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Fairy Masquerade

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It's time for a taste of the finer things in life...

Fairy Masquerade

Angora prides herself on hosting one of the biggest, most expensive, and most exclusive parties in Burrowgatory every year. Last year's Gossamer Gala was such a huge hit that Angora has decided to recycle the decor—ahem, pay homage to the theme with a masquerade twist.

Check out the Fairy Masquerade event page for more information, and to learn how to collect champagne glasses.


Belle of the Ball Contest

Draw your succubun in their masquerade finery for a chance to win a variety of prizes, including the top prize of a Hell in a Handbasket! All participants will receive the Gala Guest award, as well as 5 champagne glasses. See the contest page below for details on how to enter.

Belle of the Ball Contest


New Seasonal Drink

The Rabbit Hole is has added Butteredfly Rum to its spring seasonal drink menu. Butteredfly Rum can also be purchased with champagne glasses in the Fairy Masquerade shop.


Drinking this strange but tasty concoction will allow a succubun to obtain our new seasonal trait: Flutter Motes.



New Imp Colors

Several new imps are now available in the fairy color!

Sparkling Wine Mochi are back in stock at Dan's Dango, only for the month of May. They can also be purchased with champagne glasses in the Fairy Masquerade shop.

Additionally, uniqor is now available in pink, purple, and yellow.


New Pedigree Imp

Mimikeeper can now be purchased at Pedigree Pets! Gargowl has been cycled out—so long, gargowl.

While we work on getting our new subscription service set up, pedigree imp voting is available to all players! Click the link below to vote for June and July's pedigree imps.

June & July Pedigree Imp Poll


Monthly Supporter Boxes

The Supporter Shop has been refreshed for the month! Show Succubuns your support and take home some extra goodies, such as items from the Fairy Masquerade shop and Wagashi to spend at Pedigree Pets.


Mysterious Mask Raffle

Congratulations to RoamTheFarLands on winning April's Rainy Day Raffle!

Is this masked stranger dashing, or dangerous?


Tickets can be purchased with champagne glasses in the Fairy Masquerade shop. Make sure to open the tickets in your inventory after purchasing, or you won't actually be entered in the raffle!


Monthly Prompt

The May Monthly Prompt is now available.

Enjoy some fresh strawberries for 30 bonus carats!


April Showers

We hope you all stayed dry during the April Showers event!

The April Showers event shop will remain open until May 7th, at which point all remaining shrooms will disappear.


Guest Artist & Moderator Update

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Thank you to everyone who applied to be a Succubuns Guest Artist for the May-August 2024 season. We got so many amazing applications, and it was hard to narrow it down!

Due to the volume of applications received, we cannot issue responses to everyone who applied, but please know that every single one was reviewed and considered, and you're more than welcome to apply again for the next GA opening in August. There were tons of great aplicants who we'd love to see submit again!


This season, we've decided to take on arasukai and bunbee  as new trial GAs. 

The GA team will also be welcoming back:
hannidrops, roromimii, Corn, Veil, aketan, bearwithglasses, Kunamei, and Avyrice

We hope you all look forward to seeing the GA team's lovely designs this season!


Over on the moderator team, the incredible eroge will be taking a break from moderator work while they focus on finishing their last semester of school and obtaining their graduate degree. Kei has done nothing short of amazing work since they first started helping us with a year ago, and I know many community members have been helped and supported by them in the past. Thank you Kei!

Envy Support Group & MYOs

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Hello, Burrowgatory! The admin team is back from vacation, and we have several exciting updates for you today.

Envy Support Group

April 20th marked one full year since the discovery of envy buns in Burrowgatory, and as the newly grown succubuns born in last year's Breeding Season continue to arrive in their new home, there are more envy buns than ever. Fortunately, Jackal is dedicated to ensuring that none of them have the same experience she did after being abandonded by Gremory.

The Envy Support Group is now open to lend aid to envy buns who may have lingering issues from their upbringing.

Every four month, players can now purchase an Envious Handbook from the ESG for 100 carats or $10 USD, which can be exchanged to turn a Hell in a Handbasket or Hell in a Handbasket (USD) into an Envious Handbasket.

