch Shop for the next few months starting on Friday 2/23, as our team does not currently have the resources to keep it open permanently. We plan to take this time to focus on site development and creating new types of merch, so that we can hopefully reopen with even more offerings!

If you've been eyeing anything in the store, please make sure to place your order before 11:59pm EST on the 23rd, as we will not be able to accept orders after that until we reopen again.

If you're interested in the store, you can fill out a Survey of future merch you're interested in and snag a 10% discount coupon that will last until the 23rd.

Thank you to everyone who has brought a little piece of Burrowgatory into their homes!

Patreon Down

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Hi, everyone—this is Luca with some unfortunate news.

This morning, the Succubuns Patreon was fraudulently reported for distributing sexual art of children. Rather than contacting us for clarity on the accusations, Patreon immediately froze our account and refunded some of our patrons for their February pledges.

I hope it goes without saying that I have never drawn sexual art of children, and the Succubuns Patreon did not contain anything of the sort. The art we believe they are referring to are the NSFW pinups featuring adult NPCs Mercy and Velveteen, who are both nonbinary characters depicted with vaginas and flat chests. It is incredibly transphobic and harmful to treat androgynous adult bodies as being inherently childlike, and I'm personally very hurt to be accused of something so vile. 

This report falls in line with the conservative trend of accusing queer people of pedophilia in order to silence queer erotic expression, and we're incredibly disappointed that anyone who has had an interest in Succubuns would weaponize this tactic against us. Patreon payments make up the majority of Succubuns' income, and are what allow me to spend most of my time creating free content for the site instead of designing adoptables to sell.  We've reached out to Patreon via email to try to clear this up as quickly as possible, but we cannot say at this time what the outcome will be. 

To anyone who has been refunded on Patreon: you will all be allowed to keep the February Patreon rewards regardless of the outcome, so please don't worry. Assuming we can resolve the issue and get the monthly subscription running again, we would certainly appreciate it if those who were forcefully refunded would re-pledge for the month, but it will not be required.

Yves and I will be fine, but to be frank, we are incredibly stressed and exhausted to be dealing with the second bad faith attempt to "take down" Succubuns within the past month. Knowing that Succubuns is meaningful to others is what keeps us going in the face of anonymous bad actors, so if you want to lend emotional support, voicing the things you like about the game and its updates is always more helpful for our morale than you know. If you have any information about the person responsible, please submit a report or open a private ticket in our Discord.

We'll keep you updated on what we hear back from Patreon, and we hope that the fact the report was objectively false will allow us to resolve this quickly. As always, thank you all for your support.

[Fixed] Love Suite error

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This is now fixed, and the love Suite is back open for business! Please let us know if you recieved a duplicate test or have any further errors. Thank you!


Greetings, burrowgatory!

Today, we've run into an error with the Love Suite (where users can turn in positive pregnancy tests) rewarding more than it was intended to. We've gone ahead and closed the love suite temporarily while we ensure this error is fixed-- we don't expect it to be down for more than 1-2 days at absolute max!

If you recieved two, a mod has gone through and removed them from your inventory-- you haven't done anything wrong, we just needed to make sure that there were no unfairly gained tests.

Thank you!

Succubun Spotlight Update + Mod applications

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Hello all-- just a small announcement.
We've moved the succubun spotlight to roll on Sunday night. This will bring it in line with prompt rollover and other on-site roll overs for consistency. Please note that this means you have an extra day to complete this week's succubun spotlight!

Additionally-- we've recieved serveral questions about mod applications, and we know users are excited to see the results! We can't wait to get new mods selected and onboarded, but unfornately due to some real life illnesses and work, Yves has been unable to dedicate the time needed to them. We aim to start contact those we're interested in working with as soon as possible.

Hope you're all enjoying the advent, and having a great Lunar New Year!

[Fixed] Site error and unexpected maintenace

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This is now fixed, thank you for your patience thoday! <3


Good morning Burrowgatory!

As you may have seen, the site is running into some errors today and will be going into maintnence mode shortly to ensure the error is fixed.

Thank you for your patience with us today!


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Content Warning:  February's event contains heavy themes of sex, sexuality, and romance, with mentions of pregnancy and breeding. Participation does not require directly engaging with these themes, but if they make you uncomfortable, there's nothing wrong with sitting this event out.

A strange heat is sweeping over Burrowgatory...


Pheromones hang heavy in the air as a wave of heat washes through Burrowgatory... It's the time of year when many succubuns fuck like rabbits, driven by their ancestral carnal instincts.

With Breeding Season on the horizon, now's the perfect time to refresh yourself on some Succubuns lore!

Sex, Sexuality, and Relationships
Family, Lineage, and Breeding

Check out the Matentines event page for more information, and to learn how to collect love letters.



The arrival of Matentines means that Breeding Season is just around the cornering, bearing the fruits of Burrowgatory's... ahem, "hard work" in February.

If you're interested in breeding your Succubun in March, please thoroughly read through the Breeding info page linked below so you can figure out how to prepare during Matentines.

♡ Upcoming Breeding Season Info ♡

Offspring MYO claims will not open until March, but Official Breeding Requests and Special Delivery Requests are open, and will close on February 25th.


New Pet Colors

Several new imps are now available in the lovedrunk color!

Rosewater Mochi are back in stock at Dan's Dango, only for the month of February. They can also be purchased with sparklers in the Matentines event shop.

Additionally, erose is now available in purple, orange, and yellow.


Rose Bouquet Raffle

Congratulations to MimicPapaya on winning January's Toasted Mochi Raffle!

This month's raffle bun has a gift for someone special...


Tickets can be purchased with love letters in the Matentines event shop. Make sure to open the tickets in your inventory after purchasing, or you won't actually be entered in the raffle!


New Pedigree Imp

Succubuns' patrons have voted, and sweetinea can now be purchased at Pedigree Pets! Fellantern has been cycled out—so long, fellantern.

Patrons at the $10 tier and above can suggest ideas and vote for the next pedigree imp, and will each receive one Wagashi a month to purchase any pedigree imp of their choosing. Join the Succubuns Patreon today to help choose March's pedigree imp!


Monthly Prompt

The February Monthly Prompt is now available.

Tuck your sick succubun into bed for 30 bonus carats!


Event Prompts

This month, event prompts other than the Blind Date collab prompt will be limited to one completion per week, and will close at 11:00pm EST on 2/29.

Please plan accordingly to ensure you're able to purchase everything you want! We hope that this will help avoid end of the month crunch for both players and moderators.

Additionally, the site will be starting maintenance an hour earlier than usual, going down at 11:00pm EST, so that we can bring you the new monthly update for Breeding Season right at midnight!


Mochi Moon

The Mochi Moon event shop will remain open until February 7th, at which point all remaining sparklers will disappear and the Mochi Moon award will no longer be craftable.

Envious Handbasket Raffle Results

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The carat raffle for envy baskets has been rolled-- you can check if you were one of the lucky winners here!
If you won, you've had a purchase ticket with a link to a private shop granted to your inventory. Please make sure you purchase it within the next 24 hours, or your slot will be re-rolled!

Thank you to everyone who made our MYO sale a success, and please look forward to monthly rollover and the adoptable advent coming soon!