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1st Anniversary

Posted 8 months and 3 weeks ago :: Last edited 8 months and 3 weeks ago by Luca

Over 2,500 succubuns...

2,000 players...

1,000 server members...

250 new items...

30 new imps...

10 new events...

7 new NPCs...

One year.


We are so incredibly excited and thankful to be celebrating Succubuns' first anniversary with all of you. 

This time last year, Yves and I were both sick with a cold over Halloween weekend as we launched Succubuns to an audience of about 50 people. After spending the previous year slowly piecing together the site in the face of numerous real life hardships, and then having to delay launch by several months after I injured my wrist drawing site assets, we had very modest expectations for Succubuns.

To our shock, Succubuns exploded in popularity. This site has exceeded everyone's expectations, spreading like wildfire through word of mouth and becoming one of the most popular games in its niche in just one year!

 I don't have the words to explain how special it is to see hundreds, even thousands of people falling in love with and being inspired by something I created. Succubuns has become successful enough that working on this site is now my full time job, and I feel so thankful every time I start my day and sit down to work on the next game update. I have so, so many ideas for things that I want to see in Succubuns, and knowing that it's up to me to make those ideas a reality has made me more motivated than I've ever been before.

Running Succubuns has definitely not been easy. We weren't expecting this kind of explosive growth, and we've had to learn a lot, constantly making adjustments as the playerbase grows and changes from month to month. Yves and I rarely take even a day away from administrative work for the site, and the hundreds of player conflicts we've managed throughout the past year have led to more than our share of stress and tears. Despite the difficulties, though, I have never once regretted creating Succubuns, and the good that it's brought to our lives has far outweighed the bad.

Though I've always been the kind of person who enjoys making characters and stories as a hobby, running Succubuns has made me realize that I find it even more fulfilling to build new spaces for others to play in. When players started saying that Succubuns helped them break years-long art blocks, or start drawing or writing for the first time since they were children, or try a new medium or style they had never considered before, I realized that my "smutty bunny site" (as my mom calls it) had the potential to be more meaningful than I ever realized. As the social media giants crumble and become increasingly hostile towards anything that isn't "advertiser-friendly", I am so glad that we can provide a place for off-color, queer, and adult content.

We have so much more that we want to bring you in our next year, and we hope you'll stick with us to see it all. Let's take the foundations we laid this year and make Succubuns' second year even better than its first!

Happy birthday, Succubuns!

- Luca

Design Approvals Holiday

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Hello, Burrowgatory!

This is Luca here to let you know that MYO Submissions, Design Approvals, and design checks via Discord help tickets will be closed from October 28th through November 1st.

Yves and I have lots of plans to celebrate the anniversary and Halloween, so we've decided to take a break from (most) Succubuns work for our long weekend.

Claims, prompt submissions, and help tickets for non-design related issues will remain open, and design approvals will reopen like normal on November 2nd. Thank you for understanding, and we hope you're excited to finish off October with a bang before we begin the next event in November!

What are your plans for the Halloween weekend?

Envious Basket Re-rolls and Bug Fixes!

Posted 9 months and 4 days ago :: Last edited 9 months and 4 days ago by Yves

Hi all, Yves here with a mini-update!

Three carat Envious Handbaskets were left unclaimed from this sale, and have been rerolled. Congratulations to the new winners RedHotValor, floralbled, and 91Blanks !
Tickets have already gone out, so make sure you purchase them before they disappear tomorrow.

Additionally, we've got some bug fixes that have gone live today! These are minor issues that most likely have not affected most players, but we wanted to update you all.

  1. Users who have been unable to open their safety deposit boxes due to them containing deleted items should find that they are accessible again! If you're still having issues, please let me know via a bug report or a ticket in our discord.
  2. Some users were having issues purchasing items with long names (such as Hop's Secret Ingredient) from user shops that also had long names. This should be fixed as well, so please feel free to shop around to your heart's content!
  3. Now, when the admin team deletes an item, the item logs should tell you that it was deleted by staff. This is especially useful for when we clear out old items to prevent bloat in our database, like with old raffle tickets. Hopefully this will help provide more clarity about what may have happened to all those imp tricks in the future.

As usual, we're continuing to work hard to make Succubuns better. Please let us know about any other bugs you run into around the site so we can fix them. Thank you!

Envious Handbasket Raffle Results

Posted 9 months and 6 days ago :: Last edited 9 months and 6 days ago by Yves

Thank you to everyone who entered our Envious Handbasket Raffles, for both USD and carats!

