Envy Support Group

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The Envy Support Group, or ESG, is here to make sure that all envy-horned succubuns who were neglected by demons like Gremory have a support system in Burrowgatory.

Jackal, the first envy bun in Burrowgatory and founder of the ESG, is fiercely protective of her pronghorned peers.


To obtain an Envious Handbasket (used to create an MYO envy bun), click below to turn in x1 Hell in a Handbasket item OR Hell in a Handbasket (USD) item, and x1 Envious Handbook item. Each exchange may be made no more than once per month.

Envious Handbook
Envious Handbook
Cost: 100 Carats
USD Cost: 10
Max 1 every 4 months per user