Demons are the magical, immortal inhabitants of Hell, neighboring Burrowgatory. Though they range from inhumanly evil to petty sinners, they all share a love of corrupting the innocent.

Succubuns were shaped into what they are today by a group of demons who thought it would be funny to watch a bunch of little bunnies drink, gamble, and screw their way through life. These demons magically influenced the final evolution of succubuns into their current sapient forms, and shaped the development of their society by providing them with human technology and imparting values of debauchery onto them.

Many of the demons involved in the creation of succubuns lost interest shortly after the culmination of their project, but the demon Murmur remained infatuated with them.



Murmur is the demon who maintains the most contact with succubuns and their society. As their self-appointed caretaker, he raises the new litters of baby buns every year, before returning them to Burrowgatory as adults. 

Most other demons find the extent to which Murmur is obsessed with his little rabbit-rearing hobby to be excessive or embarrassing, but he doesn’t let it bother him. His affection for succubuns blurs the line between loving them as pets or as children, but they’re well cared for and spoiled rotten all the same.

The memories of a succubun’s first year of life tend to blur once they grow into adulthood, so most buns do not have a strong memory of Murmur beyond a pair of large hands or a kind voice. Some think fondly of him as a comforting presence, some don’t particularly care to remember him, and some, like the Church of Sulfur, worship him as a patron and protector.

Other Demons


Though Murmur is the only demon who consistently raises and interacts with succubuns, there are still other demons who show interest in them from time to time.

Occasionally, other demons will decide to raise some of the new buns at the end of a breeding season, and spend the next year taking care of anywhere from a single succubun to a couple of litters. Most are returned to Burrowgatory as adults, but some choose to stay with their demon caretakers permanently.

Still other demons have no interest in succubun children, but enjoy visiting Burrowgatory itself to play around with the silly little creatures. It’s not unheard of for succubuns to have relations with these demons, though such relationships have a large inherent power imbalance.




Demons like Murmur appear similar to humans, but several feet taller, with horns, tails, and inhuman skin tones. These demons are the ones who have the most frequent contact with succubuns, and as such, are the reason that succubuns have learned to take on a humanoid form in imitation of them.

However, there are no strict rules governing the forms that demons take, and it’s possible for them to look like just about anything.

The world of Hell and demon society is unknown and mysterious to succubuns, with different demons recounting completely different descriptions of it. It’s possible that Hell is simply above a succubun’s level of comprehension.

Demons are not a defined species in the same way as succubuns. They cannot be registered on site or drawn for rewards, but you are free to have any original demon characters with their own lore canonically interact with succubuns.