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Emoji Contest Winners

Posted 1 year and 4 months ago :: Last edited 1 year and 4 months ago by Luca

Thank you to everyone who entered our Emoji Contest! We got a whopping 76 entries, which just blew us away.

We originally intended to pick around 20-25 emojis, but with so many great entries, we've bumped it up to 36. Even then, it was hard to narrow down the winners!


Our judging criteria focused on four main areas:

1) Art quality - is it well drawn?

2) Readability - does it easily scan at a small size?

3) Relatability - does it convey an expression  that people will use frequently in Discord?

4) Anti-redundancy - does it avoid overlap with the other winning emojis? 


We had many great submissions that were just barely edged out by others based on one or two of these criteria, so please don't feel discouraged if your entries weren't chosen. We loved every cute, funny, or bizarre expression you submitted.

With that being said, let's get on to the winners!


Grand Prize

Top 5 emojis win a Hell in a Handbasket


The admin team was mesmerized by the bouncing Shibooty. It's adorable, it's cheeky, and maybe this will get Sydney to stop sending the rest of us the Among Us twerking emoji.


We had a lot of carat-based emojis to choose from, but this one won us over with its crisp lines and the sheer intensity of the greed on Mercy's expression.


Imps may not canonically have mouths or teeth, but sometimes you need to express an emotion that only a terrifying rabid beast can convey.


Out of all the suggestive Oleander emoji submissions, the expression and hand motion in this one really got us. We expect this to get a lot of use from players thirsting after NPCs.


Yves has been complaining about wanting to use this emoji already ever since it was submitted. Perfect fora little bit of friendly threatening at gunpoint.


Runners Up

Next 10 winners receive their choice of Drink Ticket or Adoption Voucher


comfyjean, SaltyBirb, miya, KurimiTea, Corn


squish, Samagirl, trinketbug, tetranocular, osteoh

(No, we don't know why they wound up being all Shibani, Hops, or Hutch)

Runner Up winners may claim their choice of Drink Ticket or Adoption Voucher by submitting a claim for the one they choose.


Other Winners

Each additional emoji or sticker chosen to be used in the server wins 100 carats



Prizes will be distributed to winners and emojis will be added to the official Discord within the next day. (Don't forget to submit a claim for your prize if you're a runner up!)

Thank you again for the amazing turnout for our first contest. We're excited to host another emoji contest some day in the future when there's even more NPCs to inspire you!

Snowfall Celebration & Advent Calendar

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A winter chill is settling across Burrowgatory...

Snowfall Celebration

With December comes our first mini-event: Snowfall Celebration!

Visit Shibani daily to collect snowflakes, and spend those snowflakes on special prizes at the event shop.

One of the prizes available is our first ever event imp. Freign will drop a small amount of carats every day of December, and can only be obtained this month through the Snowfall Celebration shop.

Earn extra snowflakes by completing two new event prompts, Snowbunnies and Freshly Fallen Snow. This month's Monthly Prompt also awards snowflakes on top of its usual carat bonus.


Seasonal Traits

The new event brings with it Succubuns' first two new traits: Glassy and Crystalline.

Crystalline decorates succubuns with sparkling crystals of ice or gemstone, and is obtained with an On the Rocks. Glassy can turn your succubun into a living terrarium, and is obtained with a Commemorative Glass.

These two drinks are seasonal drinks, which means that the Rabbit Hole will only serve them during the winter. Make sure to stock up on them while you can! 


Advent Calendar

Luca and the guest artist team have been hard at work the past month putting together a calendar of 25 winter-themed designs to sell this holiday season.

Every day from the 1st to the 25th at 8pm EST, we'll be revealing one succubun design.

All of the flatsales have been preclaimed, but you can still look forward to the 9 auctions coming up later in the month.


Holiday Raffle

Did you miss out on buying a holiday design in the advent? Not all hope is lost: enter our Holiday Raffle for a shot at winning this adorable succubun.

