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Imp Training Camp Conclusion

Posted 7 months and 4 weeks ago :: Last edited 7 months and 3 weeks ago by Luca

The Imp Training Camp is coming to a close, and the members of Team Sesame and Team Peach have successfully reached the final goal of teaching their imps 10,000 tricks!

Click below read the conclusion of this heated competition, find out the winner, and receive your rewards...

Imp Training Camp Conclusion

After seeing all the love and care Burrowgatory has for their imps this month, Hutch has decided to be a bit less uptight about who they allow to adopt from them.

The Imporium Key will no longer be required to access the Imporium.

Instead, users with an Imporium Key in their inventory will receive a permanent 10% discount on all imps purchased from the Imporium!

A new permanent prompt, My First Imp, has been added to the prompts list. Complete this prompt to take home your choice of a chirop, phloof, or impup!

The Mission Imp-Possible prompt has been updated to reflect these changes, and will now require My First Imp to be completed as a prerequesite.

MYO Approvals Open

Posted 7 months and 3 weeks ago :: Last edited 7 months and 3 weeks ago by Luca

Luca here again! It seems like I'm finally on the path to a full recovery, so it's time to try opening MYO approvals back up.

As I'm anticipating that we'll get over a hundred submissions with this reopening, I have a couple requests for you to follow to help keep the flow of submissions more manageable:

1) For the first 24 hours, please only submit if this is your first ever MYO. This will make sure that players waiting to get their first succubun will get them approved first, so they can still have a couple days to do August prompts with them.

2) If you have more than one MYO to submit, please wait until the first one has been approved to submit the second one. This will keep the pace of approvals more fair for everyone who's been waiting.

Thank you all again for your patience!

Create-an-Imp Contest Winners

Posted 7 months and 4 weeks ago :: Last edited 7 months and 3 weeks ago by Luca

The results are are in for the Create-an-Imp Contest finalist voting!

Everyone, please welcome the three new imp designs that will be joining impup in the Imporium:


Congratulations to squish, elsiikun, and moonilymoth for winning! The Succubuns team will be contacting you about your designs shortly.


Though originally intended to be added to the Imporium in October, it may take longer than that to add them to the site due to this month's schedule disruptions. Thank you for understanding, and we hope you're excited to be able to make these three new imps into your companions!

Imp Training Camp Week 4

Posted 7 months and 4 weeks ago :: Last edited 7 months and 4 weeks ago by Yves

The third week of the Imp Training Camp competition has come to an end! Though Team Peach maintains the lead, Hutch is proud to see that the average Team Sesame member has earned 4 more points than the average Team Peach member.

"Come on, team, we still have a chance! It's not over until it's over!"

Click the button above to claim your week 3 milestone reward.
The final milestone is 10,000 imp tricks by August 28th at rollover. Good luck, everyone!

Design Updates Open

Posted 7 months and 4 weeks ago :: Last edited 7 months and 4 weeks ago by Luca

Luca here! Thank you to everyone for your well wishes during my illness. I'm recovering well, but still suffering from fatigue. To try to break up the flood of waiting approvals a little, we're going to be reopening design approvals in two parts.

Design Updates are now reopened, but MYO Submissions are not. This means you can submit redesigns and doll forms for existing succubuns, but cannot submit new MYOs yet.

MYO Submissions will reopen shortly, once we have a handle on design updates. Thank you all again for your patience.

Create-an-Imp Contest Voting

Posted 8 months and 2 days ago :: Last edited 8 months and 2 days ago by Luca

Hello, Burrowgatory! We hope you're still having fun training your imps this month.

The finalists for the Create-an-Imp Contest have been chosen, and voting is now open! Click the link below to view the ten imp design finalists and vote on your top three. Contest voting ends in one week, on 8/25.

Create-an-Imp Contest Voting

Congratulations to asuraSleeping, squish, moonilymoth, Dragoninstall, cavellain, kokomini9, elsiikun, behemutt, Ellu, and Hexification for making it to the finals and winning an Adoption Voucher!

Thank you to everyone who entered the Create-an-Imp Contest. There were so many other designs that easily could have made it to the finals, and even more amazing designs that we couldn't pick only because they were too detailed to fit with the rest of the imps in the Imporium, or because their concepts held too much overlap with existing or upcoming imps.

You can browse through all of the entries for this contest here. We had so much fun watching all of the adorable and creative entries for this contest come in, and we hope you had fun trying your hand at designing an imp, too!

Imp Training Camp Week 3

Posted 8 months and 3 days ago :: Last edited 8 months and 3 days ago by Luca

The second week of the Imp Training Camp competition has come to an end, and Team Peach remains in the lead. To thank you for your efforts, Quince has prepared another reward for everyone.

"I hope you've worked up a big appetite! We're halfway through, now, so don't let your energy flag!"

Click the button above to claim your week 2 milestone reward.

The week 3 milestone is 7500 imp tricks. Good luck, everyone!

Design Approvals Closed (Again)

Posted 8 months and 3 days ago :: Last edited 8 months and 3 days ago by Luca

Hi, everyone—I was really hoping to avoid this after having to close MYO submissions and design updates last week, but I just can't keep up with the rate they've been coming in right now.

For those unaware, as a result of flying to my parents' house to say goodbye to my childhood cat last week, I caught covid for the first time. It's really been a bad week. Thanks to being up-to-date on vaccinations, and starting paxlovid within the first 24 hours of developing symptoms, I'm not in any danger, but I'm feeling pretty sick, and have a very limited amount of energy to put towards Succubuns work.  

This month, I still need to update the current event each week, judge the Create-an-Imp contest and put the finalists up for voting, select and onboard new GAs, and finish preparing the September event ( the best of my abilities), and I worry that I won't be able to get everything done on time if I spend hours on approvals every day. The only other person qualified to do approvals to site standards is Yves, who fortunately did not catch covid from me, but currently has their hands full with taking care of me and doing their actual job.

I'll chip away at the designs currently in the queue over the next few days, and will re-evaluate how I'm feeling and hopefully reopen the queue again on Monday. I don't like preventing people from submitting their buns, but I think it will be easier for me to rest and get other important work done without worrying about dozens of submissions piling up every day. 

Sorry to everyone who will be inconvenienced by this; I wish I could go back to work at full steam this week, too.

- Luca

Design Approvals Open

Posted 8 months and 1 week ago :: Last edited 8 months and 1 week ago by Luca

MYO submissions and design approvals are open again. Thank you everyone for your patience.

A Harpup-date

Posted 8 months and 1 week ago :: Last edited 8 months and 1 week ago by Yves

Hello all!
We're aware that many users used up their stamina before the lovely harpups made their way onto the scene!
Luca wanted to keep this a surprise from me, and so I couldn't give gameplay thoughts like that which I normally would when we put up a mini-event like this haha~

To remedy this, the Harpup migration errand will be extended till August 12th at rollover so everyone has a chance to do some more errands~

This should ensure every user has a chance to get some harpup pals~
Thank you for all the kind words and birthday wishes-- I love succubuns and this community so much, and I'm so happy to be able to celebrate with you all. Make sure you enjoy yourself today on my behalf!