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Year of the Bun Finale

Posted 1 year and 2 months ago :: Last edited 1 year and 2 months ago by Luca

The eve of Mochi Moon has arrived at last...

Celebration fills Burrowgatory as succubuns ring in the new year, and our story comes to a close.

Start from the Prologue

Start from the end of Chapter 3

Start the Finale



Thank you to everyone who participated in our first plot event!

Don't forget to craft your moon mochi before the recipes disappear at the end of January.


If you've already crafted your mochi, you can now receive your Mochi Moon prizes by opening them in your inventory.
Boxes are now operating as intended. Please open your boxes and enjoy the contents!

The event prompts, plot pages, and moon sugar collection will be accessible until midnight on January 31st. Mochi crafting and the Year of the Bun event shop will be open until February 7th, at which point all remaining moon sugar will dissolve and disappear.

The Draw to Adopt Contest ends tomorrow at midnight, January 22nd.




We hope you've enjoyed January's updates, and we're looking forward to bringing you plenty more in February. If you have feedback to share with us about the Year of the Bun event, we're always happy to hear from you through our Feedback Form!

Happy Lunar New Year from the Succubuns Team!

Year of the Bun Chapter 3

Posted 1 year and 3 months ago :: Last edited 1 year and 3 months ago by Luca

Dan and Shibani have returned from their journey...

The next part of the Year of the Bun plot has been released. With the rice and water gathered, all that's left is to cook up the perfect mochi filling...

Start from the Prologue

Start from the end of Chapter 2

Start Chapter 3

New GAs, New Prompts, New Prizes

Posted 1 year and 3 months ago :: Last edited 1 year and 3 months ago by Luca

Hello, Burrowgatory!

We hope you've been enjoying the adopts from our new guest artists. We're pleased to announce that after their trial period, Corn, roromimii, and Avyrice have officially joined the GA team. You can expect to see plenty more designs from them in the future.

The three remaining artists selected from GA applications have now begun their trial periods, so you can look forward to even more new designs in the next month.

In other news, we've introduced three new general prompts. Players can now get prompt bonuses for drawing buns with their imps in Bun's Best Friend,  modeling new outfits in Fashion Forward, or exploring their favorite locations in Burrow Sweet Burrow.

Don't forget that you can always submit suggestions for more prompts like these through our Feedback Form!

Finally, in celebration of the New Year Raffle hitting 100 entries, Corn has donated another succubun to the prize pool. You'd better get on that new year's grindset and earn some tickets if you want to keep up with this bun.


Official Base Survey

Posted 1 year and 3 months ago :: Last edited 1 year and 3 months ago by Luca

Hello, Burrowgatory!

We on the Succubuns team generally try to keep upcoming features a secret, to surprise you all with new content and to avoid dashing hopes if we have to change our plans, but the feature we're currently working on has come to a decision that we've decided we need to get the community's opinion on.

Succubuns will soon be debuting a set of official bases that users will be able to purchase with carats or USD, and can use to help design their Succubuns characters. (This feature was originally slated for March, but given the recent large influx of MYOs, we thought the community might appreciate having it sooner!)

Before we can complete our work on this feature, we need to decide how to handle the matter of bases with different body types, and their compatibility with our future outfits feature.


Please read over the options we're considering and share your opinion with us through the survey below—we'll be making our decision and moving forwards based on the results.

Succubuns Official Base Survey

Year of the Bun Chapter 2

Posted 1 year and 3 months ago :: Last edited 1 year and 3 months ago by Luca

The sound of trickling water slowly wakes you to the dawn in Faunt Cavern...

The next part of the Year of the Bun plot has been released. What sorts of trials will Dan and Shibani face this time in their quest to make the perfect mochi?

Start from the Prologue

Start from the end of Chapter 1

Start Chapter 2

Mochi Feeding

Posted 1 year and 3 months ago :: Last edited 1 year and 3 months ago by Luca

Good evening, Burrowgatory! We hope everyone is enjoying the new mochi, imps, and more this January.

To improve your experience, we're proud to announce that the mochi system has been fully automated.
To change your imp's color, you no longer need to submit a claim, and can do it all yourself.

To change an imp, simply make sure you have the correct mochi in your inventory and  go to your pets page (note: this needs to be from the top bar, not your profile), and click on the imp you want to edit.

On the menu that pops up, you just need to click "Change Pet Variant."
Then select the mochi you want to feed them from your inventory on the drop down, and click the "Change Variant" button.