Tickets can be purchased with snowflakes at the Snowfall Celebration shop.


Winter Gift Exchange

Signups for the Winter Gift Exchange are now closed, and participants will receive their assigned giftees shortly. Don't forget that you have until December 25th to finish your gifts—don't leave it until the last minute when you're busy celebrating the holidays!

We're so excited to see all the Succubuns gift art.


Launch Celebration Raffle

After our extremely successful first month, the Launch Celebration Raffle has finally closed.


BUN-03: elsiikun

BUN-025: beebo

BUN-060: aspintacular

Hell in a Handbasket: winnerstick, arasukai, ven, squish, EEL_System

Drink Tickets: ChibiCrashey, strawbrryjam, Avyrice, Monadx0x0, Bludwulf, Kuusouka, BunNanasa

Adoption Vouchers: ornamental, Jules, creamiiapuff, ZombePumpkin, roromimii

Thank you to everyone who entered and helped us spread the word about Succubuns!


Emoji Contest

The Emoji Contest is now closed, and we've received so many amazing entries! We'll be announcing the winners, distributing prizes, and adding the new emojis to our official Discord within the next few days.


That's everything for now. We'll be back with an exciting new plot event in January, but until then, stay warm and have fun at the Snowfall Celebration.

Happy Holidays from the Succubuns Team!

Carat Calculator, Submission Rules, and End of Month Wrapup

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Greetings, Succubuns users! We hope you're all staying warm as it gets cold outside, and maybe taking the unpleasant weather as an excuse to stay in and collect some imps with Hutch.

We have some news to share with you today regarding the rules and mechanics for submitting works for carats.


Carat Calculator

We've rehauled the Carat Guide to be more detailed and contain all of your questions.
More excitingly, we've also added an automatic Carat Calculator to all prompts.

When you fill out a prompt, you no longer need to tally up all your earned carats in the comments. Click on the 'Criteria Reward' box, select the options corresponding with your art piece, and they'll automatically be added to the prompt rewards for you.

You can find detailed descriptions of everything we currently award for on the updated Carat Guide page, as well as specific Criteria Reward details.


General Art Claims

In order to allow general Succubuns art claims to use the Carat Calculator, we have created a new General Succubuns Submissions "prompt." 

Instead of using Submit Claim to claim carats for promptless pieces, you will now go to Submit Prompt and submit your work under General Succubuns Submissions. This prompt will always be available for limitless submissions, and can be found at the very bottom of the prompts list.

To reiterate, all art and writing submissions for carats will now be submitted through Submit Prompt.


Submission Rules Updates

We have several rules for submitting art to the site that we would like to update or clarify.


Firstly, we will no longer allow Discord image links to images being submitted for prompts or carats. Discord is not an image hosting site, and Discord image links are unreliable.

If you're submitting works for a prompt or for carats, you must host it in our official Gallery

We will continue allow exceptions for creators who want to keep their work completely private—art may be submitted in a or imgur link, and writing may be submitted in a Google Doc.


Secondly, we would like to clarify our rules about submitting artwork using premade bases.

On-base artwork is not allowed to be submitted to unless you created/own the rights to the base yourself, or the base was created for use in Succubuns. We are unable to verify if the creator of any given base is 21+ and would consent to the use of their base on our website unless they are a member of Succubuns.

On-base artwork cannot earn carats, and may not be submitted to contests, unless you created the base yourself. If you created the base, you may claim carats for the first piece you make with it, but not for any others.


Thirdly, we would like to clarify our rules about submitting commissioned art. If you commission art of your Succubuns characters, you may submit it for 1/3rd the amount of carats it would usually earn. There is an automatic setting for this in the Carat Calculator.

You may submit commissioned prompts drawn/written for you by someone else. These prompts will earn you the full prompt reward, but the regular carat earnings will still be 1/3rd.

If you are commissioned to draw Succubuns art or prompts for someone else to submit, you may not submit or claim carats for that piece.