Three USD Handbaskets went unclaimed, and have been re-raffled! Congratulations to NiarBytes , cruel , and P_anda ! You have won a USD handbasket and have had an envious purchase ticket sent to your account. Please make sure to purchase it within 24 hours.

Additionally, we have rolled the winners for the Carat handbasket raffle, thank you to everyone for your patience!
You can see a list of winners for the Carat Envious Handbasket Raffle here!
One winner was a repeat and has been re-rolled via our discord. The new winner in Jun

Purchase tickets will be going out in 24 hours, when the USD sale is officially closed. We know you all have had to wait a bit longer than expected, and we greatly appreciate your patience! Between the influx of prompts/myo approvals, IRL commitments, and the added complication of re-rolling a few USD raffles, we were set a bit behind schedule.

That's all for now! Thank you for all of your support during the MYO sale and following raffles, and we hope you look forward to the start of the adoptable advent tomorrow!

Autumn Envious Handbasket Raffles

Posted 9 months and 1 week ago :: Last edited 9 months and 1 week ago by Yves

Our Autumn MYO Sale is now closed, and we sold a grand total of 320 Hell in a Handbaskets!

That means 32 Envious Handbaskets to be raffled for $40 each, and 32 more to be raffled for 400 carats.

The USD Envious Handbasket Raffle has already been rolled, and you can find the list of winners here. The winners will all be sent a temporary key item to allow them to purchase their handbasket; if you're one of the lucky 32, please make sure to purchase your Envious Handbasket in the next 24 hours, or your slot will be re-raffled.

The carat Envious Handbasket Raffle is now open, and tickets can be obtained in the Bunnery for 24 hours. Make sure to grab your ticket and open it from your inventory before 10/17 8pm EST if you want the chance to purchase an Envious Handbasket for 400 carats.

New content warning popup

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Hello Burrowgatory!

You've probably already seen this by the time you read this news post, but we just wanted to update you-- we've added an age warning! This will happen the first time you join this site from your browser, and the first time you log in after we've added this feature. Any time in the future, it should be cached that you have already checked it.

We're hoping this will be helpful to prevent users under 21 from joining, and to help encourage everyone to review our TOS!

Happy October, hope you're all enjoying the MYO sale!

Trade Warning

Posted 9 months and 1 week ago :: Last edited 9 months and 1 week ago by Luca

Hello, Succubuns players! This is a notice regarding issues that have arisen from cross trades between Succubuns and the website

At least one user has recently been creating a massive number of shell accounts to collect, funnel, and trade Succubuns currency and items for goods from Dainties. They have previously been banned from both Succubuns and Dainties for scamming, and members of both communities have been affected by their most recent streak of offenses. Please avoid trading with users associated with the names f33lix, Sleepyzz, Lazyzz_, Skotteh, Skyunoo, Yukki_Kizuki, Iwbtu, or huskohh.

We are banning all accounts associated with this user, but are not currently capable of preventing them from making new shell accounts. As such, we would like to ask you all to please keep an eye out for fraudulent/shell accounts when trading between Succubuns and Dainties.

When trading with someone who doesn’t have visible signs of being an active/legitimate player, please remember that all players’ bank and item logs can be accessed from their profiles, so you can check for suspicious transactions. Here are some signs that can point towards an account being fraudulent:

  • Completely empty, with no profile description, succubuns, items, or carats (besides what is being traded).
  • Attached to completely empty or brand new DA/TH accounts, or attached to accounts associated with other Succubuns accounts.
  • Upon joining, immediately sent the 30 carats from the Welcome Gift item to another account, or has received 30 carats from one or more brand new accounts.
  • Sends all carats and items earned to another account, or has accounts that send them all of their carats and items.
  • Account appears to only be used to collect free items and trade/sell them away, and not to play the game.

If you find an account that you know or suspect to be fraudulent, please report it to us in ⁠a private-help ticket in the Discord, or through Submit Report.

The Succubuns team will always do our best to prevent cheating, and to protect legitimate players caught up in scams like these. Thank you all for reading, and safe trading!

Fall MYO Sale & Adoptable Advent

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Hello, Burrowgatory!

Our Autumn MYO sale will be opening on Friday (10/13) at midnight, and will run for 48 hours. As usual, Hell in a Handbaskets will be available for $30, one per user. One $40 Envious Handbasket will be raffled for each ten Hell in a Handbaskets sold after the sale is over.

If you know anyone who's been waiting to buy a basket before getting into the game, let them know that now is their chance!


