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Fallen Down Finale

Posted 7 months and 5 hours ago :: Last edited 6 months and 3 weeks ago by Luca

The full truth is revealed, and the final confrontation is at hand.

Start Fallen Down Chapter 4

Fallen Down Chapter 3

Posted 7 months and 4 days ago :: Last edited 7 months and 4 days ago by Luca

After meeting up with Jackal and Misty, it's time to set out on your final investigation... Will you find the answers you're looking for?

Start Fallen Down Chapter 3

The final event prompt has been made available. Please make sure to finish Chapter 3 before reading it so as to avoid spoilers.

Pillow Piles Update & Image URL Protections

Posted 7 months and 2 weeks ago :: Last edited 7 months and 5 days ago by Luca

Happy Holidays, Burrowgatory! We're excited to announce a new update to the Pillow Pile, as well as some changes made to image URLs that may affect off-site projects.

Pillow Pile Update

In the spirit of giving, players are now able to donate carats directly to the Pillow Pile, which will keep a running score of your donation total and reward you with small thank-you gifts at milestones. Donating items will also increase your score, with sellable items like foods counting for their carat price, and non-sellable items counting for a set donation price (typically half of their shop price).

Carat donations must be a minimum of 10 carats, and 10% of carats donated will be taken by the Pillow Pile. Please be aware that carat donations stay as lump sums, so if you want to donate a large amount of carats to be split between several users instead of all going to one, please make sure to separate them into multiple donations! As a reminder, players can only claim one donation from the Pillow Pile per day.

Players who donate at least 2,000 carats over the course of their time in Succubuns will be honored with the Philanthropist award!

We hope that this update will make donating unneeded items feel a little more rewarding, and will help to liven up the Pillow Pile with more goodies for all.


Image URL Protections

We've made some changes to how's image hosting works, as some players have already noticed due to embedded official images no longer working off-site (such as on Google Sheets, Toyhouse, or other websites).

Earlier this month, a player or players used URL manipulation to discover images of unreleased content planned for next month, and publicly leaked it on an anonymous third party platform. While we've successfully had the images removed from the web and dealt with those responsible, this was an extremely unpleasant and taxing incident for our team—it happened at just about the worst possible time, and spoiled upcoming content that we've been eagerly waiting to release for over a year now.

In order to prevent this from happening again, we've implemented new image URL protections for Unfortunately, this means that you will no longer be able to open official Succubuns images in new tabs, or embed them directly onto sites other than In exchange, however, we won't need to worry about leaks like this in the future, and can continue to pre-upload content as it's created to prevent update maintenance from taking multiple hours.

Scrambling to clean up this incident and put new protections in place has been very costly for our small team, and all planned content creation has been on halt for the past two weeks as our admin team and coders were forced to focus on resolving the leaks and putting these new protections in place. As a result, it's very likely that several new content updates and features that were planned to release within the next month will need to be pushed back, which we deeply apologize for.

We respectfully ask that you do not attempt to seek out any unreleased content, as doing so will devalue the countless hours of hard work we put into making new updates as exciting as possible for our players. We hope you're all looking forward to the next update of the Fallen Down plot tomorrow, and we thank you as always for enjoying and supporting Succubuns!

Scheduled Maintenance

Posted 7 months and 5 days ago :: Last edited 7 months and 5 days ago by Yves

Hello Burrowgatory!
We'll be having some scheduled maintnance at 5:30pm tonight, approximately 3 hours from now.
We expect it to last around an hour, though it may take longer depending on how things go! Thank you.

Fallen Down Chapter 2

Posted 7 months and 1 week ago :: Last edited 7 months and 1 week ago by Luca

After a week of fruitless research, is it time to take matters into your own hands...?

Start Fallen Down Chapter 2

A new event prompt has been made available.

Design Approvals Reopened

Posted 7 months and 2 weeks ago :: Last edited 7 months and 2 weeks ago by Yves

Hello all,
Thank you for your patience while we had MYO submissions and design check tickets closed. They have now been reopened!

Hope you're having a good start to your week!

Design Approvals Closed

Posted 7 months and 2 weeks ago :: Last edited 7 months and 2 weeks ago by Luca

Hello, Burrowgatory! Luca here.