Please note that Envious Handbooks are only usable on unopened handbasket items, not opened MYO slots, and cannot be used to change the subtype of an existing succubun or MYO slot.


Spring MYO Sale

Our quarterly USD MYO sale is now underway! Check out the sales post for more information, and swing by the Bunnery to purchase a Hell in a Handbasket (USD) for $30.


Design Submissions Open

MYO submissions, design updates, and design check help tickets are now open!

As we expect an extremely high volume of submissions and tickets over the next few days, please limit yourself to no more than one MYO or design submission at a time. To keep things fair for everyone else who's waiting, players who submit more than one design before their previous submission has been processed will have all designs in the queue rejected without review.

Please be patient with the team as we go through the queue, and expect longer-than-normal wait times.

[Update] Site Lag/Error warning

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Hello burrowgatory!

As I'm sure you've all noticed, the site seems to have stabelized for the time being. We've discovered the broad cause of the lag, and are working on making some refinements to the site's back end to prevent it from happening in the future, but these sorts of updates aren't always a one-and-done fix! If you encounter lag on the site, we suggest you briefly step away (for 5-10 minutes) to see if performance improves and to prevent overloading the site.

We know lag is annoying, and we really appreciate all of you being patient while we work to resolve this! If you have further questions or concerns, please let us know via on-site channels, but we'll hopefully be able to make sure this doesn't happen with the level of intensity it did last night moving forwards.

Thank you to everyone as always <3


Succubuns is experiencing some increased lag today for reasons that we are investigating currently.  We're hoping it may be a temporary error due to our host, and that it will resolve in the next 24 hours. We will be monitoring it until then and will put out a further announcement if needed.

Please don't report any errors or lag unless we ask for further information or you run into a more serious error. Thank you for your patience!


Design Approval Vacation

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Hello, Burrowgatory!

As previously announced, MYO submissionsdesign updates, and design help tickets are now closed while the admin team is on vacation.

All submissions will reopen after April 23rd. As we expect a high volume of submissions at this time, we will ask that players please do not submit more than one MYO or design update until the previous submission has been approved.

We hope you're all enjoying the April Showers event, and we'll see you in a few weeks!

April Showers

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Content Warning: April's event contains fantasy drug use, with a focus on hallucinogenic mushrooms.

Spring gloom, spring blooms, spring... shrooms?

April Showers

It's an unusually rainy month in Burrowgatory, and everyone knows that April showers bring... fungus?

The flowerbeds used to grow hazeblooms in last year's Hazebloom Harvest have had a strange reaction to the excess rain, and are now being overrun with oddly-colored mushrooms! Hops has been at her wits' end trying to cull the spread, and Angora was furious about the casino's gardens being ruined... until someone discovered that these mushrooms, like hazeblooms, have a fantastical hallucinogenic effect. Maybe it won't be so hard to get rid of them after all...

Check out the April Showers page for more information, and to collect your daily shroom.

April Showers will end at 11pm EST on April 30th, when the site will go down for maintenance.


Envy Anniversary

It's been nearly one year since envy buns first came to Burrowgatory, and Jackal has been hard at work preparing for more to arrive in the wake of Breeding Season.

Stay tuned for the opening of the Envy Support Group on April 24th, alongside our spring seasonal MYO Sale!


New Seasonal Drink

The Rabbit Hole has added Psilo Punch to its spring seasonal drink menu. Psilo Punch can also be purchased with shrooms in the April Showers event shop.


Drinking this strange but tasty concoction will allow a succubun to obtain our new seasonal trait: Mushrooms.



New Imp Color

Inspired by the recent weather, Dan's newest mochi creation seems to leave imps looking a bit gloomy...


Raindrop Mochi is available for purchase with shrooms in the April Showers event shop. It can also be purchased with carats at Dan's Dango, only in the month of April.


New Blooming Imps

In addition, four new imps are now available in the blooming color!

Floral Mochi are back in stock at Dan's Dango, only for the month of April. They can also be purchased with shrooms in the April Showers event shop.


New Event Imp

The heavy rain seems to have attracted some funny new imps! Snell can be purchased in the April Showers event shop. In addition to its standard form, snell can be obtained in blooming and gloomy variants.


