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Harpup Migration

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Hello, Burrowgatory!

Today is is an annual event known as the harpup migration. Towards the end of the summer as the tides shift, these cute little imps wiggle and roll their way from the Forneus Sea to distant caverns unknown, passing near the city of Burrowgatory on the way. For whatever reason, this day always seems to fall exactly on August 11th…

Only on August 11th, you can complete the Harpup Migration errand to catch harpups.



Everyone, please join me in wishing a very happy birthday to Yves.

Succubuns is made from lots of different things I love, but it wouldn’t exist at all without my love for Yves. I wanted to make a game that they would enjoy playing as much as all the other ARPGs we’ve played together, where they could make whatever storylines they wanted with their characters without worrying about them being inappropriate, and where I could design them as many little guys as they wanted without having to worry about getting MYO slots for other adoptable species. That last one may have fallen to the wayside as I’ve become too busy creating site content to design many buns, but it still makes me so happy to see how much fun they have collecting and creating succubuns!

None of this would be possible without Yves. They encouraged me to develop the idea of Succubuns when I was in a rut and unsure of where to go with my artistic career, they figured out how to use Lorekeeper and built for me, they helped to build and manage the community and the mechanical side of the game, and they supported me for the two years of development it took for Succubuns to start earning me a living wage. I am so, so grateful for everything Yves has done, and I’m so glad that a project that we created to make each other happy could inspire so many other people.

Happy birthday, Yves, and thank you for everything you’ve done for me, and for Succubuns!

- Luca

Design Approvals Closed Temporarily

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Content warning for pet death.

Hi, everyone, this is Luca. I just found out that my childhood cat has gotten very sick, and she's likely not going to hang on much longer. I'm flying out to my mom's house tonight to say goodbye to her while I can.

MYO submissions and Design Updates will be temporarily closed while I'm gone. I'll update you all again when they're back up in a few days. Thank you all for understanding.

Imp Training Camp Week 2

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The first week of the Imp Training Camp competition has come to an end, and the competitors have blown the week one goal out of the water! As Team Peach has taken a hefty lead, Quince has prepared a reward for you all.

"Good work out there, everyone! I've whipped up a little treat to keep your energy up—dessert before dinner's always a winner!"

Click the button above to claim your week 1 milestone reward.

The week 2 milestone is 4000 imp tricks. Good luck, everyone!

Coming Soon: Succubun Trade-Ins

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Hello, Burrowgatory!

This is a reminder that guest artist applications close three days from now. Don't forget to get your applications in if you're interested in joining the Succubuns guest artist team!


Succubun Trade-Ins

We'd also like to announce a new feature that will be coming to the site on September 1st, when the new GA system comes into effect: Succubun Trade-Ins.

Once a month, players will be able to trade in an unwanted official succubun for a Hell in a Handbasket. These traded-in succubuns will be held on the admin account to later be resold, raffled, or used as contest prizes. (Note: MYO succubuns will not be eligible for trade-ins.)

We hope that this feature will both allow us to offer more free succubun opportunities for our players, and will allow players to have an easy way to trade designs they've lost attachment to in exchange for an opportunity create new designs they'll love!

With the addition of the Succubun Trade-In feature on September 1st, we will no longer be allowing official succubuns (those with IDs starting with BUN-###) to be redesigned, unless done by the original artist. Doll forms and MYO buns will still be able to be changed freely, but official bun art will no longer be able to be replaced with art by a different artist. We understand that some players may be upset by this change, so Luca has prepared a statement explaining the reasoning behind our decision.

Hi, everyone! After thinking it over for several months, it has ultimately been our decision to disallow official succubuns to be redesigned freely. I hope you can understand why the following list of reasons would lead us to make this decision.

- Masterlist consistency. The official masterlist is the first example of succubun design variety that most new players will see, and it only contains designs by myself and our hand-selected guest artists, creating consistency of style and giving me a higher level of control over the designs displayed there. Many users reference these designs when creating their own, and it's easier to maintain the necessary level of consistency when working with a set group of artists. When players redesign the buns on this masterlist, it creates inconsistencies where a single succubun has a completely different style from anything else on the masterlist. It also allows for the theme of the design to completely change from what was initially approved for that succubun, which has the potential to break design series like the Pride charity rainbow series.

