Emoji Contest 3

In our third annual Emoji Contest, the Succubuns team is calling all players to design new Succubuns emojis to use in the official Succubuns Discord server. These can be bun versions of existing emojis, memes, funny expressions, or anything else that you could use to express your feelings or react to Discord messages.

(Players do not have to be a member of the Discord server to enter or win this contest.)


  1. Emojis must be exactly 128x128 pixels. Anything bigger or smaller will not be accepted.
  2. Emoji files must be 256KB or smaller.
  3. Emojis may be NSFW, but should not depict explicit genitalia.
  4. Emojis may be animated. Static and animated emojis will be judged in separate categories.
  5. Emojis must feature characters or imagery from the Eligible Characters section below.
  6. Emojis may be referenced off of other images or icons, but they cannot be traced, made on bases, or created with emoji/image generators. All art must be your own.
  7. Users can submit as many contest entries as they like, and more than one entry by the same user may win.
  8. All contest entries must be submitted to the Emoji Contest 3 gallery.
  9. Succubuns will gain full rights to use winning entries.
  10. All contest entries must be sent in before the end of July 20th. Late submissions will not be accepted.


Eligible Characters

You may feature any of the following in your emojis.

  • Mascot: While Shibani already has the most emojis of any character, as the Succubuns mascot, he's always eligible for entries.
  • New NPCs: These characters were introduced after the last emoji contest, and do not have any emoji representation yet.
  • Older NPCs: These characters have a few emojis, but are lacking compared to others.
  • Other official site imagery, such as pets and items, are also eligible.


Contest Tips:
  • Look out for what sorts of non-Succubun emojis get used frequently in the chat. They may be good candidates for bun versions!
  • Detailed art is impressive, but emojis should be simple and clear enough to look good when sized all the way down.
  • Keep an eye on what characters are getting the most entries in the contest gallery—you may have better luck submitting an emoji of a character who has fewer entries.



The top 3 animated emojis and top 5 static emojis will win a Hell in a Handbasket.

The 10 animated runners-up and 15 static runners-up will receive their choice of a Drink Ticket, Adoption Voucher, or Dango Punchcard.

Any additional emojis that are chosen to be used in the Succubuns Discord will win 100 carats.

Each entry can receive 5 carats upon submission. To claim this reward, please upload your entry to the Emoji Contest 3 gallery, and then submit the link to the Emoji Contest prompt before the deadline on July 20th.