New Pedigree Imp

Tomodigi can now be purchased at Pedigree Pets! Cygnette has been cycled out—so long, cygnette.

Our top two choices from last month's pedigree imp poll both had so many more votes than any of the others that we've decided to save the runner-up for May's pedigree imp... Can you guess which one it might be?


Monthly Supporter Boxes

The Supporter Shop has been refreshed for the month! Show Succubuns your support and take home some extra goodies, such as items from the April Showers shop and Wagashi to spend at Pedigree Pets.


Rainy Day Raffle

Congratulations to @Chubilee on winning March's Milk Maid Raffle!

This month's raffle bun is looking a little down in the dumps... Maybe you can cheer them up?


Tickets can be purchased with shrooms in the April Showers event shop. Make sure to open the tickets in your inventory after purchasing, or you won't actually be entered in the raffle! 


Monthly Prompt

The April Monthly Prompt is now available.

Stay inside and play some board games for 30 bonus carats!


Breeding Season

We had so much fun seeing all of the creative offspring designs you submitted and requested from GAs, and all of the adorable baby bun art you created!

Claims for offspring MYOs are now closed. Breeding Season will return next March, when you'll have the chance to claim another offspring MYO and request official breedings once more.

The Breeding Season event shop will remain open until April 7th, at which point all remaining milk bottles will disappear. We can't wait to see you all again for next year's Breeding Season!

April Fool’s!

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We hope you all got a chuckle out of our April Fool's joke!

For the handful who were concerned that this update was real, don't worry; Succubuns is not rebranding, and will always be a 21+ site that fully supports playing with adult themes. While the issues addressed at the beginning of the post are real, they only make it all the more important for online adult spaces like Succubuns to exist, and we will always do what we can to push back against the waves of corporate interests and pearl-clutchers!

For those who live in the US, please let this serve as a reminder to always call your representatives to speak out against internet censorship bills like KOSA, SESTA/FOSTA, and the RESTRICT Act, and to support class action lawsuits against corporations like Mastercard that are tightening their stranglehold over the internet. The existence of indie, queer, and quirky little adult projects like Succubuns depend on it!

The Family Friendly award will be available until the end of the 2nd, so make sure to grab it if you haven't yet!

Hello, Burrowgatory!

We have an important announcement for you about the future of Succubuns.

As many of you are no doubt aware, the internet is becoming an increasingly hostile place for queer adult content. Whether they're repeatedly tightening their policies to try to quietly edge out adult artists like Patreon, or abruptly banning all adult content like Gumroad, many platforms that artists previously depended on are bending to the likes of Apple and Mastercard and leaving artists with nowhere to go.

Instead of living with the worry that this rising internet puritanism will one day come for Succubuns, we've decided to get ahead of the curve. Succubuns is becoming PG-13!

(Please clear your cache for the new logo!)

On April 2nd, Succubuns will be rebranding as Snugglebuns, a cute and wholesome game for ages 13+.

The following is a list of some of the changes we'll be making to the site to ensure it's safe for young players:

  • The Explicit gallery will be removed from the site, and NSFW and sexually suggestive content will no longer be permitted.
  • The mascot Shibani will be redesigned to remove all bondage references, and to reduce his sizeable rear end.
  • The "lust" subtype for succubuns will be replaced with the "love" subtype.
  • The NPC Oleander will no longer be portrayed as lecherous and flirtatious, and will instead be characterized as telling very bad jokes.
  • Harlequin Romance, the Undergacha, all adult toy items, all underwear items, and the NPCs Harley and Holland will be removed from the site.
  • All references to breeding and pregnancy will be removed. Buns will now hatch from eggs that mysteriously appear when their parents love each other very much.
  • References to drugs and alcohol will no longer be permitted. All alcohol items will be replaced with juice and soda.
  • The NPC Hops will be renamed to Bubbles.
  • The current April Showers event, as well as the archived Hazebloom Harvest plot, will be edited to remove all references to psychoactive substances.
  • Wonderland Casino will be renamed to Wonderland Games. All gambling will be removed and replaced with an off-brand solitaire minigame. 
  • Swearing will be removed from all site content, particularly NPC Jackal's dialogue, save for one token f-bomb.

