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Scheduled Maintenance

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Hello, Burrowgatory!

Succubuns will be going into scheduled maintenance from 8:00pm site time tomorrow, 1/19/24.

We expect this maintenance to last for around an hour, but as always, it may be longer if unexpected things happen!
The website will be unavailable during this time.

Thank you!

Moderator Applications Re-open

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Hello all,

We'd like to apologize for the sudden disappearance of the moderator application post last week.

Unfortunately, the Succubuns team have been dealing with continued attempts at griefing, including an attempt to get the website taken down. For our own safety, we decided to remove the news post with links to the applications until the issues could be resolved.

We're hopeful that this will be the last time we have to deal with these issues, as they're becoming quite wearing on our small team. Thank you, as always, for your patience and understanding!

You can find moderator applications linked below. These contain all the necessary information about working with the Succubuns team as a freelance moderator. If you already applied last week, we still have and will be reviewing your application, no need to resubmit!

Art Prompt Moderator Application
Written Prompt Moderator Application
Discord Moderator Application

Applications have been extended for 5 days, and will now close on 1/15/2024 at 11:59pm site time.

If you have further questions, please feel free to use our Feedback Form, or open a help ticket in our Discord. Thank you to everyone who has applied, or is interested in doing so!

Guest Artist Announcement

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Trial Guest Artists

Thank you to everyone who applied to be a Succubuns Guest Artist for the January-April 2024 season. We got so many amazing applications, and it was hard to narrow it down!

This season, we've decided to take on lymerikk and CandyLashes as new trial GAs. Please give them a warm welcome in the comments!

Due to the volume of applications received, we cannot issue responses to everyone who applied, but please know that every single one was reviewed and considered. You're welcome to apply again for the next GA opening in April!

For the January-April 2024 season, the GA team will also be welcoming back:
eroge, hannidrops, sxilin, Corn, miya, Veil, aketan, and Avyrice

We hope you all look forward to seeing the GA team's lovely designs this season!

Mochi Moon

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It's time to ring in the new year!

Mochi Moon

Every new year, succubuns celebrate the holiday of Mochi Moon by feasting, partying, and drinking until they pass out. It's traditional to leave out high-quality mochi as an offering to Allocer in the hopes of being blessed with a vision of the moon, which is said to bring good luck for the coming year. 

To learn more about Mochi Moon, you can read last year's Year of the Bun Plot.


Check out the Mochi Moon event page for more information on this event, and to learn how to collect sparklers.


New Year, New Friends

Do you have a stash of Handbaskets with no MYO plans, and new hard-to-reach pet goals after the pet affection update?

From January 1st through January 7th, you can visit the New Year, New Friends page to trade in unused Handbasket items for your choice of any imp, dango, or mochi. This includes out of season mochi, retired pedigree imps, and limited event imps such as rabebe, bimble, and freign!

If you have an already opened MYO slot you would like to trade in, we recommend using the Trading Post or the trade channel in the official Succubuns Discord to swap it with someone who has an unopened Handbasket that they intend to open and use.

New Year, New Friends

Note: The New Friend Gift will expire at 11:59pm site time on January 31st. Please make your selection before the end of the month!


Mochi Recipes

Do you wish that you could enjoy Dan's tasty seasonal mochis at any time of year? Well, there's no time like Mochi Moon to learn how to pound your own mochi!

Players who have already completed Dango 101 can now complete the Mochi Master prompt to unlock recipes for seasonal mochi.

In order to craft mochi, you'll need to get your hands on some Rice, a Mochi Hammer from Dan's Dango, and a special ingredient to flavor your mochi. Dan will give you your first special ingredient to get you started, but in order to collect more, you'll need to increase your bond with certain event imps!


New Seasonal Drink

The Rabbit Hole is has added Moonshine to its winter seasonal drink menu. Moonshine can also be purchased with sparklers in the Mochi Moon event shop.


Drinking this strange but tasty concoction will allow a succubun to obtain our new seasonal trait: Shimmer. Let your succubun sparkle and shine!



New Pet Colors

After a year away, Glittery Mochi and Gold-Dusted Mochi are back in stock at Dan's Dango, only for the month of January. They can also be purchased with sparklers in the Mochi Moon event shop.

Impup, jestie, mamoo, and bulbug are now available in the lunar and festival colors.

By popular demand, rabebe now also has an albino variant!


New Event Imp

The new year has marked the appearance of a majestic new species of imp! Ryudra can be purchased in the Mochi Moon event shop. In addition to its standard form, ryudra can be found in red, green, blue, festival, and lunar variants.


Toasted Mochi Raffle

Congratulations to Esperoba on winning December's Sweater Weather Raffle!

This month's raffle bun is grilling up some tasty treats.


Tickets can be purchased with sparklers in the Mochi Moon event shop. Make sure to open the tickets in your inventory after purchasing, or you won't actually be entered in the raffle!


New Pedigree Imp

Succubuns' patrons have voted, and gargowl can now be purchased at Pedigree Pets! Phantomile has been cycled out—so long, phantomile.

