Swimsuit Season

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Time to unwind and enjoy the beach!

Swimsuit Season

Every year when the weather gets even hotter than normal, succubuns flock to the shores of the Forneus Sea. This underground sea is in a cavern so vast that the far walls and ceiling can't be seen. The light of brightly glowing crystals diffuses through the fog that blankets the edges of the cavern to create the illusion of a bright blue sky above, making it an ideal vacation spot for succubuns who want to relax, catch some rays, and enjoy the peaceful waves.

This double-length event is perfect for those who want to slow down and take it easy for a bit, and will be ending at 11:00pm EST on July 31st.

Check out the Swimsuit Season page for more information, and to learn how to collect seashells.


Seasonal Drinks

Summer seasonal drinks are now back at The Rabbit Hole!


Hops has also added two new drinks to the summer menu: On the Beach and Sin Fizz.

Drinking one of these strange but tasty concoctions will allow a succubun to obtain one of our two new seasonal traits: Reef and Bubbles.


In addition, the Heavenly Embassy is now stocking Salty Ambrosia for the season, allowing cherubuns to obtain summer seasonal traits.


New Imp Colors

Several new imps are now available in the marine color!


Sea Salt Mochi is back at Dan's Dango for the months of June and July. It can also be purchased with seashells in the Swimsuit Season event shop.

Swimsuit Season's aquatic imps have also received one new standard color each!


New Pedigree Imp

Carousea can now be purchased at Pedigree Pets! Sweetinea has been cycled out—so long, sweetinea.


Monthly Supporter Boxes

The Supporter Shop has been refreshed for the month! Show Succubuns your support and take home some extra goodies, such as items from the Swimsuit Season shop and Wagashi to spend at Pedigree Pets.


Event Raffles

Congratulations to MotherGarnish for winning May's Mysterious Mask Raffle!

Since our current event spans two months, you have your choice between two free succubun raffles this time around: the Mermaid Song Raffle and the Sailor Mouth Raffle.

Tickets can be purchased with seashells in the Swimsuit Season event shop. Make sure to open the tickets in your inventory after purchasing, or you won't actually be entered in the raffle! 


Monthly Prompt

The June Monthly Prompt is now available.

Show of your bun's sports skills for 30 bonus carats!


Fairy Masquerade

We hope you all enjoyed all the schmoozing and dancing at the Fairy Masquerade!

The Fairy Masquerade event shop will remain open until June 7th, at which point all remaining champagne glasses will disappear.


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MotherGarnish Avatar

Oh my goodness!! I had to do a double take seeing my name in the middle of the update!! I'll give my dapper new bun all the love by throwing them into all the summer prompts I can. Thank you so much for my newest cutie <333

2024-06-01 00:25:33

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