We hope you're all excited for all of the new friends that this change will bring by expanding our audience, and all of the opportunities that will be available to Snugglebuns that wouldn't be available to an adult game like Succubuns!

To thank you all for your support of Succubuns and to commemorate the rebranding, you can obtain a special award by clicking the button below. This award will no longer be available after the end of April 2nd, so be sure to claim it quickly!

Are you looking forward to some good, wholesome, family-friendly fun with your satanic bunnies?

Special Delivery! (Part 5)

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Hello, Burrowgatory!

Our hard-working GA team has finished our final set of Special Deliveries.



Congratulations to RyBreadable, mmj, Eto, komugy, Hexification, @GoodVibes_Argo, Amiiray, Bisc, Champurrito, LeafJelly, miya, and Yuukitsunee on your new buns!

We'll also be uploading the last of the offspring from Official Breeding Requests, so keep an eye on the masterlist if you want to check them out.

Our incredible GA team fulfilled nearly all of the 70 Official Breeding requests, and over two thirds of the 60+ free Special Delivery requests. We're blown away by their hard work and generosity, so please make sure to show them your appreciation!

Statue of Kindness fix

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Hello players!

We know that some of you who have been interacting with your imps every day since the launch of imp affection have run into a roadblock with the statue of kindness refusing to recognize your tokens! Luckily, we've been able to pinpoint and correct this error, and it should be in working order now. If you continue to have issues, please submit a bug report on site or in the discord, and we'll address it as quickly as possible!

Thank you! <3

[Fixed] Deviantart Login errors

Posted 4 months and 2 days ago :: Last edited 3 months and 3 weeks ago by Yves

Update as of 11:00pm on 3/28

As of now, Deviantart seems to have fixed the issue with their API that was causing the error, and DA login, registration, and alias linking features appear to be in working order again.

Since this is an error caused by another platform, it's always possible there will be another error in the future, but we think it should continue to be stable!
If you've been unable to login/waiting to have an email added to your account, you should be able to login without further help needed.

We still recommend adding an email login to your account via the settings page if you created your account with Toyhouse or Deviantart verification!

As always, please report further errors by submitting a report on site or in our discord.

Thank you!


Update as of 3:00pm on 3/23

Deviantart login continues to be down. While there has been some progress on our end, we are not going to be able to guarantee that it is reinstated in a timely manner because this is largely out of our control. Because of this, we will be manually adding emails to accounts affected by this error.

To gain access back to your account if you affected by the Deviantart login error:
>Please join the succubuns Discord and open a ticket in the #private-help channel after reacting in #help-rules
>In the ticket, instead of using the standard form, please use this one:
Deviantart account:
Full birthday, including year:
Email you would like added to your account:

We are requesting birthdays as a security measure to prevent users from attempting to access accounts that do not belong to them. if you cannot provide your full birthday, we will not be able to add your email to the account.

Please note: these updates are all being done by Yves by hand and will take time to go through. Additionally, there may be email verification errors due to a high volume of emails being sent at once. Please do not close your ticket until you have confirmed access to your account to prevent additional tickets from being needed.

Once your email has been added, please go to the login page and select "forgot password". This should allow the site to send you a new link to your email that will allow you to create a new password for your account.

Thank you for your patience with us during this unexpected error! We have extended the Cherry Blossom Viewing raffle by 24 hours to accomodate for those effected by the error.

Hopefully we will be able to get this resolved soon. Until then, we appreciate your understanding and patience!



Hello Burrowgatory,

As of 7:30pm on 3/22/24, Deviantart login is down. This seems to be a widespread issue accross many sites using the Lorekeeper framework, and is most likely based on a change or error on deviantart that we do not currently have any information about.

While we hope to get DA up and running again soon, we may not be able to immediately. I will use this as a reminder that even with alias login, you can set an email from your settings page, in case of external errors that we cannot control! If we are unable to fix this within 24 hours, we will ask users who only have access to their accounts via DA to reach out to the administrative team so we can instate emails for them.

Thank you for your patience as we sort out this issue, and we will hopefully have Alias login and DA aliases working again soon!