Fairy Masquerade

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It's time for a taste of the finer things in life...

Fairy Masquerade

Angora prides herself on hosting one of the biggest, most expensive, and most exclusive parties in Burrowgatory every year. Last year's Gossamer Gala was such a huge hit that Angora has decided to recycle the decor—ahem, pay homage to the theme with a masquerade twist.

Check out the Fairy Masquerade event page for more information, and to learn how to collect champagne glasses.


Belle of the Ball Contest

Draw your succubun in their masquerade finery for a chance to win a variety of prizes, including the top prize of a Hell in a Handbasket! All participants will receive the Gala Guest award, as well as 5 champagne glasses. See the contest page below for details on how to enter.

Belle of the Ball Contest


New Seasonal Drink

The Rabbit Hole is has added Butteredfly Rum to its spring seasonal drink menu. Butteredfly Rum can also be purchased with champagne glasses in the Fairy Masquerade shop.


Drinking this strange but tasty concoction will allow a succubun to obtain our new seasonal trait: Flutter Motes.



New Imp Colors

Several new imps are now available in the fairy color!

Sparkling Wine Mochi are back in stock at Dan's Dango, only for the month of May. They can also be purchased with champagne glasses in the Fairy Masquerade shop.

Additionally, uniqor is now available in pink, purple, and yellow.


New Pedigree Imp

Mimikeeper can now be purchased at Pedigree Pets! Gargowl has been cycled out—so long, gargowl.

While we work on getting our new subscription service set up, pedigree imp voting is available to all players! Click the link below to vote for June and July's pedigree imps.

June & July Pedigree Imp Poll


Monthly Supporter Boxes

The Supporter Shop has been refreshed for the month! Show Succubuns your support and take home some extra goodies, such as items from the Fairy Masquerade shop and Wagashi to spend at Pedigree Pets.


Mysterious Mask Raffle

Congratulations to RoamTheFarLands on winning April's Rainy Day Raffle!

Is this masked stranger dashing, or dangerous?


Tickets can be purchased with champagne glasses in the Fairy Masquerade shop. Make sure to open the tickets in your inventory after purchasing, or you won't actually be entered in the raffle!


Monthly Prompt

The May Monthly Prompt is now available.

Enjoy some fresh strawberries for 30 bonus carats!


April Showers

We hope you all stayed dry during the April Showers event!

The April Showers event shop will remain open until May 7th, at which point all remaining shrooms will disappear.



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