Yves and I are heading out in an overnight trip to celebrate my birthday tomorrow, so MYO submissions, design updates, and design check tickets will be closed for 48 hours. Other help tickets and prompt approvals will remain open as normal.

Approvals will reopen on Monday, December 4th. We hope you all have a great weekend!

Guest Artist Applications

Posted 7 months and 2 weeks ago :: Last edited 7 months and 2 weeks ago by Luca

Hello, Burrowgatory!

Guest artist applications for the January-April 2024 season are now open until December 10th.

You can read up on the rules, responsibilities, and rewards of being a guest artist on our Succubuns Guest Artists page. After thoroughly familiarizing yourself with the requirements, follow the link at the bottom of the page to submit your application!

Succubuns Guest Artist Info

Plot Link Fix

Posted 7 months and 2 weeks ago :: Last edited 7 months and 2 weeks ago by Luca

Hello, Burrowgatory!

We've run into some issues with players reading through the Fallen Down Intro and receiving their Mysterious Feather, then reading the Bunnery segment next and losing the feather, thus getting locked out of the Rabbit Hole and Imporium segments that are supposed to go in between.

To make sure this doesn't happen again, we've removed the links to the plot pages from their respective shops; each page of the plot will now directly link to the next. Now that they can't be stumbled upon before reading the Intro, we've also removed the Mysterious Feather requirement from the Rabbit Hole and Imporium segments, so players who did them out of order can now go back and read them.

Please make sure to read the Intro, Rabbit Hole, Imporium, and Bunnery segments in that order if you want to experience the full story!

Fallen Down

Posted 7 months and 2 weeks ago :: Last edited 7 months and 2 weeks ago by Luca

A mystery unfolds on a snowy winter's night...

Fallen Down

On a cold winter evening, Jackal sees a mysterious flash of light in the distance, and decides to go investigate... Just what will her investigation unearth?

Fallen Down is a plot event, meaning that you can play through the event story to earn rewards and learn more about the world of Burrowgatory. New chapters of the story will release each week, with the final installment releasing on December 21st.

More event prompts will be released with new chapters of the event, so make sure to check back all month!

Start Fallen Down Chapter 1


Check out the Fallen Down event page for more information, and to learn how to collect feathers.

Seasonal Drinks

The Rabbit Hole is now serving winter seasonal drinks once more, and has added the Snowslide to its seasonal menu.


Drinking this strange but tasty concoction will allow a succubun to obtain our new seasonal trait: Winterswept.



Event Mochi

Even though it's freezing outside, Dan has decided to sell some bone-chillingly delicious mochi this month. While imps don't care about the cold, eating this mochi seems to leave them looking a little frostbitten...


Ice Cream Mochi is available for purchase with feathers in the Fallen Down event shop. It can also be purchased with carats at Dan's Dango, only in the month of December.


Event Imps

For the first time in history, feathered imps have been appearing in Burrowgatory... Avia can be purchased in the Fallen Down event shop. In addition to its standard form, avia can be obtained in albino and frostbitten variants.

Additionally, freigns have been spotted on the snowy outskirts for the first time since last year, and can now be found in a frostbitten variant... Can you tame one in the new event prompt?


Sweater Weather Raffle

Congratulations to Rynnu on winning November's Piemaker Raffle!

This month's raffle bun looks incredibly cozy...


Tickets can be purchased with feathers in the Fallen Down event shop. Make sure to open the tickets in your inventory after purchasing, or you won't actually be entered in the raffle!


Pedigree Imp

When avias first began appearing in Burrowgatory, Quince was quick to experiment with how they could be transformed into even more fantastic feathery species...

Succubuns' patrons have voted, and cygnette can now be purchased at Pedigree Pets! Stroodle has been cycled out—so long, stroodle.

Patrons at the $10 tier and above can suggest ideas and vote for the next pedigree imp, and will each receive one Wagashi a month to purchase any pedigree imp of their choosing. Join the Succubuns Patreon today to help choose January's pedigree imp!


Monthly Prompt

The December Monthly Prompt is now available.

Design a cute succubun snowglobe for 30 bonus carats!


Great Burrowgatory Bake Off

We hope you all enjoyed the amazing foods you cooked up for the bake off!

The Great Burrowgatory Bake Off event shop will remain open until December 7th, at which point all remaining whisks will disappear.