April Showers

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Welcome to April Showers!

It's an unusually rainy month in Burrowgatory this month, and everyone knows that April showers bring... mushrooms?

The flowerbeds used to grow hazeblooms in last year's Hazebloom Harvest have had a strange reaction to the excess rain, and are now being overrun with oddly-colored mushrooms! Hops has been at her wits' end trying to cull the spread, and Angora was furious about the casino's gardens being ruined... until someone discovered that these mushrooms, like hazeblooms, have a fantastic hallucinogenic effect. Maybe it won't be so hard to get rid of them after all...


Run errands at the Garden Store to collect a Trowel, Gardening Shears, and Watering Can to craft the April Showers award.

Check in every day to collect shrooms, which can be spent on a variety of goods in the event shop. You can also complete several Event Prompts or run errands at the Garden Store to earn more shrooms.

Please note that event prompts cannot be completed more than once per week, and will close at 11pm EST on 4/30, when the site will go down for maintenance.

Click the button below to collect your daily shroom.




Cost: 10 Shrooms
Event Imps
Cost: 10 Shrooms