Art Fight

Art Fight is a yearly art community event taking the form of a competition between two teams. Players join a team, upload references of their original characters, and earn points for their team by creating art "attacks" of characters belonging to members of the other team.

Like Succubuns, Art Fight is a game made to inspire creativity, encourage artists to improve their skills, and most importantly, to have a ton of fun!

This July, Succubuns is hosting Art Fight incentives on our site for players who choose to draw Succubuns characters in Art Fight. We encourage you to upload your succubuns to Art Fight, and seek out other players' succubuns to attack!


Uploading your Succubuns to Art Fight

Succubuns doesn't regulate player activity on other websites, but if you wish to claim bonus Art Fight incentives on for your attacks, the Succubuns characters featured must follow these rules:

  • As Art Fight is an all ages site, Succubuns characters uploaded to Art Fight should be tagged as containing mature content. Even if the design features no nudity or sexual content on their Art Fight profile, we suggest tagging "sexual themes" on all Succubuns characters to hide them from under-18 users.
  • Succubuns characters should have the following message in their permissions: "This character is from, a 21+ ARPG and adoptable site. Please do not attack this character if you are under 21."
  • Succubuns characters should link to their Masterlist entry in the "more info" box on their profile. This allows users to confirm that all succubuns they attack are official and unvoided.

You can check out BUN-001 as an example of a succubun that follows these rules and can be attacked for bonus incentives.

You are not required to follow these rules when uploading your Succubuns characters to Art Fight, but the Art Fight incentives on can only be claimed for attacks made on succubuns who follow the rules. If other Succubuns players cannot claim incentives for them, they will be less likely to draw your succubuns.

Don't forget to use the "Succubuns" tag on Art Fight to help other players find your characters!


Succubuns Attack Incentives

Every Art Fight attack that exclusively features Succubuns characters may be submitted to for carats. You will also receive the following additional rewards:

  • Your first Art Fight attack submission will earn an additional 30 carats!
  • Additional attacks will earn a bonus of 5 carats each.
  • Incentive rewards are capped at 10 submissions per player.


Attack Submission Guidelines
  • All art done for Art Fight needs to be new art created only for Art Fight. You may not submit prompt art, gift art previously submitted to, on-base art, or masterlist art. Any user trying to farm Art Fight points using old art will receive a strike on Succubuns.
  • All art submitted for the Art Fight prompt must fulfill Succubuns minimum art requirements. This means a fully colored fullbody bun or chibi, or a halfbody doll.
  • Please link directly to the attack on Art Fight in your submission. You're welcome to also upload the attack to our General Gallery to share it with other Succubuns players, but the link submitted in the prompt should be an link, not a link.
  • Each attack submitted should feature a different Succubuns character. You can include the same character in multiple pieces, but each piece should contain at least one new character not featured in any previous ones. Spread the Succubuns love around!
  • Succubuns bonus incentives can only be claimed for attacks exclusively featuring Succubuns characters that follow the rules outlined in the Uploading Your Succubuns to Art Fight section. Pieces containing non-Succubuns characters or Succubuns characters that don't follow these rules are not eligible, even if they also contain characters that do follow the rules. Make sure to double check the Art Fight profile and masterlist page for any succubuns you want to attack to make sure they're eligible!


After uploading your Succubuns attack to Art Fight, you can submit it to our Succubuns Art Fight prompt for your rewards.


Have fun fighting, and may the best Art Fight team win!