BUN-1174: Eventide

Owned by Fire



Waowaowaowaowaowaowaow!! I asked Bear when their cherubun auction would happen, and she couldn't tell me... so I waited, and saved up, and then they got posted and I knew they could be mine :3

To be further fleshed out! 

  • Moniker is "King of the Beach". Adept at any and every beach activity, they try to excel at and be the top of their game. Extremely competitive. Volleyball, surfing, swimming, rescue diving, sandcastle architecture, dancing, relaxing... you name it, she's gonna try to "win" it. How do you win at relaxing? By being the most zen bun on the beach, I guess.
  • If he was a succubun and had horns, they'd be either sloth or pride. When they're not on the beach... he thinks about being on the beach. Doing his winningest all day every day.
  • They have a wide variety of interests despite this. They play guitar, sing and write songs, love to work out, party, and design/build architecture and all sorts of things (jack of all trades). Knows how to do woodworking, welding, carpentry, etc. Generally a handyman as well, capable of fixing almost anything. Interested in mechanics.
  • Extremely intelligent, but would rather relax and have fun than apply herself.
  • Honestly, he got along with Melangel just fine. Followed doctrine, never caused trouble, etc. He was generally a model citizen with a laid-back attitude. But despite the wonder and natural beauty of the Heavenly Meadow, they always longed for more and knew something greater must've been out there. He joined Dove almost immediately and didn't really look back. Eventide loves adventure, and going to Burrowgatory (and subsequently finding Forneus Sea) was the experience they were always hoping for.
  • They aren't shy whatsoever. Very outgoing, loves to meet and hang out with new buns. One of the most down-to-Hell (pun intended) cherubuns you're likely to meet.
  • Has fully embraced her sinful nature... and all that that implies.
  • Tends to be pretty grating at first, though not intentionally. Just very blunt with his questioning and communication.
  • Gift art is allowed
  • Gift writing is allowed