Doing so will remove the mochi from your inventory and automatically change your pet to the corresponding variant.

This is a brand new extension made just for Succubuns, so if you find any errors, please let Yves know via Reports or our Discord server. Thank you to moif for your help!

Don't forget the snowflake shop will be closing on January 7th at 11:59pm. Use those snowflakes up before they all melt away.

The next part of the mochi moon event will also be coming out on the 8th, so look forward to it.
Thank you to everyone who has already completed the first part!

Year of the Bun

Posted 1 year and 3 months ago :: Last edited 1 year and 3 months ago by Luca

Happy New Year, Burrowgatory! And welcome to the...

Year of the Bun

Succubuns is kicking off the new year with our first ever plot event: the Year of the Bun.

Help Dan in his quest to make the perfect mochi for Mochi Moon, Burrowgatory's new year holiday, and earn limited event prizes.

Begin the Prologue

In addition to prizes earned through participating in the plot and optional prompts, you can visit the event shop every day to collect moon sugar, which can be exchanged for seasonal items, coupons, and raffle tickets.

Seasonal Drinks

The Rabbit Hole is now serving two new winter seasonal drinks: Rum & Smoke and Celestiale.

Drinking one of these strange but tasty concoctions will allow a succubun to obtain one of our two new seasonal traits: Cloudy and Star Motes.

These two drinks are seasonal drinks, which means that Hops will only serve them during the winter. They can also be earned by participating in the Year of the Bun plot, or purchased from the event shop. Make sure to stock up on them while you can! 


New DAngo Flavors

In preparation for Mochi Moon, Dan has expanded his selection of dango flavors to include Red Bean, Blueberry, Ube, and Cocoa. They can be purchased at Dan's Dango.


Feeding these treats to imps will change their color to red, blue, purple, or brown. You can view all of the new imp colors in the Encyclopedia.



Event Mochi

In addition to the new permanent dango stock, Dan has create two special limited mochi flavors for Mochi Moon. 

Feeding Glittery Mochi to an imp will change it to the Lunar color, while Gold Dusted Mochi will change them to the Festival color.

These mochi can be obtained by participating in the Year of the Bun, purchased from the event shop, or purchased from Dan's Dango during the month of January.


Limited Event Imp

What sort of Year of the Bun would this be without even more buns? ...Wait, that's not a bun, is it?

Rabebe can be obtained this month only through the Year of the Bun event and event shop. It can also be changed to the Lunar and Festival colors.


New Year Raffle

This sweet little kagami mochi is the prize for our raffle this month!

Tickets can be purchased with moon sugar in the Year of the Bun shop.


Draw to Adopt

To celebrate hitting BUN-100, Succubuns is hosting our first ever Draw to Adopt Contest!

Break out your drawing tools of choice and create a masterpiece featuring this moonlit cutie.

The winning artist will get to keep BUN-100, and two runners up will receive 100 carats. All entries will receive 10 moon sugar to spend in the event shop.

Find out how to enter here.


Monthly Prompt

The January Monthly Prompt is now available.

Show us your succubuns' new year resolutions and earn 30 bonus carats!


MYO Sale

The 24-hour MYO sale is now over, but it was a huge success! We sold over 50 MYO slots, and saw many new members join the site and the Discord Server due to the sale.

We're excited to see all the new buns to come, and to re-invest some of the profits from the sale into further developing the site. Thank you to everyone who purchased a slot.


Snowfall Celebration

We hope you enjoyed the festivities last month. The Snowfall Celebration shop will remain open until January 7th; after that, all snowflakes will melt and disappear.



That's all the news we have for you for now, but we'll be back in one week with the next chapter of the Year of the Bun plot. We hope that you're looking forward to it, and that you have a wonderful start to 2023!

Happy New Year from the Succubuns Team

Winter Gift Exchange + More

Posted 1 year and 3 months ago :: Last edited 1 year and 3 months ago by Yves

Thank you so much to everybun who participated in the winter gift exchange this year!
As a brand new site, this was our first proper community event, and we were really thrilled to be able to make it such a success thanks to all of you~

Below are all 19 finished pieces! A few more may be added in the coming days as well. Make sure to thank your giftee, and check out the Exchange Gallery to see full sized pieces!
Please note there is UNSPOILERED NSFW below. Look at your own risk!

