Belle of the Ball Contest

Belle of the Ball

The Fairy Masquerade is the ultimate place to see and be seen, and you had better make sure you're decked out in the finest fashion you can afford. Fashion designers of all calibers and their wealthy patrons have an unspoken competition to create or wear the finest gown or suit.

For this contest, design an outfit for your succubun to wear to the Fairy Masquerade.

To enter, host your art piece in the Belle of the Ball Contest Gallery, and then submit it to the Belle of the Ball Contest prompt to claim your award.



  • You may depict a succubun you own, an NPC, or another user's succubun (with their permission).
  • The piece must be of one full body doll. You may optionally include a background, but no additional characters.
  • The outfit depicted must be your own original design. You can reference existing fashion, but you should not completely copy an outfit with few or no changes.
  • You may use any 2D medium for your entry, digital or traditional.
  • Art must be 100% your own—no bases, collaborations, or premade assets.
  • Only one entry allowed per user.
  • Entries will judged on both artistic skill and the quality, uniqueness, and suitability of the outfit design.


♡ First, Second, and Third Place will receive a Hell in a Handbasket ♡ 

 Seven Runners Up will receive their choice of a Drink Ticket, Adoption Voucher, or Dango Punchcard 


 All Entries will receive the Gala Guest award and 5 champagne glasses

The Belle of the Ball Contest ends at 11:00 pm EST, May 31 st.