[Fixed] Deviantart Login errors

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Update as of 11:00pm on 3/28

As of now, Deviantart seems to have fixed the issue with their API that was causing the error, and DA login, registration, and alias linking features appear to be in working order again.

Since this is an error caused by another platform, it's always possible there will be another error in the future, but we think it should continue to be stable!
If you've been unable to login/waiting to have an email added to your account, you should be able to login without further help needed.

We still recommend adding an email login to your account via the settings page if you created your account with Toyhouse or Deviantart verification!

As always, please report further errors by submitting a report on site or in our discord.

Thank you!


Update as of 3:00pm on 3/23

Deviantart login continues to be down. While there has been some progress on our end, we are not going to be able to guarantee that it is reinstated in a timely manner because this is largely out of our control. Because of this, we will be manually adding emails to accounts affected by this error.

To gain access back to your account if you affected by the Deviantart login error:
>Please join the succubuns Discord and open a ticket in the #private-help channel after reacting in #help-rules
>In the ticket, instead of using the standard form, please use this one:
Deviantart account:
Full birthday, including year:
Email you would like added to your account:

We are requesting birthdays as a security measure to prevent users from attempting to access accounts that do not belong to them. if you cannot provide your full birthday, we will not be able to add your email to the account.

Please note: these updates are all being done by Yves by hand and will take time to go through. Additionally, there may be email verification errors due to a high volume of emails being sent at once. Please do not close your ticket until you have confirmed access to your account to prevent additional tickets from being needed.

Once your email has been added, please go to the login page and select "forgot password". This should allow the site to send you a new link to your email that will allow you to create a new password for your account.

Thank you for your patience with us during this unexpected error! We have extended the Cherry Blossom Viewing raffle by 24 hours to accomodate for those effected by the error.

Hopefully we will be able to get this resolved soon. Until then, we appreciate your understanding and patience!



Hello Burrowgatory,

As of 7:30pm on 3/22/24, Deviantart login is down. This seems to be a widespread issue accross many sites using the Lorekeeper framework, and is most likely based on a change or error on deviantart that we do not currently have any information about.

While we hope to get DA up and running again soon, we may not be able to immediately. I will use this as a reminder that even with alias login, you can set an email from your settings page, in case of external errors that we cannot control! If we are unable to fix this within 24 hours, we will ask users who only have access to their accounts via DA to reach out to the administrative team so we can instate emails for them.

Thank you for your patience as we sort out this issue, and we will hopefully have Alias login and DA aliases working again soon!


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Ah wow. Unfortunate circumstances but thank you for putting in great effort to get folks back online <3 godspeed

2024-03-23 15:36:29

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