The Heavenly Embassy

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It's been nearly a month since Dove revealed the truth about cherubuns...

Since then, more cherubuns have begun to take their leave of the heavenly meadow. Though escaping from the shadow of their overbearing guardian angel has been a positive change for most, their new lives in Burrowgatory haven't been without challenges. The flowers used to make ambrosia couldn't grow in Burrowgatory's soil, leaving cherubuns without a source of medicine.

Perhaps Melangel still held some feeling of mercy towards the children they'd forsaken, or perhaps they simply wanted to taunt the cherubuns in Burrowgatory with a pale imitation of the home they could never return to... Either way, Melangel gave a final parting gift to the fallen cherubuns, using their power to create a bed of heavenly clouds in the sky above Burrowgatory, positioned to catch those who fall from the heavenly meadow.

Upon these clouds, cherubuns have constructed the Heavenly Embassy—their own little slice of home away from home. 

The embassy holds greenhouses full of ambrosia flowers and temporary lodging for new arrivals, as well as permanent homes for cherubuns who choose to stay. Its small selection of shops and restaurants attract curious succubun tourists to visit, coming up the elevator tower that connects the embassy with the city below.


Heavenly Keys

Players can now create their own MYO cherubuns with a Heavenly Key.

In order to earn a Heavenly Key, players will need to collect all seven heavenly virtues and turn them in at the Garden of Virtues.

Can you prove that you have the pure heart needed to welcome a cherubun into Burrowgatory?



Cherubuns don't appear to be the only ones who've slipped through the door from the heavenly meadow to Burrowgatory...

Similar to imps, virtues are strange, tiny creatures made of excess heavenly energy, which coalesces around a concept that gives it its form. Melangel has shaped them into representations of their namesake virtues, and uses them to encourage those values in cherubuns.

The seven most highly regarded virtue species are referred to as heavenly virtues. Heavenly virtues are most easily found around the Heavenly Embassy, and are attracted to buns who strongly display their namesake merits. These seven are account-bound, and may be difficult to obtain.

Along with the heavenly virtues, a number of other virtues have begun popping up around Burrowgatory, hanging around locales associated with the merits they're attracted to. They seem to be a bit less fussy than the heavenly seven, and some succubuns have already begun keeping them as pets.

Despite their divine appearance, all virtues act much like any other pet after finding an owner, each possessing their own personalities and foibles. Unlike imps, they cannot eat, and don't seem to be capable of altering their forms. The halos and eyes that make up their "heads" are made of intangible light, the same as cherubun halos.


The Garden of Virtues

Tucked away in a greenhouse within the Heavenly Embassy, the Garden of Virtues allows cherubuns to contemplate the heavenly values they were raised with, and how those merits can still fit within the world of Burrowgatory.

Here, players can attempt to attract the seven heavenly virtues needed to obtain a Heavenly Key—or simply to keep as pets for their succubuns!


Diligentia can be earned by completing the Pursuit of Diligence prompt series.

Benevolia can be earned by trading in 12 Affection Tokens at the Statue of Kindness.

Patientia can be earned through an RNG daily at the Statue of Patience.

Humilitia can be earned by submitting gift art for 12 Succubun Spotlights.
If you have already submitted 12 or more, please submit a claim for your humilitia.

Charitia can be earned by donating a value of 400 carats at the Pillow Pile.
If your donation score is already above 400, you will need to make one more donation of any size in order to trigger the reward.

Temperantia can be earned by completing a collection of Drinks or Dango.
If you have already earned the Sommelier and/or Dango Head awards for completing these collections, please submit a claim for your temperantia(s).

Puritia can be earned by completing a new permanent plot that explores the impact cherubuns and virtues have had on Burrowgatory.
However, you may need to prove yourself to be virtuous before the rarest of virtues will show itself to you...


New NPC: Primrose


The prudish Primrose is the head of the Heavenly Embassy, and he takes great pains to ensure that the cherubuns in Burrowgatory are taken care of. However, his holier-than-thou attitude can grate unpleasantly on succubuns and the cherubuns who came to Burrowgatory to escape the puritanism of their old home...

Read more about Primrose on his profile, or get to know him in the new NPC prompt.



New NPC: Beanny


The eccentric Beanny is the proud owner and barista of Paradise Café. Jokingly referred to as the "mad scientist of coffee", she's dedicated to her craft—sometimes to the detriment of those who wind up the test subjects for experimental new brews.

