Pillow Pile

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Shibani has built up a big pile of pillows and various other things in the back of Dan's Dango, where he spends most of the day napping.

Sometimes, people will leave things they're too lazy to throw away by the pile... Or sneak up and snag abandoned items while Shibani is sleeping.

Here, players can collect items that others have donated, or donate their own unneeded items, imps, and carats.
Players can collect one donation a day.

Donate carats and view your donation total at the bottom of the page! You'll receive small thank-you gifts at certain donation milestones. You can donate a minimum of 10 carats at a time, and the Pillow Pile will collect 10% of carats donated.

Items will count towards your total for their sell price if sellable, or around half their purchase price if not. To donate items to the Pillow Pile, select the item in your Inventory and click "Donate." 

Abuse of the Pillow Pile to inflate donation totals or launder carats is prohibited.


Rummage around in the pillows for loose change.

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