Finally, we would like to cover our bases for something we hope will never come up: AI generated images and writing are not allowed to be submitted to under any circumstances. We also do not permit any content on this site to be scraped for use in training such AI.


Thank you for taking the time to read through all of this important information!


We're almost at the end of November, which means the end of many current Succubuns events and activities, and the start of new ones in December.


Don't forget that the Emoji Contest ends in just 8 days! Each entry you submit has a chance to win 100 carats, a Drink Ticket, or even a Hell in a Handbasket MYO item.

To thank everyone for the great turnout, we've decided to award one ticket to the Launch Raffle to every user who submits at least one emoji before the deadline.
>>You need to submit a claim with a link to your entry to obtain this!<<

The Launch Celebration Raffle closes on November 30th, and the winners will be drawn the day after. We've added five Adoption Vouchers to the prize pool as reward for hitting 300 tickets! Make sure you've claimed all of your potential tickets to get the best chances of winning.

Winter Gift Exchange signups also close at the end of the month, at which time we will assign everyone their giftees. (Don't forget that pinch-hitters will recieve a Drink Ticket or Adoption Voucher if they get called on to make an extra gift!)

Make sure to fill out the form soon if you'd like to get the gift of Succubuns art this holiday season.  I see we've had quite a few entrants express interest in giving or receiving NSFW art of their succubuns... 👀

Our November Monthly Prompt will close and be replaced with the December prompt when the site clock rolls over to December 1st. Make sure to submit your entries before then.


What's coming next?

December is bringing several new things to Burrowgatory, and we're excited to share them with you.


There's rumors of snow on the edges of the city of Burrowgatory, and Shibani wants to make a new pile... Log in daily to collect Snowflakes, which you can exchange with Shibani for a new seasonal imp, two new seasonal drinks, and tickets for the holiday raffle.


Luca and the guest artists have been hard at work preparing an Adoptable Advent, featuring 16 bun flatsales and 9 doll auctions. These designs will be revealed one a day from December 1st to December 25th, at 8pm EST.

The advent teaser will go up on November 29th at 8pm EST, and preclaims for the flatsale buns will open for 24 hours, closing when the first design is revealed.


Entrants to the Winter Gift Exchange will be assigned their giftees on December 1st, and will have until the 25th to finish their gift art. Look forward to a holiday explosion of Succubuns art on the site!


Other updates for December will likely be light, as we'll be busy preparing for our first plot event in January.

Thank you to everyone for your fantastic support during our first month of Succubuns.

Pets, Contests, Shops, and More!

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It's time for Succubuns' first major update. The amount of love the community has been showing for these buns has made our admin team motivated too, and we're so excited to bring you all of this new content.

We're proud to announce our first new additions to the site features and lore—imps!

Imps are mischievous creatures that can be found all throughout Burrowgatory. Many succubuns consider them to be pests, but some have found that with the right training, they make wonderful pets.

Imps are pets that can be attached to your succubuns, named, and drawn for bonus carats alongside your buns. There are currently twelve types of imps to choose from, with more coming in the future. Future special types of imps may have additional gameplay uses.

You can read more about imps here.

Do you want to get your hands on an imp of your very own?

The new NPC, Hutch, may be able to help with that!

Hutch runs the Imporium, a new shop dedicated to selling imps.

However, they won't sell to just anyone—you have to prove that you can take care of your new companion first.

To gain access to the Imporium, players will need to complete the new Mission Imp-possible prompt to earn the Imporium Key. This prompt does not require you to own your own succubun to complete it.

Once you have an imp of your own, you'll need to watch out to make sure it doesn't get into any sweets. Imps don't need to eat, but that doesn't mean that they won't go after their owner's treats—and sugary foods can have some strange effects on them...

Dan's Dango is now open, selling a variety of different flavored dango. While these tasty treats have no particular effect on succubuns, when imps eat these dango, they can change color.

Four different imp colors are currently available, with many more to be added in the future. To view the colors that are available for an imp, just view its Encyclopedia entry.

