When exhaust from the magical energies of Hell escapes into the caverns of Burrowgatory, it can coalesce into a fascimile of a living creature. These strange beings are known as imps.

Imps look and act much like animals, but they do not need to eat or sleep, and cannot reproduce. They dissipate into a smog-like substance if killed, but do not appear to die of natural causes.

Imps range from around three to ten inches in height, and are all smaller than a succubun in bun form. As such, they are too small to be ridden or used for heavy labor. Imps do not retain harm such as scars, nicks, or other injuries, and cannot be farmed for any sort of byproducts such as wool or meat, as any parts separated from their body will disappear.

Though imps do not need to eat, they love to consume succubun food. However, as they're not built to ingest it, doing so can have strange effects on their physical forms—especially sugary foods. Imps do not have mouths, and it's unclear how exactly they ingest food.

Imps were once widely considered pests in Burrowgatory due to their tendency to harass succubuns, steal food, and cause other disruptions... However, since imp taming methods caught on, they've become beloved pets and companions to many succubuns.

Hutch is the leading expert on imps in Burrowgatory, and devotes all their time to further the understanding of the strange creatures. They own the Imporium, where succubuns can go to adopt new companions.

Quince is the hottest innovator in the world of imp raising, and feeds her imps fantastical treats to transform them into the unique pedigree imps she sells at Pedigree Pets.



On, imps are pets that you can attach to your succubuns. Any time you depict one of your succubuns with their attached imp in a piece of art or writing, you can gain extra carats.

To claim a carat bonus, imps must be drawn as they exist canonically on the website. You may add small accessories to art of your imps to give them personality, but may not remove or change features/colors.


You can view all the currently existing types of imps in the Encyclopedia, and all existing colors in the pet color page!

Standard imps are permanently available in the Imporium

Event imps can be obtained through limited events. Some cycle back yearly, and others are more rare.

Pedigree imps are available at Pedigree Pets for four months each before cycling out.


Imps can be fed dango or mochi obtained from Dan's Dango or events to change their color. To view all the colors available for a specific type of imp, click the View Colors button on their entry in the Encyclopedia.

To change an imp's color, simply go to your pets page, and select the pet. Then chose the "Change Variant" section and select a mochi item from there. You must have the mochi in your inventory to use it.


Imps can be bonded with daily provided they are named and attached to a succubun. To bond, go to the succubun's profile, and then their Menagerie, linked on the right menu bat. As your affection with an imp grows, you'll be awarded with carats and items.