Special Delivery! (Part 5)

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Hello, Burrowgatory!

Our hard-working GA team has finished our final set of Special Deliveries.



Congratulations to RyBreadable, mmj, Eto, komugy, Hexification, @GoodVibes_Argo, Amiiray, Bisc, Champurrito, LeafJelly, miya, and Yuukitsunee on your new buns!

We'll also be uploading the last of the offspring from Official Breeding Requests, so keep an eye on the masterlist if you want to check them out.

Our incredible GA team fulfilled nearly all of the 70 Official Breeding requests, and over two thirds of the 60+ free Special Delivery requests. We're blown away by their hard work and generosity, so please make sure to show them your appreciation!



Yuukitsunee Avatar

OMG I woke up and thought: this can not be real, I must be dreaming.... let go back to sleep -fell asleep again-

But now I am fully awake and sobbing so hard. My baby is so adorable! They are so perfect and love them so much TT O TT
I really love how brought both elements of the parents... the markings are so pretty and the one in the leg is so stunning. They are so beautiful that I don't have words to express myself about how much I love them... but everytime I saw them I can not help but smile.
Thank you so much Corn for choosing my pair and designing their baby. I am really grateful >////< ♥♥♥

Also, thank you so much to the whole team for this opportunity to all the users and your hard work!
Seeing all the new babys this years was so much fun that I was always looking forward the new special deliveries and official breeding request ^w^

2024-04-01 04:46:29

Hexification Avatar

Thank you so much! The offspring bun is so perfect and really looks like their son!!! TAT

You did such an amazing job Kunamei, you really brought both elements of the parents in. I couldn't be happier. I can't thank you enough!! ♡♡♡

And thank you to the GA team for your hard work! All of the offspring buns are amazing!

2024-03-31 22:29:30 (Edited 2024-03-31 22:35:33)

Champurrito Avatar

IM ALSo commenting because IM SO SO HAPPY for mine and gfs bun to be chosen for an offspring 💕💕💕!!! We are both screaming in dms because the baby is SO FRIGGIN CUTE A!!! Our buns mean sm to us so tysm for choosing this request ;V; 💕
Thank you SO much Kei!! ;;!!💕💕💕💕

Congrats to everyone else! The designs are gorgeous!! And thank you GAs for your hard work this breeding season 💕!!!

2024-03-31 21:46:08

Bisc Avatar

Oh my gosh!!! I am so unbelievably thrilled that my request was chosen to be brought to life by the amazing GA team!! You all did such an amazing job with all of these all month long.

Kei, I'm losing my mind over my new baby girl!! I'm going to be staring at her so long, I can't even begin to thank you!! She's so stinking precious, I adore the girl scouts vibe she has going on, it's such a cute theme and I'm absolutely going to have to run with it! The way how the patches on her hat matches Leo doll's stickers is absolutely so precious, it makes my heart weak... I love the markings you did for her too, the orange/browns are so cute! And I really love the tones of the purple in her fire, that's so much fun!! The little alien earring too is so stinking cute.. Everything about her makes me smile. I love her so so much and I cannot wait to start drawing her and bringing her into my silly little head world. Thank you so much for choosing my pair and for the adorable bun. This is so sweet and absolutely has made me smile so much! You are amazing!

Thanks so much too for the whole team for giving us all this opportunity and for creating so many amazing designs!

2024-03-31 21:37:25

komugy Avatar

oh . my gosh i can not express enough how much i love my baby!! thank you so much kunamei i will cherish her forever 🫶

2024-03-31 21:36:55

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