Patrons at the $10 tier and above can suggest ideas and vote for the next pedigree imp, and will each receive one Wagashi a month to purchase any pedigree imp of their choosing. Join the Succubuns Patreon today to help choose February's pedigree imp!


Monthly Prompt

The January Monthly Prompt is now available.

Treat your succubun for a hot spring soak for 30 bonus carats!


Fallen Down

Thank you all for joining us on the ride in the Fallen Down plot event. We're so excited for all of the new things that cherubuns will soon bring to Burrowgatory!

The Fallen Down event shop will remain open until January 7th, at which point all remaining feathers will disappear.

Shops Bug [FIXED]

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Hello everyone!

The glitches affecting shops should now be fixed. If you continue having issues, please send in a bug report here or in the Discord. Thank you as always for your patience—and happy New Year's Eve!

Pet Affection

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Hello, Burrowgatory! Today, we're excited to introduce a feature that has been long coming.

New Feature: Pet Affection

Pet your pets!

You can now pet your imps once a day in order to raise their affection level. Each level reached will earn you a small reward, with the highest level earning an Affection Token trinket. 

Once the maximum affection level has been reached, you can continue to fill a repeating affection bar for even better rewards!

Every succubun now has a Menagerie page for their pets, similar to their Inventory. Here, you can interact with your bun's pets daily, rearrange their pet collection, and change their active pet! (Note: You will still need to use your account-wide Pets page in order to change colors, attach, detach, and name pets.)

Pets must be attached to a succubun and named in order to gain affection. Affection is tracked per succubun, so if you remove a pet from its owner and attach it to a different one, its affection will start over at zero!

Each succubun's masterlist page will now display their active pet and its affection level, with a link to the rest of their Menagerie.


As always with new features, it's possible that bugs will crop up. Please be patient and report any issues to Bug Reports, or to the bug reports channel in the official Discord.

We hope that this update will allow you to form a closer bond with your pets, and make collecting imps much more rewarding. Have fun petting your pets!

Approvals Reopened, MYO Changes, and Maintenance

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Hello, Burrowgatory!

Thank you for your patience while we got our wi-fi issues sorted out. MYO submissions, design approvals, and design check tickets are now re-opened.

If you have multiple MYOs or design approvals to submit, please do so one at a time, waiting until your current submission has been approved before submitting another.


In addition, we have some important news for you about the state of succubun MYO slots going into 2024.

Bunnery Changes

As new features continue to make carats increasingly easier to obtain, the percentage of players who purchase a new Hell in a Handbasket from the Bunnery every single month has grown significantly. The MYO masterlist numbers have ballooned dramatically since our crafting and gambling revamp in October; after taking one year to reach 2000 MYOs on the masterlist, we have since surpassed 3000 MYOs in only two additional months. 

This is far beyond the increase in the rate of MYO succubun submissions expected from our increase in player count, and is unfortunately unsustainable for us. Succubuns was designed with the intent that the average player would be able to create a new succubun about once every two or three months, with only the most dedicated players submitting a new succubun every single month. However, we’ve begun to regularly witness players submitting upwards of 3 new succubuns in a single month, often for months in a row. This pace of new character creation has both become incredibly taxing on our MYO review team, and threatens to weaken the experience of Succubuns gameplay with fatigue and burnout created by an overabundance of low-investment characters.

Starting in 2024, we will be changing the availability of the Hell in a Handbasket item in the Bunnery from monthly to bimonthly, meaning that players will be able to purchase one basket every two months. Additionally, players will be limited to submitting two new MYO succubuns per month.

The Newbie Hell in a Handbasket, Hell in a Handbasket (Favor), and Hell in a Handbasket (USD) will not be affected by the bimonthly change, and will continue to have the same availability at this time. Hopefully, if this change is effective, we will still be able to offer free offspring MYO slots during Breeding Season as we did in 2023.

We understand that this will be a disappointing or unpopular change, but it is a necessary one. We hope that the solution we’ve finally decided on will feel less punishing to casual players than raising the carat price of Handbaskets, and will have less of a negative impact on the trading economy than ceasing USD Handbasket sales or making carat Handbaskets account-bound.

In the next year, we plan to focus less on content that motivates players to constantly create new characters, and focus more on creating new gameplay features that will encourage you to develop and invest in the characters you already have. Please look forward to everything we have in store for your beloved buns!


Envious Handbaskets

As an addendum, regarding Envious Handbaskets: we’re aware of the high demand for envy MYOs, and the common sentiment that they’re too difficult to obtain. We want to assure you that we hear you, and we have plans in the pipeline to address this.

Throughout this year, the percentage of envy succubuns being created has fallen in line with what we intended. We believe that it’s important for games with a collector element to have goals that are more difficult to obtain, to create a greater sense of motivation and accomplishment in the players who strive for them. 

However, we recognize that we weren't able to create an ideal distribution method for Envious Handbaskets with the mechanics available to us at the time, and we've planned since their release for envy succubuns to eventually become easier to obtain than they currently are. Now that cherubuns have been introduced, they’ll fill the role of a goal to strive for better than envy succubuns do, especially as the way to obtain them lacks the competition that breeds most of the discontent over Envious Handbaskets. 