In addition to the Imporium and Dan's Dango, the Pillow Pile is now officially open for business.

The Pillow Pile is a donation shop run by Shibani, where users are free to leave items they no longer need, or collect items that have been donated. You can collect one item a day.

To celebrate this update, the admin team has packed the Pillow Pile with free goodies for the playerbase to collect, including the new Adoption Vouchers that will allow you to adopt any imp you choose from the Imporium. Hurry and snag them before they're gone!

We're hosting an Emoji Contest for our official Discord server.

If your custom drawn Succubuns emoji is chosen to be used in our server, you could win carats, a Drink Ticket or Adoption Voucher, or even a Hell in a Handbasket to design your own MYO succubun.

Additionally, every single entry will earn 5 carats just for being submitted, and there's no limit to the number of entries you can submit. You do not need to be a member of the Discord server to enter.

Click here to check out the contest information.

The Succubuns Winter Gift Exchange is coming up in December.

This secret santa-style event will assign you a random user to draw gift art for—and will assign a random user to draw gift art for you! All entrants will receive a special carat reward in addition to their gift art.

Users who sign up to be pinch-hitters (artists who fill in for entrants that never submitted their gift art, ensuring that their gift recipients will still get a gift) and complete a piece of pinch-hitter art will earn a Drink Ticket.

Further details and dates can be found on the Winter Gift Exchange Sign-Up Form.

The first ever Monthly Prompt has been added for November. After this month, new monthly prompts will be added on the 1st of each month and will last until the end of the month.

Due to confusion over how prompt submission works, we're reopening the Costume Contest and Spooky After-After Party prompts for 24 hours. These prompts will close again at 9pm EST on November 11th. 

To claim the rewards for a prompt after submitting your image to the Prompt Gallery, you MUST fill out Submit Prompt with a link to your submission. This is where you include your carat breakdown for the artwork, and you will be awarded both your carats and the prompt reward at the same time. Only non-prompt artwork should be submitted through Submit Claim.

Create prompt art > Submit to Prompt Gallery > Fill out Submit Prompt with a link to your gallery entry and your carat breakdown. 

Create non-prompt art > Submit to General Gallery > Fill out Submit Claim with a link to your gallery entry and your carat breakdown.

We've loved seeing all of the beautiful, creative, and hilarious pieces everyone has been submitting, and we're so excited to see the gallery continue to grow.

Finally, we're happy to announce that our Launch Celebration Raffle has hit 200 entries, and new prizes have been added to the pool.

In addition to the previous raffle rewards, entrants now have a chance to win a premade bun by Oneiir, as well as two more MYO items and two more Drink Tickets. 

It's currently possible to earn up to 5 tickets for the raffle, so make sure you've fulfilled all the requirements and submitted a claim for your tickets if you want the best shot at winning. The raffle ends November 30th.

That's all for today. Thank you to the Succubuns community for such a successful launch, and for all of your support as we work on building Succubuns up into something truly great.

Launch Week Conclusion & Site Error Compensation

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The final auction of the launch sale has been closed, meaning that every single succubun on the site now has an owner. Thank you all so much for making our launch week such a huge success—we never suspected the demand for buns would be so voracious right from the start!

We will try to put up some more sales before the end of the month if there's time, but all of the artists are currently preoccupied with preparing for the December events.

This month, you can expect to see a Discord Emoji Contest, as well as a new feature and accompanying new NPC that we hope to release very soon.

December will bring an Adoptable Advent Calender featuring 25 designs from Luca and the GA team, a Secret Santa art exchange, and more. Signups for the Secret Santa will go up soon, so start thinking about whether or not you’d like to participate.

In the meanwhile, we're pleased to announce that all of the NPCs now have short character bios that describe their personalities and relationships with each other. We hope that these bios will inform and inspire your art of the NPCs. To learn about our quirky cast, just open their masterlist entries or select a character below and click on the Description and Notes tabs.



