Art Fight

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Hey, Burrowgatory! Are you ready for Art Fight?

Art Fight is a yearly art community event taking the form of a competition between two teams. Players join a team, upload references of their original characters, and earn points for their team by creating art "attacks" of characters belonging to members of the other team.

Like Succubuns, Art Fight is a game made to inspire creativity, encourage artists to improve their skills, and most importantly, to have a ton of fun!

This July, Succubuns is hosting Art Fight incentives on our site for players who choose to draw Succubuns characters in Art Fight. Players who attack other players' succubuns on Art Fight will earn 30 bonus carats for their first attack! This prompt will be live from July 1st through 31st and will be submittable up to 10 times, so start looking for buns to bookmark asap!


To learn how to earn extra rewards on Succubuns for your Art Fight attacks, check out the rules page below. You cannot claim bonuses for attacks on characters that do not follow these rules, so please make sure to read the rules thoroughly and double check any Succubuns characters that you want to attack on Art Fight!

Art Fight Incentive Rules

Art Fight starts two weeks from now on July 1st, so you have plenty of time to pick a team and get your characters uploaded. You're also welcome to join the official Succubuns Discord server, where we'll be hosting an Art Fight discussion channel for players to find succubuns to attack and share their art pieces!

We hope you all have a great time playing Art Fight, whether you're Team Seafoam or Team Stardust!


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