Over fifty years ago, the angel Melangel kidnapped two dozen baby succubuns from the Bunnery to attempt to purge their demonic influence. Over many generations of life in the heavenly meadow, the descendants of these succubuns lost their horns in favor of angelic halos, becoming cherubuns.

However, as their demonic influences receded, so too did their extended lifespans, and the possibility loomed that they would someday revert into unintelligent rabbits. The cherubun Dove, after reading this in Melangel's hidden records, escaped to Burrowgatory to find the truth. After returning to the heavenly meadow, they challenged Melangel for the cherubuns' right to live in Burrowgatory, which Melangel begrudgingly conceded.

There are very few cherubuns in existence compared to succubuns, and the majority of them are afraid to leave the heavenly meadow for the unpredictable world of Burrowgatory, as those who do are not allowed to ever return. However, when the rare brave cherubun makes the trip, they're welcomed in Burrowgatory with open arms—though their halos might attract some stares.


Cherubuns are descendants of succubuns, and share the majority of their anatomy with them. However, due to generations spent in the heavenly meadow, they've lost most of the demonic features imparted on them by the influence of Hell.

Cherubuns lack the horns and spaded tails of succubuns, instead bearing a shining halo and a fluffy rabbit tail. The edges of their ears are scalloped in a way that resembles feathered wings.

Cherubuns who live out their lives in the heavenly meadow have an average lifespan of about a decade, the same as regular rabbits. Those who return to Burrowgatory and reconnect with the Hellish energy there are able to reclaim the full lifespan of a succubun, free from the possibility of death from old age.

Unlike succubuns, cherubuns are unable to safely consume alcohol or most drugs (including medical drugs) due to their delicate constitutions. Instead, they use different varieties of a substance known as ambrosia, created from the nectar of various flowers grown in the heavenly meadow. Depending on the type of flower it comes from, ambrosia can be made into a delicious (non-intoxicating) beverage, or into medicine. Ambrosia is toxic to succubuns in the same way that alcohol is toxic to cherubuns.



Cherubun halos can be found in six standard shapes. These shapes are all about equally common, and do not have any known meaning associated with them the way that succubuns' different horns do.

Cherubun halos are made up of pure light, and while some may look a little less bright and a little more solid, they are all non-corporeal. These halos hover in the air behind a cherubun's head, tilted at a slight angle.

Halos cannot be turned off. The only known instance of a cherubun temporarily losing their halo occurred when Dove fell to Burrowgatory and lost their memory.



Due to their disconnection from the energies of Hell, cherubuns are limited to a maximum of five traits, and cannot display sinful traits. However, they can still display seasonal traits, special traits, and several unique saintly traits.

As cherubuns cannot safely consume alcohol, they require special types of Ambrosia or Coffee in order to gain or remove traits.



Melangel is the angel responsible for the existence of cherubuns, and cares for them throughout their whole lives in the heavenly meadow.

Though Melangel does bear genuine love for their cherubun children, they're also horrifically puritanical, judgmental, and strict. They raise cherubuns to strive for "virtue" and fear "sin", terrifying them with stories of Hell in order to make them behave. Most cherubuns who enter Burrowgatory struggle to unlearn feeling shameful or guilty for enjoying themselves.

Though some cherubuns who come to Burrowgatory may hate Melangel for this, many have very complicated feelings about them, due to the genuinely loving parental relationship they once had with them.


The Heavenly Meadow

All cherubuns grow up in Melangel's cottage in the heavenly meadow—a place far from Burrowgatory, where the ground is made of solid clouds that bloom with lush grass and flowers. By some measures, the meadow is a paradise, where every cherubun can live in safety and comfort, facing hardships no worse than simple chores. However, cherubuns in the meadow are also subject to Melangel's unquestionable authority, and many struggle with the conflict between their natural desires and Melangel's impossible expectations of purity.

Cherubuns in the meadow live a quaint life, where time not needed for gardening, cooking, and cleaning is spent singing, drinking tea and ambrosia, and spending time with loved ones. Similar to succubuns, cherubuns do not form family units, but cherubun couples are expected to remain monogamous unless they end their relationship, and are shamed from engaging in sexual activities unless trying for a baby. Baby cherubuns are raised in a communal environment by Melangel, rather than by their parents, but unlike in Burrowgatory, cherubun children are not kept separate from adults.

Since Dove left the heavenly meadow for Burrowgatory, the circular door in the ground that Melangel created remains. Cherubuns who wish to go to Burrowgatory may leave through the heavenly door—but once they do, they can never return to the meadow.


The Heavenly Embassy

Perhaps Melangel still held some feeling of mercy towards the cherubuns they've forsaken, or perhaps they simply wanted to taunt the cherubuns in Burrowgatory with a pale imitation of the home they could never return to... Either way, Melangel gave a final parting gift to the fallen cherubuns, using their power to create a bed of heavenly clouds in the sky above Burrowgatory, positioned to catch those who fall from the heavenly meadow.

Upon these clouds, cherubuns have constructed the Heavenly Embassy—their own little slice of home away from home. The embassy holds greenhouses full of ambrosia flowers and temporary lodging for new arrivals, as well as permanent homes for those who choose to stay. Its small selection of shops and restaurants attract curious succubun tourists to visit, coming up the elevator tower that connects the embassy with the city below.


Playing with Cherubuns

Cherubun characters may be used on in place of succubuns in nearly any prompt or activity with a "succubun" requirement. The exceptions to this include prompts that specify a bun's horns, vices, demon guardian, or other demonic features that cherubuns do not possess, prompts or game mechanics that involve consuming alcohol or drugs, or producing offspring during Breeding Season.

Cherubuns (and succubuns) may only be depicted in Burrowgatory. As gameplay is set in Burrowgatory, the heavenly meadow is is off-limits as a setting, except for in cherubuns' backstories, or in prompts that specify otherwise.


How to Get a Cherubun

Official cherubuns will be available through limited auctions on our sales page.

In order to obtain a Heavenly Key to create your own MYO cherubun, you will need to collect the seven heavenly virtues and turn them in at the Garden of Virtues.

Players can earn one Heavenly Key per year, and they are account-bound until designed.

Not sure how to find the heavenly virtues?

Diligentia can be earned by completing the Pursuit of Diligence prompt series.

Benevolia can be earned by trading in 12 Affection Tokens at the Statue of Kindness.

Patientia can be earned through an RNG daily at the Statue of Patience.

Humilitia can be earned by submitting gift art for 12 Succubun Spotlights.

Charitia can be earned by donating a value of 400 carats at the Pillow Pile.

Temperantia can be earned by completing a collection of Drinks or Dango.

Puritia can be earned by completing a new permanent plot that explores the impact cherubuns and virtues have had on Burrowgatory.