A few hundred years ago, a herd of rabbits dug a warren so deep that it nearly ran straight into hell.

The magical energies of hell leaked into their burrows and twisted these rabbits and their descendants, causing them to develop demonic features. Their intelligence rapidly developed until they neared sapient thought, and they began to develop a crude society deep underground.

At this time, they were discovered by a group of demons. Amused by the primitive rabbit people, the demons decided to make this new species into their pet project. They extended their influence over the newly developing society, caring for the rabbits and shaping them as they continued to evolve.

Within a couple of decades of demonic meddling, the rabbits became the succubuns that we know today. Under the influence of the demons, they have become creatures of vice and debauchery, living out their days in the decadent underground city of Burrowgatory.


Succubun Anatomy


Succubuns still resemble the rabbits they evolved from, but they are almost a parody of their former selves, twisted with hellish features.

Though capable of running on all fours, succubuns are primarily bipedal, and stand around a foot tall on their hind legs. They possess cloven hooves on their hands and feet, the former of which are dexterous enough to hold and manipulate objects.

Instead of the classic cottontail, a succubun has a whiplike devil tail with a heart-shaped spaded tip. They also possess unusually large, fluffy lop ears.

The most defining feature of a succubun is their horns. Most buns have one of five possible types of horns, which correspond with the vice that most defined their life when their horns came in upon reaching adulthood.

♡  Slothful succubuns possess velvety, rounded horns.

♡  Prideful succubuns possess small, curled ram horns.

♡  Lustful succubuns possess pointy, heart-shaped horns.

♡  Gluttonous succubuns possess wideset, curved horns.

♡  Greedy succubuns possess long, spiked goat horns.

A sixth, rarer type of horns can occur in succubuns raised in a specific way. These envious succubuns possess small, antler-like horns, and were only introduced to Burrowgatory in April of Year 100. To find out more about these succubuns, read the page linked below.

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The demonic energy that allowed succubuns to evolve into their current state also makes their forms unstable, allowing for various mutations and shapeshifting. 

Succubuns can shapeshift at will, though attempting to shift too often may tire them. Their abilities are most commonly used to shift to and from their doll form, or to alter their reproductive organs, but more subtle changes may be made as well.

Magical mutations allow a succubun to alter things that cannot be changed through shapeshifting, such as their coloration or unusual anatomy. A number of common mutations such as wings, fangs, and the like have been identified as “traits.”

Doll Form

All adult succubuns are capable of shapeshifting into a human form. Because they are unaware of the existence of humans, this form is referred to as their “doll form.

Doll form succubuns possess human skin tones, though they may still retain some colored markings from their bun forms, which resemble tattoos. Their hair color matches the color of their fur in bun form, and their nails match the color of their hooves.

Doll forms retain a bun’s horns, lop ears, tail, and any traits a bun might have. They may also choose to retain their hooved feet in doll form, giving them the appearance of a satyr—this form is faster at running, but also has poor balance, making it an unusual choice for day-to-day life.

Life Cycle


When succubuns are born, they’re almost indistinguishable from ordinary baby rabbits, save for their spaded tails and cloven hooves. 

Due to the demonic meddling in their evolution and society, succubuns are unsuited to care for their own young. All babies are turned over to the Church of Sulfur, which delivers them to Murmur, the demon responsible for raising baby succubuns into adults.

Succubuns, similar to ordinary large rabbits, mature within one year. Their horns start to grow in at nine months, when they are fully physically mature. By the time they’re a year old, their mental faculties are equivalent to that of a twenty-year-old human. At this time, Murmur returns the succubuns to Burrowgatory to live with the rest of their kind.

Succubuns are able to reproduce once a year in the spring. Many feel driven to procreate during this “breeding season.” Similar to ordinary rabbits, succubun pregnancies only take about a month to come to term, during which time a succubun is reverted to their bun form and is unable to shapeshift.

Unlike ordinary rabbits, succubuns’ lifespans are much longer than a decade. Though they can die of injury or illness, death by old age has yet to be observed in their population–in fact, old age itself has yet to be observed.



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