In other news, you may have noticed that the site was down for a period of time time earlier today, and there have been many glitches appearing ever since, such as currency images blowing up huge in shops. We make no secret that our site is maintained by a small team containing no coders, and so it can take some time to fix errors that arise when we add new features.

On that note, you may notice references to classes, skills, stats, or combat popping up on the site. These are not part of a feature that is currently being added to the site; the code for combat was bundled with some other code that we implemented, and we haven't yet been able to remove all references to it.

If you run into any errors or references to a combat system, please submit a Bug Report or let our team know on Discord.

To thank you all for bearing with us through our growing pains, you can pick up a free commemorative Big Carat from Wonderland Casino. It doesn't do anything, but maybe someday it will have collector's value?


Mini Update: Event Prompts and Item Art

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Greetings Succubuns fans!
It's certainly been a wild few days since our launch—we can't believe it's only been a few days since we opened up burrowgatory to you all.

To celebrate launch a little harder, we've been working hard at the site behind the scenes. Please enjoy the shiny new art for Drink Tickets and Raffle Tickets, courtesy of Luca.

Additionally, we've also added two seasonal prompts for the spooky Halloween spirit... Even if it's already past.

Enjoy costumes and treats with us, even if we're a bit late on getting them out.

That's all for now, but you can look forward to new adoptables from now until November 4th. Have a great week.

Welcome to Succubuns

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Welcome to the world of Burrowgatory!

We're so incredibly thrilled to have you join us!

Succubuns is a 21+ adoptable species based on adorable Succubuns and the fun and raunchy world they live in, Burrowgatory.
Now that you're here, please, take a look around (a peek at the rules and newbie guide is always helpful) and make yourself comfortable.

To celebrate launch, there are many festivities under way!
Sales will be going up from now until Novermbe 4th in the sales tab, we have a FREE to enter raffle happening, and there is a newbie gift waiting for everyone in the shops.

Come visit us in Burrowgatory, and join in on all the fun! Don't forget to do our limited time starter prompt to earn enough carats for an MYO slot, meet the NPCs, and check out up upcoming designs on our twitter. There's plenty of folks to discuss the hype with in our discord too!

While you're here, keep it sexy, cute, and fun. See you all soon~

Succubuns Launches October 30th

Posted 1 year and 5 months ago :: Last edited 1 year and 5 months ago by Luca

Greetings everyone, and thank you so much for sticking with us through a summer of ups and downs.

We are thrilled to announce that the Succubuns website will be officially Launching Sunday October 30th at 2:00pm EST. Just in time to enjoy some spooky, hell-filled fun for Halloween!

At the moment, our main focus is finishing up adoptables for the launch sales and raffle, and making sure the site is in a fun and functional state. This has included a lot of behind the scenes work, and we are so excited to finally share it with you all.

  • First of all, the Newbie Guide for Succubuns is now complete. Please feel free to preuse it to see a quick list of all the great stuff to do daily, weekly, and monthly! If you think something is missing, please let us know in the discord or through our feedback form.
  • Second, we've added a selection of fun, simple general prompts that can be completed at any time, with or without a succubun.
  • Third, we are adding our first coupon, Drink Tickets, to the site! These allow you to purchase any one item from the Rabbit Hole for free. 
  • Last and most exciting is our Beta Thank You Raffle! This is a free raffle available to everyone who participated in our beta test. Thank you all so much for the support.
So... what's upcoming?
  • Designs by Luca and our 4 amazing GAs: Miyabau, Oneiir, Jelli, and Bearwithglasses. The 30+ designs will be going up for purchase on this site the week of launch.
  • A free launch raffle for all players, featuring succubuns designed by Luca and Miyabau.
  • Awards and collectable pets.
  • And... maybe even more to come ;)

We hope you'll join us for our launch on the 30th and everything coming with it. Thank you to everyone who participated in the beta, from the bottom of our hearts. Please enjoy this preview of the succubun Luca will be raffling off when we launch:

See you on October 30th!