First Anniversary Adoptable Advent

Our GA team has put together an amazing lineup of 22 spooky and sexy  succubun auctions for an adoptable advent, leading up to the anniversary on the 30th!

We've also recruited several special guest artists from outside the community to design unique succubuns for the occassion. We hope you're excited to see new takes on succubuns from Hacuubii, Fiyunae, Heartmush, and Japhers!

The advent will begin on the 19th, with new auctions going up every day until the anniversary.

Keep an eye on the Succubuns Twitter and Bluesky accounts for individual teasers and theme reveals throughout the week!


Posted 9 months and 3 weeks ago :: Last edited 9 months and 2 weeks ago by Luca

Hello, Burrowgatory!

Today, we're pleased to announce the release of a new feature.


Looking for more long-term goals to strive for and more shiny awards to spiff up your profile? Now you can satisfy that collector's instinct by filling out your collections. Each collection completed will earn you a unique award to show off!



Please note that items placed into collections will be permanently locked into the collection, to prevent players from being able to trade around complete collections to unlock the awards.

Items which have been added to your collections can still be added to your succubuns' inventories, and will be automatically removed from their inventory if the succubun is ever traded!


New NPCs: Harley and Holland

Harley is the owner of an independent adult toy store, and does work as a pro domme and an amateur adult filmmaker on the side. She's ceaselessly cheerful, extroverted, and sex-positive, and works hard to support adult content creators and to help people broaden their sexual horizons.

Holland is a quiet and mysterious gachapon enthusiast who helps out at Harley's store. Though quite introverted, he's become a bit less anxious and withdrawn since becoming Harley's full-time submissive.

Read more about Harley and Holland on their profiles, or get to know them in the new NPC prompts.



Harlequin Romance

Harlequin Romance is now open for business, carrying a regularly rotating selection of adult toy trinkets that you can add to your succubuns' inventories or collect for an award.


Holland also seems to spend a lot of time in the back room of Harlequin Romance... What could he be up to back there?


Character Inventory Update

Along with the addition of these adult toy trinkets, the following item categories have been updated so that they can be placed into character inventories:

Drinks, Seasonal Drinks, Dango, Seasonal Mochi, Ingredients, Foods

We hope you all have fun developing your characters through their belongings!


Minor Theme Corrections

We've made some minor visual and color corrections to our new light and dark themes. Additionally, for those having issues with our new pink-heavy theme, we've added a legacy theme that preserves the default colors from the original version of the site.

All Sinners' Day

Posted 10 months and 2 weeks ago :: Last edited 9 months and 3 weeks ago by Luca

It's Burrowgatory's biggest celebration of the year!

All Sinners' Day

It's said that All Sinners' Day is the day when Burrowgatory's demonic patrons return to enjoy themselves among the civilization that they raised... To make them feel welcome, succubuns light up the caverns with thousands of candles to create a more Hellish atmosphere, and dress in all manner of devilish costumes.

All Sinners' Day is a holiday of revelry, debauchery, and excess, where succubuns are encouraged to indulge in their vices until they make themselves sick.

Check out the All Sinners' Day page for more information, and to learn how to collect wicks.


New Site Layout!

We're sure you've noticed already, but the Succubuns website has gotten a new look with an amazing new homepage full of useful links!

You'll also find a few useful shortcut links next to the site clock, which should now appear on mobile instead of just desktop, as well as a new active character sidebar that will allow your favorite succubun to accompany you around the site. (The imp displayed in this sidebar is your bun's first imp, which are automatically ordered by age; we're working on a future update to allow you to rearrange your bun's imps as you please!)

We also now offer a dark mode theme that can be activated in your settings.

As with every time we add new code, it's possible that new bugs or errors may occur, so please be patient and report any issues to bug reports or in our official Discord server.


Succubun Spotlight

With the new homepage update, we will also now be hosting a weekly Succubun Spotlight.

Every week, a random succubun will be selected to be shown on the homepage, and players can receive an extra carat reward for drawing this succubun. Only succubuns that are set as "Open for Gift Art" are eligible for the Succubun Spotlight.


First Anniversary Advent

To celebrate Succubuns' First Anniversary, we're thanking all of our wonderful players with the First Anniversary Advent! Check in every day to receive an array of amazing rewards, including the exclusive First Anniversary award on Succubuns' birthday, October 30th.

Make sure to check in for all thirty days of the advent to receive an extra special bonus reward!