  To: Squish                                               To: Bludwolf                                             To:  Nwyfre                                           To: Eroge                                                         To: KurumiTea                                To: sunnydito
  From: Ornamental                            From: Tetranocular                            From: Bludwolf                               From: Sunnyditto                                            From: Osteoh                                  From: Corn


                               To: creamiiapuff                                             To: Corn                                        To: SimplyDefault                         To: Ringtail                                  To:Roromimii           To: Tsunderek
                               From: PlagueiousArt                         From: ZombePumpkin                   From: Roromimii                From: SimplyDefault                From: Tsunderek          From:  creamiiapuff       


                    To: Tetranocular                         To: Honeywillow                                  To: PlagueiousArt                     To: ZombePumpkin                       To: AvaHoneyBunny          To: Osteoh
                    From: Kurumi Tea                     From: AvaHoneyBunny                  From: Eroge                                  From: Ringtail                                     From: Corn                             From: Nwyfre



WOW that's a lot of awesome bun art!  As for upcoming news...

Don't forget to keep collecting daily snowflakes at Shibani's Snowfall Celebration. Snowflakes will stop being claimable on the 31st, and will all melt by January 7th, so spend them soon

ALL advent buns are now revealed-- they span numbers 70-94 on the ML. Go take a peek at them if you haven't already!

Burrowgatory Bash, the prompt that allows you to get a whopping 150 Carats ends on the 31st. We will not accept late entries, so get going asap!

That's all for now... but keep your eyes peeled verrrrry soon, as something big is starting in January!

GA Results & Toyhouse Verification

Posted 1 year and 4 months ago :: Last edited 1 year and 4 months ago by Luca

Hello, everyone!

We have finished going over the guest artist applications. We received many amazing applications, but after some discussion, we've narrowed down our selection to 6 applicants.

The selected applicants will be brought on as trial GAs in two batches for one month each. The first three will begin their trial period shortly, with the second three joining later in January. We hope you're as excited as we are to see the kinds of designs they make.

All application responses have been sent out to the emails associated with the applications. We appreciated every application, and had to turn down several with strong potential, so please don't feel discouraged if you weren't selected.



In other exciting news, we've finally updated the site to include Toyhouse Verification.

You can now use a account instead of or in addition to a deviantArt account to verify your account on As Toyhouse continues to gain more relevance than deviantArt in the adoptable collector community, we hope that this feature will make it easier for a wider audience to enjoy Succubuns.



We hope you're all enjoying your holiday season and the Snowfall Celebration!

Don't forget that the Event Prompts, Monthly Prompt, and Burrowgatory Bash prompt all end at midnight on December 31st. Earn those snowflakes and extra carats while you can!

The Snowfall Celebration shop will close and all snowflakes will melt on January 7th, so make sure to use yours before then. December 31st is the last day to purchase tickets for the Holiday Raffle.

We've been working hard on the big event for January, and can't wait to share it with you. For now, all we can say is... we hope you like mochi!


See you all for lots more Succubuns in 2023.

Call for Guest Artist Applications[Closed]

Posted 1 year and 4 months ago :: Last edited 1 year and 4 months ago by Yves

We hope everyone is enjoying the Snowfall Celebration and the Winter Advent. Even though the buns were all snapped up in preclaims, it's still pretty fun to see a cute new design every day.

Don't forget that we still have a full week of auctions starting on the 18th—if you missed out on the flatsales, you can check here to see if any of the auction themes catch your eye.


As you can probably tell, between Luca focusing on website development and our current GAs having their own artistic endeavors to pursue, we're having trouble putting up enough succubun designs to meet demands.

To that end, we are putting out a call for new guest artists.


We are looking for people who:

  • Have strong character design skills for both buns & humanoid characters (especially sexy ones).
  • Are able to work under a deadline, and know their own limits for completing artwork.
  • Are responsive, communicative, and work well with the admins & GA team.
  • (Ideally) Have experience with selling adoptables or commissions, either individually or through another species group.

>>GA applications are now closed. We will reach out to applicants soon!<<

Rules and restrictions for applicants can be found at the beginning of the form.


Applications will be open December 12th through December 17th, after which we will begin to reach out to some selected applicants. Applicants may be accepted on a trial basis either this month in preparation for January sales, or next month in preparation for February sales. All applicants will receive responses by December 24th.

Please read the rules in the form thoroughly before applying.

Thank you to everyone for your support these few months, and we're looking forward to seeing your applications!