Succubun Spotlight Update + Mod applications

Posted 3 weeks and 2 days ago :: Last edited 3 weeks and 2 days ago by Yves

Hello all-- just a small announcement.
We've moved the succubun spotlight to roll on Sunday night. This will bring it in line with prompt rollover and other on-site roll overs for consistency. Please note that this means you have an extra day to complete this week's succubun spotlight!

Additionally-- we've recieved serveral questions about mod applications, and we know users are excited to see the results! We can't wait to get new mods selected and onboarded, but unfornately due to some real life illnesses and work, Yves has been unable to dedicate the time needed to them. We aim to start contact those we're interested in working with as soon as possible.

Hope you're all enjoying the advent, and having a great Lunar New Year!



WulfLynn Avatar

Good vibes sent for a speedy recovery, Yves!

2024-02-10 23:33:35

sugarpandasart Avatar

I hope you feel better, Yves!

2024-02-10 22:50:55

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