Succubuns are capable of reproducing once a year, during a time they call "Breeding Season." For more information about the lore surrounding succubun breeding, see the lore page on Family, Lineage, and Breeding.

During the month of March, Succubuns players have the chance to breed their own succubun characters to create offspring.

Breeding Basics

  1. In order to breed a pair of succubuns, you must own at least one of the succubuns in the pair. Their breeding partner may be another succubun owned by you, or a succubun owned by another player who has given you permission.

  2. Though succubuns may canonically have many sexual partners during breeding season, for the sake of breeding mechanics, succubuns are limited to one breeding partner per season. These partnered couples will be referred to as a "breeding pair."

  3. Each breeding pair is capable of producing 1-2 offspring per Breeding Season. This limitation applies whether two players each create MYO offspring for a pair they share, or if one player receives both an offspring MYO and an official breeding for the same pair, etc.

    Note: The lineage system uses the terms "dam" to refer to the succubun carrying the offspring, and "sire" to refer to their partner, but these terms are not tied to the gender of the succubun. Succubuns are sexually fluid, and any two succubuns are capable of reproducing together.

Breeding Pair Form

In order to breed a a pair of succubuns through any method, you must have the following form filled out at the top of their profile page:

2024 Breeding Partner: BUN/MYO-### (Please link to the partner's profile page.)
@[Partner's username] (has/does not have) permission to breed this succubun.*

*Only if you're breeding your bun with another player's bun. If you want to breed a pair with a bun that does not belong to you, the owner must give explicit permission for you to breed them in the bun's profile.

Both members of the pair must link to each other in order to breed, whether you own one or both of them. You cannot change a succubun's breeding partner after submitting any type of breeding request or claim.


Breeding Limitations
  • Offspring cannot breed in the same season that they're created.
  • Succubuns that share lineage ties or lore about being blood related may not be bred together.
  • Players cannot breed cherubuns.
  • Players cannot breed NPCs or buns with lineage ties to the NPCs.


Finding a Partner

If you don't want to breed two of your own succubuns together, you can ask another player to form a breeding pair with you.

During February and March, every succubun will have  a breeding permission icon on their masterlist page with their other permissions. You can set your icon to pink ("ask first") to let others know that your succubun is open to breeding requests, or blue ("yes") to let others know that you are actively looking for a partner to breed that succubun with.

To find a partner for your succubun, you can use the Advanced Search on the official masterlist or MYO masterlist to sort by buns whose breeding permissions are set to "Yes OR Ask First." Please do not message users about succubuns that are set to red/"no."

Alternatively, you can ask in the official Succubuns Discord Server, which has a channel for breeding partner requests.


Positive Tests

Positive Tests are required to obtain either a Special Delivery or an offspring MYO. In order to earn a Positive Test, you will need to purchase both a Pregnancy Test and a Fertility Supplement, then turn them in at the Love Suite. Players may earn one Positive Test per Breeding Season.

♡ Love Suite ♡

Pregnancy Tests and Fertility Supplements will be available for 25 event currency each in both the Matentines event shop and the Breeding Season event shop. Players can either purchase both items within the same month, or spread it out with one purchase per month.

Players can use one Positive Test per Breeding Season. If you have an unused Positive Test by the end of Breeding Season, you can sell it for 150 carats from your inventory, or save it to use in a future Breeding Season. Positive Tests, Pregnancy Tests, and Fertility Supplements are account bound.


Breeding Methods

There are three different ways that players can breed their succubuns.

In February, Official Breeding Requests and Special Deliveries will open for players to request official offspring succubuns designed by Succubuns guest artists.

In March, players will be able to earn an offspring MYO slot to design their own offspring.


Official Breeding Requests

During February, Official Breeding Requests will open. Here, players can submit requests to purchase a semi-custom official offspring succubun from a guest artist for USD.

Guest artists will choose which breeding requests to take on, so submitting a request does not guarantee that your request will be chosen. If you wish to retract a request, please do so through Submit Claim.

There is no limit to how many requests you can submit, so long as each request is for a different breeding pair!

This form closes at midnight on February 25th, and requests will be picked up throughout March.

♡ Official Breeding Requests ♡


Special Deliveries

During February, Special Delivery Requests will open. Here, players can turn in a Positive Test for a small chance to receive a FREE official offspring succubun, designed by a guest artist.

Please note that players may only use one Positive Test per year, so those who receive a special delivery may not claim an offspring MYO slot. If you aren't chosen to receive a special delivery by the end of March, you will be awarded an offspring MYO slot for the requested breeding pair instead.

This form closes at midnight on February 25th, and offspring will be distributed throughout March.

♡ Special Delivery Requests ♡


Offspring MYOs

In March, each player has the opportunity to earn one free offspring MYO.

Offspring MYO slots are a special type of MYO slot that can only be obtained during Breeding Season

Succubuns created with offspring MYO slots must bear a visible resemblence to both parents (similar colors, patterns, themes, etc.) and cannot later be changed with Bourbun or Hopscotch to be completely unrecognizable from them. 

Offspring may inherit one free sinful trait from either parent.
Additional traits can be added with items as normal upon submitting the offspring MYO design.

Offspring MYO Claims open on March 1st, and close at midnight on March 31st.

♡ Offspring MYO Claims ♡