July Update and Emoji Contest

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Welcome to July, Burrowgatory!

The Swimsuit Season event is still ongoing through the end of this month, but we have a few other monthly updates for you, along with the announcement of this year's Emoji Contest.


Emoji Contest

The third annual Emoji Contest is here! Submit your own Succubuns-themed emojis for the chance to win prizes and have your entries added to the official Succubuns Discord server emoji list. For more information, check out the page linked below.

Emoji Contest Rules


New Pedigree Imp

Chimelody can now be purchased at Pedigree Pets! Floracoon has been cycled out—so long, floracoon.


Monthly Supporter Boxes

The Supporter Shop has been refreshed for the month! Show Succubuns your support and take home some extra goodies, such as items from the Swimsuit Season shop and Wagashi to spend at Pedigree Pets.


Monthly Prompt

The July Monthly Prompt is now available!

Indulge your bun in Burrowgatory's nightlife for 30 bonus carats.


Art Fight

Art Fight has officially started, and we're offering bonus rewards for those who participate with their Succubuns characters!

If you don't know what Art Fight is, or you want to learn about how to earn Succubuns bonus incentives for Art Fight attacks, check out the page linked below.

Art Fight Incentive Rules




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