- Difficulty of obtaining official succubuns. There are far, far more MYOs (both designed and undesigned) than official succubuns available on the market right now, and the complete redesign of official succubuns only makes those hard-to-get designs even more scarce. This should help users who don't feel comfortable making designs or who aren't artists be able to get a succubun, while talented designers can collect our readily available MYOs to make amazing designs of their own.

- Official artist motivation. This reason is more emotional than practical, and while I always try to avoid making rulings solely for emotional reasons, I think it's worth including on this list. It can be very demotivating for any artist to see a design get heavily edited or redrawn by the purchaser, and can lead to feelings of anxiety and like their work isn't good enough as-is. While we all need to deal with this part of selling designs, all the artists who do official bun designs work incredibly hard. As admins, we try to make things as stress-free to Succubuns artists as possible for all of us, myself included.

This is something we've been considering as a team for awhile, and with the new GA system beginning on September 1st, I decided that this would be the best time to finally change this rule so that we wouldn't have to continue to deal with the concerns listed above as Succubuns continues to grow to new scales.

I hope that the addition of the Succubun Trade-In system helps those of you who may have unused officials to breathe life into a new design, and we look forward to putting those officials back into the community via raffles and other fun events!

- Luca

Guest Artist Applications

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Hello, Burrowgatory!

As promised, guest artist applications for the September-December 2023 season are now open until August 10th. We're so excited to welcome some new members to the team for the first time since last December!

You can read up on the rules, responsibilities, and rewards of being a guest artist on our Succubuns Guest Artists page. After thoroughly familiarizing yourself with the requirements, follow the link at the bottom of the page to submit your application!

Succubuns Guest Artist Info

Imp Training Camp

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Before we get to this month's event, we have an exciting announcment:

Succubuns is now on Patreon!

If you've ever wanted the chance to give Succubuns a little extra support, you can pledge to a variety of monthly tiers to receive an exclusive award for your profile, previews of upcoming events and adopts, access to a patron-only channel in our Discord server, NSFW illustrations of the NPCs, and all sorts of in-game goodies.

Funds from our Patreon will pay for our moderator team, site coders, rising site maintenance costs, new types of merchandise, and other incidental expenses. Anything left over will help the site creators earn a more consistent income for full-time work on the site than adoptable sales are able to provide.

Click the badge above to pledge today!


Let's spend some quality time with bun's best friend!

Imp Training Camp

A rival pet has shop moved in across the street from the Imporium, and Hutch has decided to host a free imp training event to drum up business. Unfortunately, this seems to have done the opposite of deterring Quince, the owner of Pedigree Pets, whom Hutch seems to have some history with...

This event will be our first ever team competition event. Pick a side and earn points for your team to effect the outcome of the event!

For the duration of this event, the Imporium will be accessible without the Imporium Key. Take this chance to adopt a new imp friend today!

Check out the Imp Training Camp page for more information, and to collect your daily sesame treat.


New NPC: Quince

The headstrong Quince has always been passionate about food and sweets. After being introduced to the world of imp care by Hutch a few years back, she became fascinated by the strange effects her sweets had on imps, and threw herself into experimenting with the new imp species that evolved as a result.

Read more about Quince on her profile, or get to know her in the new NPC prompt.



Pedigree Pets

Pedigree Pets has opened its doors, offering a variety of fanciful and bizarre "pedigree imps" to discerning imp owners. Would you like to take home a cribbit, lepidaisy, stellaram, or stroodle?

Every month, a new pedigree imp will be released based on Patreon poll results, and the oldest imp in stock will be cycled out. (Since the starting stock of 4 imps is being released all at once, cribbit will be the first to be cycled out in September, followed by lepidaisy, and so on.)

Though the average customer may get sticker shock at the price Quince charges for these cuties, she'll gladly trade one in exchange for some of Dan's limited deluxe sweets...

Patrons who pledge $10 or more a month will receive one Wagashi, which functions as a coupon allowing the purchase of any imp currently in stock at Pedigree Pets. All players can also purchase one Wagashi a month for carats at Dan's Dango.

Create-An-Imp Contest

Since imps were first introduced to, there have been twelve species permanently available to adopt at the Imporium. For the Succubuns anniversary in October, we'll be adding four new basic imps to this lineup. Three of these imps will be designed and voted on by you!

