Fairy Masquerade

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Welcome to the Fairy Masquerade!

Angora prides herself on hosting one of the biggest, most expensive, and most exclusive parties in Burrowgatory every year. Last year's Gossamer Gala was such a huge hit that Angora has decided to recyle the decor—ahem, pay homage to the theme with a masquerade twist.

This month's Gala Guest award will be awarded to every user who enters the Belle of the Ball Contest.

Check in every day to collect champagne glasses, which can be spent on a variety of goods in the event shop. You can also complete several Event Prompts to earn more champagne glasses.

Click the button below to collect your daily champagne glass.



Drink Ticket
Drink Ticket
Cost: 20 Champagne Glass


Cost: 10 Champagne Glass
Event Imps
Cost: 10 Champagne Glass