Succubuns Community Rules

This is an overview of the most relevant rules Succubuns users must abide by while on or participating in the Succubuns community. Please review the Terms of Service for a complete list of rules, and remember that you are still liable for breaking rules outlined in the ToS even if they are not listed here.


1. Age Requirement
  • All Succubuns users must be at least 21 years old.
  • If you are found to be under 21 or have been under 21 when your account was created, your account will be terminated and your Succubuns characters voided.
  • If you are found to have knowingly transferred Succubuns characters to a user under 21, both parties will face disciplinary action.
  • Do not involve any under-21 users in your succubuns account, this includes commissions and designs of succubuns characters.
2. Community Conduct
  • Succubuns does not permit any form of homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism, or other forms of discrimination. We also do not permit users to express political views that are harmful to oppressed groups. Any form of hate speech is grounds for immediate termination with no warnings.
  • Users are allowed to swear, but may not direct foul language at other users or site staff. Use of slurs is not allowed.
  • Users are not allowed to create a hostile environment for other users or staff members, including through actions such as harassment, bullying, guilt tripping, sharing "callouts", creating secondary communities with the purpose of "trash talking" other users, or submitting anonymous negative comments to be publicly posted.
  • If you have a concern about another member's behavior, please report it through Submit Report so that we can decide if we need to take action. If you have a concern about a staff member's behavior, you may share it through our Feedback form, which can be submitted anonymously.
3. User-Submitted Content
  • Users must have permission to post any content they submit to Succubuns. Submitting work that is stolen, traced, plagiarised, or infringes on copyrighted IP will result in disciplinary action.
  • All work submitted to Succubuns needs to be created specifically for submission to succubuns. You cannot reuse old bases, or add succubun traits on to pre-exisitng illustrations that you submit, the art needs to be specifically created for succubuns by either you or an artist you commissioned.
  • Artwork created using premade bases is only allowed if the base was created for the Succubuns community, and on-base artwork may not be submitted for rewards.
  • The following sensitive content is allowed on Succubuns, and does not require the user to apply a content warning:
    • Sexually suggestive content
    • Consumption of alcohol
    • Light blood and violence
    • Foul language
  • The following sensitive content is allowed on Succubuns, but requires a content warning to be applied upon submission:
    • Sexually explicit content
    • Drug use
    • Heavier blood and violence
    • Kink-related content (ex. BDSM)
  • The following sensitive content is not allowed on Succubuns, and may result in disciplinary action if it is willfully submitted anyways:
    • Sexual content containing rape or sexual assault
    • Content referencing pedophilia (including "lolicon/shotacon", "ageplay", and "DDLG"), bestiality (including sexual depictions of bun-form succubuns), or incest
    • Content involving bodily waste
    • Fetish-related content
    • Gore and body horror
    • Self harm or suicide
  • Kink vs. Fetish: In the context of rules,
    • "Kinks" are actions that can be performed between consenting adults (bondage, masochism, exhibitionism, etc.) and are allowed on, so long as they are properly tagged and do not break other rules (such as our rules against ageplay or bodily waste).
    • "Fetishes" are paraphilias surrounding specific characteristics (fat fetishism, armpit fetishism, racial fetishism, etc.) or fantastical concepts (vore, inflation, "macro/micro", etc.) and are not allowed on
  • Succubuns is based around adult themes, but these themes are intended to be comedic, fun, and sexy. This isn't the place for serious exploration of dark or heavy themes, so if you create any content with such themes using your Succubuns characters, please keep it private.
4. Trades and Sales
  • Users may trade and sell Succubuns characters, items, and currencies freely, with no cooldown or resale limit. (We reserve the right to add limitations in the future if we feel this freedom is being abused.)
  • Succubuns characters may only be transferred through the Succubuns site, so the recipient of any trade or sale must have a Succubuns account.
  • If a Succubuns character possesses derivative, non-Succubuns designs or forms, these designs may not be separated and must be transferred alongside the Succubuns character.
5. Voided Characters
  • If a Succubuns character is voided, it may no longer be used on or for any Succubuns-related activities. This is irreversible.
  • If a user is terminated or banned from Succubuns, all Succubuns characters they own will be voided. They are not permitted to make a new account or obtain any non-voided Succubuns characters.
  • User-made Succubuns characters that are found to infringe on copyrighted IP, such as characters that are directly modeled after existing copyrighted characters or whose designs contain copyrighted symbols, may be voided.
  • A user may voluntarily void their own Succubuns character provided that (1) they are the original creator of the character, and (2) they currently own the character.