For those who haven’t had any luck getting their hands on an Envious Handbasket, please sit tight until the anniversary of the envy succubun release in April!

(And for those who’ve already purchased an Envious Handbasket, or are nervous about doing so before April, don’t worry—they’ll retain their current price, so your purchase won’t be devalued.)


Scheduled Maintenance

Succubuns will be down for scheduled maintenance tomorrow at 4pm site time while we implement and test a new feature. We hope you're all excited for even more daily gameplay!

Design Approvals Holiday Extended & Moderator Team Changes

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Hello, Burrowgatory!

We have some unfortunate news today. The wi-fi in the house where we (Luca and Yves) live suddenly gave out last night, and despite spending the whole day on the phone with tech support, walking two miles to the nearest help center, and getting a new router set up today, we are still without reliable internet. This has really put a damper on our ability to recharge and prepare for the upcoming flood of MYOs we always get after a break, and means that we cannot reliably handle reopening for these submissions.

Unfortunately, this means that we'll have to extend the closure of MYO submissions and design approvals. We're currently aiming to reopen on December 30th; however, if we're unable to get our internet working again in a timely manner, we may have to extend this closure further.

We know this is probably disappointing to those of you who have been eagerly awaiting submissions reopening tomorrow, and we thank you for your patience. We hate making you wait, but please know we will do our best to review everything that comes through as quickly as possible!


Changes to the Moderator Team

As we close out the year, we're saying farewell to Roroko and Petrachoir as members of the Succubuns moderator team.  We encourage you to wish them well or thank them for any good experiences you've had with them as moderators!

Building a moderator team is never easy, and we appreciate everyone who has assisted with it, whether they were here for 6 months, or just a few weeks. We will be opening new moderator applications soon to search for new written prompt approval and Discord moderators. If you're interested in that, now is a great time to start thinking about your application!


Thank you all for your patience. We have some more fun and exciting updates coming up soon, but it seems life has decided to make us wait a bit longer for them.

Design approval Holiday

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Happy Holidays, Burrowgatory!

Just a quick announcement that MYO Submissions, Design Approvals, and design checks via Discord help tickets will be closed from December 24th through 27th.

Please take this time to work on prompts, get hyped for upcoming content, and of course-- spend time with your loved ones and eat lots of delicious treats!

Claims, prompt submissions, and help tickets for non-design related issues will remain open, and design approvals will reopen like normal sometime on December 28th, with the exact time to be announced that day. Thank you for your patience this month, and I hope you all enjoyed the fallen down event and the excitement it brings!

Have a wonderful holiday from the entire Succubuns team <3

Fallen Down Wrap

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Fallen Down Wrap

Thank you to everyone who's played along with the Fallen Down plot event. We've waiting so long to share this story with you, and it's been absolutely amazing to watch your excitement with every installment.

If you have yet to finish playing through the plot, we recommend you do so before reading the rest of this news post to avoid being spoiled!


For those who want to reread their favorite parts or revisit the plot at a later date, we've created an index of all of the plot pages.

Fallen Down Index


The plot rewards will be available until the end of December 31st.



With the conclusion of the Fallen Down plot, cherubuns have officially been introduced to Burrowgatory! It may take a little bit before more cherubuns are ready to brave the fall, but in the meanwhile, you can read more about them on the Cherubuns info page.

After falling in love with Dove, we know many of you are chomping at the bit to obtain your own cherubun characters. For the sake of transparency: the method to obtain cherubun MYOs was originally intended to be released in the beginning of January. However, due to the setbacks caused by the leaks earlier this month, the framework for it is not yet finished. We can’t promise exactly when we’ll be able to release them, but we’ll do our best to get them ready for you before the end of January!

To help curb any speculation and set your minds at ease: cherubun MYOs will not be purchasable for site currency or USD. Players will be able to earn cherubun MYO items by completing a series of endeavors involving different facets of Succubuns gameplay, including new features that are coming soon!

Every player will be able to obtain one cherubun MYO item a year, which will be account bound (though the cherubuns created with them will not be). These precious angels are few in number, and incredibly rare within Burrowgatory—we hope that earning one will feel like a truly special achievement.


New NPC: Dove

After a harrowing encounter with the self-righteous angel who raised them, Dove is finally here to stay in Burrowgatory. This brave and kindhearted cherubun is eager to indulge in everything their new home has to offer—even if their idea of “indulgence” is still rather adorably naive.

Read more about Dove on their profile, or get to know them in the new NPC prompt.


Demons' Favor

Ever since the launch of Succubuns, the Blessed Hell in a Handbasket item has been a source of confusion for new players who are uncertain if it differs from the standard Hell in a Handbasket. With the introduction of cherubuns, we foresee this becoming an even greater issue, with players potentially assuming that Blessed Handbaskets are used to create cherubuns, or that blessings in general have an association with cherubuns due to the nature of the word.

As such, we’ve decided to rename the currency from blessings to favor, and the item from Blessed Hell in a Handbasket to Hell in a Handbasket (Favor), bringing it in line with the Hell in a Handbasket (USD) item.

We apologize for the confusion this will inevitably cause current players, but looking towards the long term good of the site, we believe it will prevent far worse confusion for new players in the years to come.