Summer Feedback Form & Contest Winners

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Summer Feedback Form

Share your thoughts on Succubuns with us in this special poll-style feedback form! This form will allow us to get a broader overview of the things Succubuns players like, and will help us decide what sorts of content and features to prioritize as we continue to develop Succubuns.

Succubuns Summer Feedback Form

This form is utilizing a new on-site poll feature that we hope to eventually use in place of Google Sheets for our official Feedback Form. As this is our first time testing it at a large scale, please send in a bug report on site or in our Discord if you have any issues with the form!

As thanks for helping us to improve Succubuns' gameplay, everyone who fills out this feedback form will receive the Summer Vacation award and 10 seashells. 

The Summer Feedback Form and the Summer Vacation award will be available until 11:00 PM EST July 31st.

Belle of the Ball Contest Winners

We're excited to announce the winners of this year's Belle of the Ball Contest. We had an incredible selection of entries, so please be sure to check them all out in the  Contest Gallery!

Top Three

Congratulations to @lymerikk, @Hifure-i, and @philonob! These gorgeous outfits scream "Fairy Masquerade."


The top three winners will each receive one Hell in a Handbasket.

Runners Up

Congratulations to @BitsAndStitch, @Skullyarrd, @Avyrice, @StardustGummy, @D-l-io, @Jun, and @INDIG0TEA!



The seven runners up will reach receive their choice of a Drink Ticket, Adoption Voucher, or Dango Punchcard.

Thank you so much to everyone who entered the Belle of the Ball Contest!


Explicit filter Update

To ensure underage internet users can't access sensitive content on, we've updated the filter in our Art Gallery so that only logged in players can view works with a content warning applied. We've also added a new custom thumbnail for sensitive gallery submissions! You may need to clear your image cache for the new thumbnail to appear.

As always, players will need to manually add a content warning for any works they submit that contain sexually explicit content, drug use, or violence in order for the explicit thumbnail to be applied to their work. Thank you for keeping Succubuns safe and comfortable for everyone by following the content rules!



StardustGummy Avatar

Congrats to all the winners! All of the outfits are so stunning! ♡

2024-06-18 10:16:28

Yuukitsunee Avatar

Congrats to the winners! All outfits are stunning ♥

Also, love the new thumbnail. It's so cute >W<

2024-06-18 05:37:27

philonob Avatar

I needed to rub my eyes couple of times after waking up, I'm so honored to be picked into top three, all of the masquerade outfits were so drop dead gorgeous 😭 congrats to all winners!!

2024-06-18 02:47:49

D-l-io Avatar

Oh I'm really honored to have been selected as one of the runner-ups! Thank you for holding the event and congrats to the winners <3

2024-06-18 01:09:24

Hifure-i Avatar

That surprised me, very unexpected ;;
Congrats to all the winners! All of them are so gorgeous TvT

2024-06-18 00:47:42

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