Check out the Create-An-Imp Contest page for more information.


Meet Impup!

Impup is a new standard imp, now available in the Imp Training Camp event shop, and as a reward for participating in the imp competition event. During this event, you can collect drops from your impups to earn points for your team!

Impup will join the three winners of the Create-An-Imp contest in the Imporium this October.

New Dango Flavors


Dan's Dango is now carrying Watermelon, Peach, Yuzu, and Raspberry Dango. Treat any standard imp (including impup!) to one of these fruity, summery sweets to change them into one of four new colors: Magenta, Orange, Yellow, or Cyan.

The recipes for these dango have also been added to Dan's Recipe Book. If you've already completed the prompt Dango 101 and have opened the recipe book to unlock the dango recipes, please submit a claim with a link to your submission approval to receive the additional recipes.


Imp Tamer RAFFLE

Congratulations to @ WulfLynn for winning BUN-403 in the Ocean Shallows Raffle, and to Baldrek for winning BUN-404 in the Deep Sea Raffle!

This month's free raffle succubun comes with an attached chirop, phloof, and impup!


Tickets can be purchased with sesame treats in the Imp Training Camp event shop. Make sure to open the tickets in your inventory after purchasing, or you won't actually be entered in the raffle.




The August Monthly Prompt is now available.

Have some fun at a summer fair or festival for 30 bonus carats!


Swimsuit Season

Thank you to everyone who filled out our Summer Feedback Form in June and July—your responses were incredibly helpful to us in determining how to handle future site content, merchandise, and Patreon. We hope you all enjoyed the longer, quieter event, and feel refreshed and ready to jump into the Imp Training Camp.

The Swimsuit Season event shop will remain open until August 7th, at which point all remaining seashells will disappear.



Emoji Contest 2 Winners

Posted 9 months and 3 hours ago :: Last edited 9 months and 2 hours ago by Luca

Thank you to everyone who entered the Emoji Contest 2! We received nearly 300 hilarious and adorable emoji entries, and judging was no easy task.

The Succubuns team kept 3 main criteria in mind while judging:

1) Does the artwork show skill and effort?

2) Will the artwork read clearly when scaled down to in-line emoji size?

3) Does the emoji convey an emotion, action, or sentiment that our server members are likely to use to express themselves?

We also kept other factors in mind, such as "Is this in character for the NPC depicted?", "Is there another Succubuns emoji or winning entry that conveys the same emotion?", and "Does this entrant have another winning entry in the same tier already?" 


We think that the 60 new emojis we've selected from this contest will be an amazing addition to the official Succubuns Discord server, and we hope you're all excited to put them to use!

Withou further ado, the winners!


Top 10 Winners



Congratulations to Yasha, behemutt, Blesmol, Kunamei, Eyeris, NiarBytes, hannidrops, freychuu, Yuukitsunee, and cavellain for winning a Hell in a Handbasket for your amazing animated emojis!







Congratulations to cavellain, SaltyBirb, Sweets, mizumihisui, sugarpandasart, Yuukitsunee, Ace, Kunamei, ttamagoya, asuraSleeping, pinkuo, intrepidloves, Calanthe, roromimii, KurimiTea, GlitterPaper, ornamental, Jun, Yasha, and OssuaryAmbience for winning your choice of a Drink Ticket, Adoption Voucher, or Dango Punchcard!


Additional Emojis




Each additional emoji we've decided to add to the server will receive 100 carats!


Prizes will be distributed shortly, and the new emojis will be added to the official Succubuns Discord server within the next few days. Congratulations again to our winners!

Additionally, the free merch raffle has been rolled and distributed! Thank you to everyone for your interest in Succubuns merch, and we hope to see your adorable pics of your merch once it ships.

Prompt submission updates

Posted 9 months and 2 days ago :: Last edited 9 months and 2 days ago by Yves

Hello all, time for another mini QOL update before our summer vacation ends!

Prompts now have variable rewards for those prompts that reward multiple items, or items to a specific character!

This is going to be much easier on the admins moving forward, and will mean less mistakes on things like prompts that give different rewards for first v second prompt!
Excitingly, it also means that you can now select the NPC prompt reward on a little drop down featuring ONLY the NPC's items when you submit the featured character on an NPC prompt! Please make sure to do so on all future promts, or they will be rejected.