This is a firm reminder that making multiple Succubuns accounts is against our TOS. Using multi-accounts to funnel rewards to your main account or other accounts will result in being permanently banned from Succubuns. Please note that asking your friends to make accounts that are completely empty and unused aside from funneling their rewards to your own account is often indistinguishable from multi-accounting.

Let's keep this game fun and fair for everyone!



This daily art challenge will encourage you to practice your ink skills... In exchange for prizes, of course.

From October 1st to October 30th, we challenge you to spend at least 15 minutes a day creating a black and white ink drawings following that day's Burrowgatober prompt.

Check out the Burrowgatober page for more information.


Ars Goetia Contest

Interested in the lore of Succubuns' demon characters? We're holding a contest to design new official looks for the demons Murmur, Allocer, and Gremory!

Check out the Ars Goetia Contest page for more information.


First Anniversary Raffle

To celebrate Succubuns' first anniversary, we're going all out with our biggest free raffle ever!

Participate in the All Sinners' Day event and help us spread the word on social media for a chance to win free succubuns, MYO items, and shop coupons!

Check out the Raffle page for more information.



The Rabbit Hole is now serving two new autumn seasonal drinks: Skeletini and Distilled Spirits.


Drinking one of these strange but tasty concoctions will allow a succubun to obtain one of our two new seasonal traits: Skeletal and Spirit Motes.


These drinks are seasonal drinks, which means that Hops will only serve them during the fall. They can also be purchased from the All Sinners' Day event shop. Make sure to stock up on them while you can!



Dan has pounded out his wickedest mochi yet, flavored with unbearably hot demon peppers. While most succubuns give up after one bite, imps don't mind the spice, though it seems to leave them feeling rather fiendish...


Demon Pepper Mochi is available for purchase with wicks in the All Sinners' Day event shop. It can also be purchased with carats at Dan's Dango, only in the month of October.



The hundreds of candles being lit for All Sinners' Day have attracted some eere new imps to Burrowgatory... In addition to the new fiendish color, candyl can be found in orange, yellow, and albino.

Pedigree Imp

Succubuns' patrons voted to keep the ghostly vibes coming, and fellantern can now be purchased at Pedigree Pets! Lepidaisy has been cycled out—so long, lepidaisy.

Patrons at the $10 tier and above can suggest ideas and vote for the next pedigree imp, and will each receive one Wagashi a month to purchase any pedigree imp of their choosing. Join the Succubuns Patreon today to help choose November's pedigree imp!



The October Monthly Prompt is now available.

Celebrate Succubuns' birthday with some cake and presents for 30 bonus carats and an entry into the First Anniverary Raffle!


Carat Rebalancing

To help you all with your savings goals in the coming year, we've rebalanced the carat prices involved with errands and crafting.

  • The Liquor Store errand has had its carat cost removed, with liquor ingredient resale reduced from 7 carats to 5 carats to compensate.
  • The Kitchen Goods errand has had its carat cost reduced from 10 to 5 carats, with kitchen ingredient resale reduced from 12 to 10 carats to compensate.
  • Crafted desserts, which require three grocery ingredients worth a net total of 3 carats, have had their resale price increased from 6 to 12 carats.
  • Crafted meals, which require four grocery ingredients and a kitchen ingredient worth a net total of 9 carats, have had their resale price increased from 22 to 40 carats.

Additionally, the Wonderland Casino games have had their prices and returns updated.

  • The rates of Blackjack Hands, Slots Spins, and Roulette Spins have all been updated to have an overall greater chance of getting positive returns.
  • The price of a daily Blackjack Hand has been reduced from 50 to 10 carats, with rewards adjusted accordingly.
  • The price of a weekly Slots Spin has been reduced from 100 to 50 carats, with rewards adjusted accordingly.
  • The odds of winning a Roulette Spin jackpot have been greatly increased, and an award has been added for hitting the jackpot.

If you have previously won the jackpot of 666 carats from the Roulette Spin, please submit a claim with a link to the page of your bank history that logged the win, and we will retroactively reward you the award.

As always, it is still possible to lose it all when playing casino games. Please gamble responsibly!


Coming Soon

Check back next week for the release of a brand new game feature, new NPCs, new awards, and the announcement for this month's MYO sale!


Toy Fair

We hope you preordered all of the wonderful new toys you wanted from the Toy Fair before they sold out! We were blown away to see over 100 amazing 3D succubun crafts submitted this past month.

Congratulations to Amenoji for winning the Teddy Bun Raffle.

The Toy Fair event shop will remain open until October 7th, at which point all remaining spools will disappear.