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Bored Games

Bored Games

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Ends: 30 April 2024, 23:00:00 EDT (1 week and 3 days from now)

How about breaking out some Parcheesi?


With all the rain this month, succubuns are scrambling to find ways to keep themselves entertained indoors. That dusty old boardgame closet is starting to look more appealing...

For this prompt, depict your succubun, an NPC, or another bun (with the owner's permission) playing a boardgame or tabletop game.


Art Requirements: Minimum 1 full-body bun OR 1 chibi or half-body doll, a simple background
Writing Requirements:  Minimum 700 words

Rewards: 30 bonus carats


Please post your entry to the Prompt Gallery before submitting. (If you prefer to keep your art private, you may upload it to an external host and link it in Submit Prompt.)

This prompt can be completed once per user.


Reward Amount
Carats 30

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