We've made an updated prompt submission guide for new players, or vets that need a refresher on the new systems! Please feel free to check it out.

As with all our custom code, there's a chance of bugs popping up for things we forgot to test for. If you see them, please alert Yves or submit in the bug-reports channel of the discord.

Hope you're having a great summer!

1k Player Celebration: Official Merch Store Grand Opening!

Posted 9 months and 1 week ago :: Last edited 9 months and 1 week ago by Yves

Succubuns has surpassed 1,000 players!

The fact that a thousand people out there saw our devilish bunnies and decided it was something worth putting their time, money, and energy into is incredibly meaningful to us. Though we've been putting our heart and soul into building this site for well over two years now, we never imagined it would reach this level of success before its first anniversary!

We cannot thank each and every one of you enough for helping to make Succubuns the fun, sexy, and supportive community it's become.

To celebrate, we're giving out a 1k Celebration Gift, which you can collect by clicking the box below. This gift contains 50 carats, a random dango, and a random sinful trait drink, to show that we really mean it when we say: Thank you!

This gift will be available until July 17th, so make sure to claim it before then! If you have any friends who've been thinking about joining, now would be a great time for them to hop on board and start the game with some extra goodies.


But that's not the only exciting news we have for you today...

Official Merch Store Grand Opening

The Succubuns Official Merch Store is here!

We have open preorders for hanging Shibani keychains, a variety of sticker sheets featuring imps and NPCs, and postcard prints of the Succubuns event banners.

We were blown away to see that over 50% of users who filled out our Summer Feedback Form were interested in buying Succubuns merch, so we hope this batch of "starter" merch can help you bring some Burrowgatory swag to your day-to-day!

All Succubuns merch orders will be fulfilled by our good friends Sydney and Oneiir at Unicorn & Dragon Productions, and will receive a coupon for free shipping at their shop so that you can combine some of their amazing Fire Emblem, Pokemon, and D&D merch with your Succubuns order.


Shop Succubuns Merch Preorders


More merch is in the works, so if there's anything you'd like to buy, please feel free to send a suggestion in our feedback form.

$20 Voucher Raffle

To celebrate the launch of our shop, we are raffling off a $20 voucher for the Succubuns Official Merch Shop!
A ticket for this raffle is included in the 1k Celebration Gift. Please make sure to open this ticket from your inventory if (and only if) you're interested in entering. 
The raffle will be open until midnight EST on July 17th.
The winner will be selected via on-site raffle and contacted via site DMs. If we don't get a response within 24 hours of contact, the raffle prize will be re-rolled. If you've already made a purchase before winning the raffle, you'll be reimbursed for the value of the voucher.

Finally, we'd just like to say thank you to everyone who joined the Summer MYO Sale, entered the Envious Handbasket Raffles, or filled out our Summer Feedback Form! We've been having such an amazing time approving your Art Fight attacks, seeing you spruce up your user shops, and get hyped about the future of Succubuns. Here's to another thousand Burrowgatory residents by this time in 2024!

Envious Handbasket Raffles

Posted 9 months and 1 week ago :: Last edited 9 months and 1 week ago by Luca

NOTE: We had a small oversight preventing users who had entered the USD raffle from entering the carat raffle, and reset the tickets. If you purchased a ticket for the carat raffle before this update, please double check the Bunnery and purchase a new one if it does not say you've already purchased one.

Our Summer MYO Sale is now closed, and we sold a grand total of 222 Hell in a Handbaskets!

That means 22 Envious Handbaskets to be raffled for $40 each, and 22 more to be raffled for 400 carats.

The USD Envious Handbasket Raffle has already been rolled, and you can find the list of winners here. The winners have all been sent a temporary key item to allow them to purchase their handbasket; if you're one of the lucky 22, please make sure to purchase your Envious Handbasket in the next 24 hours, or your slot will be re-raffled.

The carat Envious Handbasket Raffle is now open, and tickets can be obtained in the Bunnery for 24 hours. Make sure to grab your ticket and open it from your inventory before 7/11 8pm EST if you want the chance to purchase an Envious Handbasket for 400 carats.