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Hello, Burrowgatory!

Today, we're very pleased to release the culmination of our past two months of work:

A New Design Guide

The Design Guide has been completely rewritten from scratch, fully illustrated with hundreds of reference images, and broken up into pages that cover each element of succubun design in detail.


This project was a massive undertaking to complete, but we know it was sorely needed, so we wanted to make sure to do it right! Novice artists and experienced succubun designers alike should be able to find helpful new explanations and examples in this guide.

In the past, some of the rules covered in this new Design Guide may have been difficult to enforce without visual examples, so please be aware that we will now be enforcing them consistently. If you draw or design succubuns, please at least take the time to skim through the images in these guides to familiarize yourself with this more comprehensive set of guidelines, and be sure to revisit any relevant pages when working on a new design!


We hope that you'll all find this to be an invaluable resource when drawing succubuns.
Happy designing, everyone!



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2024-06-26 17:13:13

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