Read more about Beanny on her profile, or get to know her in the new NPC prompt.



The Heavenly Embassy

Floating above the outskirts of the city on a bed a solid cloud, the Heavenly Embassy takes care of cherubuns living in Burrowgatory. The embassy's greenhouse gardens grow the flowers used to make ambrosia, allowing cherubuns to live in safety and comfort in Burrowgatory.

At the Heavenly Embassy, players can purchase Ambrosia items, which function as the equivalent to Drinks for cherubuns.



Cherubun Traits

Though cherubuns cannot display sinful traits, they have their own equivalent in saintly traits. These angelic features reflect cherubuns' divinely-influenced nature, and tend to draw quite a lot of eyes within Burrowgatory.

The Grand Halo, Feathered Wings, Ophanim, and Hagoromo traits can be obtained using Divine Ambrosia.

Cherubuns can also possess seasonal traits. These can be obtained with the corresponding seasonal ambrosias, which will be stocked in the Heavenly Embassy during their season.


Paradise Café

Located within the Heavenly Embassy's grounds, Paradise Café is the hottest new coffee shop in Burrowgatory. With drinks that appeal to both cherubuns and succubuns alike, even residents of the city will make the haul to the embassy for their Coffee.


New Traits

Since arriving in Burrowgatory, Beanny has been fascinated by the Rabbit Hole's fantastical drinks, and dreamed of concocting an equivalent that both succubuns and cherubuns could enjoy.

With a little help from Hops, Beanny has created Paradise Café's special menu. These Coffee drinks allow both succubuns and cherubuns to obtain special traits!


The Angora Fur trait has been reclassified from a sinful trait to a special trait, and is now available to both succubuns and cherubuns with an Angora Au Lait.

The new special traits Tailless, Long Ears, and Perky Ears are now available to both succubuns and cherubuns with corresponding Coffee from Paradise Café.


After collaborating with Beanny, Hops was also inspired to add a new drink, Iris Coffee, to the Rabbit Hole's permanent menu.

This drink allows succubuns to obtain a new sinful trait: Evil Eye.

After this update, the Angora Sour item will no longer be available for purchase at the Rabbit Hole, being replaced with Iris Coffee. Angora Au Lait will be available at Paradise Café for the same price, and Angora Sour will still be obtainable through crafting.

The Open Bar collection will now require an Iris Coffee rather than an Angora Sour to complete. Those who have already completed the collection will retain their collection and award.

Please note that even though Angora Fur is a special trait, cherubuns cannot consume Angora Sour, and can only obtain the trait with an Angora Au Lait.


Patreon Rewards

Starting in February, Succubuns Patreon Patrons of the Sinful Indulgence tier or higher will have the option to select a Café Coupon or Embassy Pass from their monthly coupon reward box. These coupons are good for 50% off at Paradise Café or the Heavenly Embassy, respectively. 

Cherubun Sales

In addition to Heavenly Keys, players will be able to obtain cherubuns through limited auctions on the Sales page. There will be one GA-designed cherubun auction per month, with an additional Luca-designed cherubun going up when possible. All official cherubuns will have doll forms, and will be an opportunity for our artists to flex their design skills to the best of their abilities.

The first cherubun auction is now up on the Sales page!


Winter MYO Sale

Succubuns will be holding its quarterly USD sale for Hell in a Handbasket MYO items from January 26-28. As always, Handbaskets cost $30 USD and are limited to one per person, with a raffle for $40 Envious Handbaskets being rolled after the sale has concluded. Keep an eye on the Sales page for more information!



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I’m so excited to start working towards getting a heavenly key !! 🥳
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This is so cool and exciting!! I love the new artwork & NPCs ! I love the story so far !! I love working towards things. I've been struggling with artblock, but Succubuns have really helped break me out of it ! I'm so happy ! Thank you for your efforts. ( ノ^ω^)ノ

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Just skimmed through the updates, everything is absolutely breath taking!! I absolutely adore the Cherubuns and I can't wait to do the prompts soon! Absolutely amazing job with the updates (⁠´⁠∩⁠。⁠•⁠ ⁠ᵕ⁠ ⁠•⁠。⁠∩⁠`⁠)💜💜

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I am skimming through a bit and will take a few days to read all, but I love seeing this so far aaaa welcome Cherubuns omg.. Tailless and Long ears my beloved and as a coffee lover, love the new drinks being coffee ♥ ♥ ♥ Amazing amazing update and I am excited to read all this once I'm not le busy :'3

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