Hazebloom Harvest Index

Content Warning: This event contains content related to fantasy drug use. Non-player characters in the plot have brief scenes where they discuss or use magical hallucinogenics. 

Hazebloom Harvest is a plot event that ran in April 2023, which introduced envy succubuns.

Here we've catalogued all of the story and dialogue pages from the event. If you want to play through the plot in its entirety, start from Chapter 1 and click through the whole thing from there.

Be aware that these pages may contain broken links to defunct event pages and prompts.


Chapter 1

Hazebloom Orders - Dan

Hazebloom Orders - Mercy

Hazebloom Orders - Angora

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Chapter 2

Investigation - Dan

Investigation - Oleander

Investigation - Hutch

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Chapter 3

Stakeout - Velveteen

Stakeout - Shibani

Stakeout - Hutch

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Final Chapter

The Reveal